List of Russula species

This is a list of Russula species. The genus has a widespread distribution, and contains about 750 species.[1]

















Taxonomic notesEdit

  1. ^ a b c d Several of Romagnesi's names published in the 50s and 60s did not include a reference to a type specimen and only became valid in 1967 when he published his Les Russules d'Europe et d'Afrique du Nord, which included type specifications, even though the original publications are frequently given as valid.
  2. ^ Russula atropurpurea is acknowledged as an illegitimate later homonym, but in the absence of agreement regarding the better name to use to replace it, continues to be used.
  3. ^ William Withering's 1801 Agaricus auratus was for a long time believed to be the oldest basionym.
  4. ^ The attribution "(Pers.) Fr." is more common, but Persoon's 1801 Agaricus caeruleus was an homonym of a name published by James Bolton in his 1788 An History of Fungusses, Growing about Halifax, and thus illegitimate.
  5. ^ Persoon is often given first authorship, but his Agaricus fragilis was already used by August Batsch in his 1789 Elenchus Fungorum.
  6. ^ Bulliard's Agaricus nigricans (Herb. Fr. 1785;5:192–240) was illegitimate because the name had been used earlier in 1782 by Otto Friedrich Müller in his Flora Danica


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