List of Nazi doctors

This is a list of notable Nazi medical doctors (physicians).

When the Nazi government came to power it purged Germany of its 6,000 to 7,000 Jewish doctors.[1] Reportedly more than 7% of all German physicians became members of the Nazi party during World War II, a far higher percentage than the general population.[2] In 1942 more than 38,000 German doctors, half the total number of doctors, had joined the Nazi party.[3][4] While most of these doctors were physicians, some were psychiatrists, and some held doctorates (PhD.'s) in biology, anthropology, or similarly related fields.

Psychiatrists/Doctors who were working for the state, and not for their patient, using a Mendelian type of logic chart, saw extermination of their patients as the correct solution to the problem of mental illness and the genetically defective.[5][6][7][8]

"The participation in the ‘betrayal of Hippocrates’ had a broad basis within the German medical profession. Without the doctors' active help, the Holocaust could not have happened." wrote E Ernst in the International Journal of Epidemiology.[9]

Psychiatrist Ernst Rüdin was the founder of the psychiatric genetics field and was also a founder of the German racial hygiene movement.[10]

Killing and experimentation[11] became medical procedures as they were performed by licensed doctors. A doctor was present at all the mass killings for legal reasons.[12] The excuse that there wasn't any international law to differentiate between legal and illegal human experimentation, was used in the Doctors' trial.[13] Due to the lack of international laws to govern doctors, the Nuremberg Code (1947) was created.

After the war the German Medical Association blamed Nazi atrocities on a small group of 350 criminal doctors.[14][15][16]

Doctors such as Werner Heyde[17] and Robert Ley,[18] changed their name after the war to avoid responsibility. Dr Walter Schreiber first used by the Soviets was later taken into Operation Paperclip in 1951.

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