List of Great Floridians

Great Floridian panel for James Cash Penney

Great Floridian is a title bestowed upon notable citizens in the state of Florida by the Florida Department of State. There were two formal programs.

Great Floridians 2000Edit

The Florida Department of State and the Florida League of Cities created the program in 1998 to help celebrate the approaching end of the millennium. The process dedicated a special series of commemorative panels in cities throughout the state recognizing deceased individuals who made significant contributions to the history and culture of Florida. A total of 385 persons were honored.

Great Floridians ProgramEdit

In 2007, the legislature resurrected, revised and formalized Great Floridians in Florida law as Florida Statute 267.0731. A defined committee consisting of the top members of the Executive and Legislative branches of government meets each year to nominate citizens for designation. The Florida Secretary of State then selects at least two nominees for the honor. As of 2011, 58 people had been included.[1][2][3]

Governor Rick Scott added 22 names in 2013, including former Miami Dolphins Coach Don Shula, former University of Florida Gators football player and coach Steve Spurrier, 2012 Masters golf champion Bubba Watson Jr., former Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Irvin, and Dr. Pedro Jose Greer Jr., an advocate for homeless and the disadvantaged in Miami, as well as Betty Sembler of St. Petersburg, who has championed drug treatment efforts, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy, General Norman Schwarzkopf, who led U.S. forces in Iraq, former state agriculture commissioner Charles H. Bronson, former state treasurer Bill Gunter, Walt Disney, Patrick D. Smith, agricultural leader Ruth Springer Wedgworth, former Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks, Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith, former Florida Supreme Court Justice Alto L. Adams, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, retired General Craig McKinley, clothing designer Lilly Pulitzer, entrepreneur H. Wayne Huizenga, and James Robert Cade, an American physician, university professor, research scientist, and inventor who led research efforts that developed Gatorade.[4]

Great Floridians ProgramEdit

[5] (on-going)

Full Name Last Name Attribute Year
Bob Graham[6] Graham Florida Governor and U. S. Senator 2016
Alto Lee Adams, Sr.[7] Adams Florida Supreme Court Justice 2013
Derrick Brooks[7] Brooks Outstanding Linebacker for the Florida State University Seminoles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2013
Charles H. Bronson[7] Bronson Florida Agriculture Commissioner (2001-2010) 2013
Robert Cade[7] Cade Inventor of Gatorade 2013
Walt Disney[7] Disney Co-founder of Disneyworld, which changed Florida forever 2013
Tony Dungy[7] Dungy former NFL Player and Coach 2013
Richard W. Ervin Jr.[7] Ervin Florida Attorney General from 1948–64; Florida Supreme Court Justice 1964-75 2013
Pedro José Greer, Jr.[7] Greer Florida International University School of Medicine chairman; founder, Camillus Health Concern & St. John Bosco Clinic 2013
Bill Gunter[7] Gunter Florida State Senator 1966-72; United States House of Representatives from 1973–75; Florida insurance commissioner, treasurer and fire marshal 1976-88. 2013
Wayne Huizenga[7] Huizenga Founder of Waste Management, Blockbuster Video and AutoNation; owner of Florida Marlins and Florida Panthers 2013
Juan Ponce de León[7] Ponce de León Spanish founder of Florida 2013
Charlotte Maguire Maguire Mother of the FSU Medical School 2013
Craig McKinley McKinley Four-star general 2013
Lilly Pulitzer Pulitzer Clothing designer 2013
Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. Schwarzkopf Four-star general 2013
Betty Schlesinger Sembler Sembler Drug treatment advocate 2013
Don Shula Shula Miami Dolphins head coach 2013
Emmitt Smith Smith University of Florida running back; NFL Hall of Famer 2013
Patrick D. Smith Smith Novelist 2013
Steve Spurrier Spurrier 1966 Heisman Trophy winner and former head football coach at the University of Florida 2013
Tim Tebow[8] Tebow Heisman Trophy winner (2007), College & Professional Football player, Motivational speaker, Role model 2013
Gerry Lester "Bubba" Watson, Jr.[8] Watson PGA golfer 2013
Ruth Springer Wedgworth[8] Wedgworth Distinguished figure in Florida agriculture 2013
Albert H. Blanding Blanding Business & Civic leader, Army officer awarded the Distinguished Service Medal 2012
Bobby Bowden Bowden Florida State University Seminoles football coach (1976–2009) 2012
Caroline Mays Brevard Brevard Educator, Historian and Author 2012
Jeb Bush Bush Florida's 43rd Governor 1999-2007 2012
Bernardo de Gálvez de Gálvez Spanish military leader who helped drive the British from the Gulf Coast following the American Revolution 2012
James M. Gavin Gavin US Army Lieutenant general during World War II 2012
Frederick B. Karl Karl Lawyer, State Representative, State Senator, Florida Supreme Court Justice 2012
Thomas Alva Edison Edison Inventor, Scientist & Businessman 2011
Bob Graham Graham Florida's 38th Governor 1979-1987 and United States Senator 1987-2005 2011
Natalie Graham Graham HRBP 2017
George W. Jenkins Jenkins Founder of Publix Supermarkets 2011
Toni Jennings Jennings Teacher, Florida State Representative, Florida State Senator, Senate President and Lieutenant Governor 2011
Harrison Reed Reed Florida's 9th Governor 1868-1873 2011
Nathaniel Pryor Reed Reed Assistant to Governor Kirk 1967-1971, Assistant United States Secretary of the Interior 1971-1977 2011
Marshall E. "Doc" Rinker, Sr. Rinker Founder, Rinker Group 2011
Jim Smith Smith Lawyer, Florida Attorney General, Florida Secretary of State, Chairman of the Florida State University Trustees 2011
Park Trammell Trammell Florida's 21st Governor 1913-1917 and United States Senator 1917-1936 2011
Sandy D'Alemberte D'Alemberte American Bar Association president & Florida State University president (1994–2003) 2010
Paula Hawkins Hawkins Consumer Advocate and US Senator from Florida 1981-1987 2010
Joseph Patrick Hurley Hurley Roman Catholic Archbishop 2010
Tony Jannus Jannus First commercial airline pilot & parachutist 2010
David McCampbell McCampbell World War II Ace Navy Pilot 2010
Sarah D. McKay McKay Lakeland Philanthropist 2010
Eddie Rickenbacker Rickenbacker World War I Ace Pilot & Medal of Honor recipient 2010
Pedro Menendez de Aviles Menendez Spanish Admiral and explorer 2009
Bob Martinez Martinez Florida's 40th Governor 1987-1991 2009
Mae McMillan McMillan Educator 2009
Eugene Patterson Patterson Newspaperman & Civil Rights Advocate 2009
Charles W. Pierce Pierce Early Florida Settler 2009
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Rawlings Author 2009
E. Clay Shaw, Jr. Shaw US Representative 1981-2007 2008
May Mann Jennings Jennings Women's Rights activist, Environmentalist & children's welfare advocate 2008
Harry T. Moore Moore Civil rights activist 2007
Connie Mack III Mack US Senator 1989-2001 & US Representative 1983–1989 2007
Richard Keith Call Call Florida's 3rd & 5th Territorial Governor 2006
Julia DeForest Sturtevant Tuttle Tuttle "Mother of Miami" 2006
William Pope DuVal DuVal Florida's 1st Territorial Governor 1822-1834 2005
Al Hoffman Hoffman Philanthropist & Civic Leader 2005
Spessard Holland Holland Florida's 28th Governor 1941-1945 2004
Fuller Warren Warren Florida's 30th Governor 1949-1953 2004
Mary Call Darby Collins Collins Lifelong Preservationist 2003
Henry Morrison Flagler Flagler Industrialist and Developer 2003
Zora Neale Hurston Hurston Writer and Folklorist 2003
Henry Plant Plant Industrialist and Developer 2003
James Alward Van Fleet Van Fleet Combat Commander & Four-Star General 2002
Mary McLeod Bethune Bethune Educator and Activist 2002
John Gorrie Gorrie Physician, Scientist and Inventor 2002
William Henry Getty (Bill) France France NASCAR Founder and Motor Sports Promoter 2002
Richard (Dick) Pope Pope Cypress Gardens Founder & Tourism Promoter 2002
Mallory E. Horne Horne Florida House Speaker and Senate President 2002
Horacio Aguirre Aguirre Publisher, Journalist & Editor of Diario Las Americas 2001
Lawton M. Chiles Chiles Florida's 41st Governor 1991-1998 & US Senator 1971-1989 2001
Reubin O'D. Askew Askew Florida's 37th Governor 1971-1979 1998
William Patrick Foster Foster Bandleader, Florida A&M "Marching 100" 1998
Chesterfield Smith Smith Justice Advocate & Florida's First American Bar Association President 1997
E. T. York York Florida University System Chancellor & IFAS Founder 1997
Cecil Farris Bryant Bryant Florida's 34th Governor 1961-1965 1994
George A. Smathers Smathers US Senator 1951-1969 1994
Stephen C. O'Connell O'Connell Florida Supreme Court Justice 1966-1967 & UF President 1967-1973 1993
B. K. Roberts Roberts Three-Time Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court 1990
Chester Howell Ferguson Ferguson Attorney, Business & Civic Leader 1988
Claude Denson Pepper Pepper US Senator 1936-1951 & US Representative 1963-1989 1988
Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Griffin Citrus Baron, Civic Leader & Benefactor 1987
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Douglas Writer and Environmental Activist 1987
Alonzo "Jake" Gaither Gaither Head Football Coach, Florida A&M University 1984
Thomas LeRoy Collins Collins Florida's 33rd Governor 1955-1961 1981

Tony Dungy[7] | Dungy | former NFL Player and Coach

Great Floridians 2000 (program ended in 2000)Edit

Full Name Last Name Attribute Sponsoring City Plaque Location
Alvan Wentworth Chapman Chapman Physician and Botanist; author of Flora of the Southern United States Apalachicola
John Gorrie Gorrie Physician, Scientist and Inventor Apalachicola
Mahulda Gussie Brown Carrier Carrier Teacher, first black Principal in Florida, Rosewood massacre survivor Archer
William Emory (Hitup) Maddox Maddox founder of Maddox Foundry & Machine Works and photographer/historian Archer
Ephriam Mikell Baynard Baynard Landowner, Cattle Rancher, Farmer, Financier, Real Estate Developer Auburndale
Albert H. Blanding Blanding Distinguished Soldier, National Guardsman & Civic leader Bartow
Lawrence Bernard (L.B.) Brown Brown Former Slave, Bible Salesman, Furniture maker, Church founder Bartow
Lillian Carpenter Carpenter Polk County Historical and Genealogical Library founder, Researcher & Civic leader, Historian & Librarian Bartow
E.W. Codington Codington Banker, Landowner, Mayor, Ice Plant builder, Home Building & Loan Association founder, Board of Trade organizer Bartow
Bruce Barkley Downs, Sr Downs Florida Department of Transportation Director & Hillsborough director of Public Works Bartow
Louise Kelley Frisbie Frisbie Newspaper Columnist, Author and local Historian Bartow
Roy Trent Gallemore Gallemore 40-year Navy man, 10 years U.S. Department of Interior in Micronesia, owner of Benjamin Franklin Holland House Bartow
George Gause Gause Mortician, First black City Commissioner, Mayor, School Board member Bartow
Samuel Sharpless Green Green Public library volunteer & supporter Bartow
Jeremiah M. Hayman Hayman Baptist Minister & Missionary; Polk County Clerk of Court Bartow
Spessard Holland Holland Florida's 28th Governor 1941-1945 Bartow
Evander McIvor Law Law Author, Teacher, and Confederate general in the Civil War Bartow
E. Louise Marquis Marquis Assistant to five city managers of over more than 40 years while earning Bachelors, Masters and Juris Doctor degrees Bartow
Mary Stewart McLeod McLeod established & funded bible study program in Bartow schools for almost 50 years Bartow
William Franklin Peacock Peacock physician & surgeon, hospital chief of staff and civic leader Bartow
George E. Pittas Pittas restaurateur for 40 years, youth baseball president & national director and civic leader Bartow
Edward Crosland Stuart Stuart phosphate land owner, bank director and church founder Bartow
Jacob Summerlin Summerlin King of the Crackers, Cattle Baron; wealthiest man in Florida prior to Civil War Bartow
James Alward Van Fleet Van Fleet Combat Commander & Four-Star General Bartow
Charles Cooper Wilson Wilson lawyer, Florida Constitution framer, prosecuting attorney and state senator Bartow
Thomas Farrar Fleming, Jr. Fleming bank founder, campaigned for bond issue for higher education and establishment of Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton
Charles W. Pierce Pierce Barefoot Mailman, hunting/fishing guide & explorer of SE FL interior; postmaster Boynton Beach
Bernard Preston Thomas Thomas Artist and painter of Western scenes Boynton Beach
Beulah Rebecca Hooks Hannah Tingley Tingley Democratic National Committee member, Florida Democratic Party chairperson, Bradenton Beach Library benefactor Boynton Beach
Eldridge F. McLane McLane Educator, Administrator and Teaching advocate Brandon
John Law Ayers Ayers Rancher, Citrus & Timber grower; county commission chairman, state representative, chairman of Livestock Commission & Citrus Commission; district supervisor for Soil Conservation District; bank director Brooksville
James E. "Nick" Connor Connor City & County Clerk, State Senator, County Judge; obtained land & funding for local government, health & education Brooksville
Lena Culver Hawkins Hawkins first woman mayor and woman's club president Brooksville
May Mann Jennings Jennings Women's Rights activist, Environmentalist & advocate for the welfare of children Brooksville
William Sherman Jennings Jennings Florida's 18th Governor 1901-1905 Brooksville
Frank Elmore Saxon Saxon Civil war veteran, tax assessor, postmaster, police chief, clerk of the court and state representative Brooksville
St. Clair Whitman Whitman musician, inventor, artifact collector and historian Cedar Key
Solomon Smith (S.S.) Coachman Coachman Citrus grower & sawmill operator, mercantile business & packing house, first county commission chairman, helped Pinellas County form from Hillsborough county Clearwater
Marie Ringo Holderman Holderman Cocoa Tribune founder and publisher for 50 years Cocoa
Gus Callaway Edwards Edwards lawyer, city attorney, mayor and founder of first community church Cocoa Beach
A. Philip Randolph Randolph organized and was first President of the International Brotherhood of Sleeping Car porters, organized 2 marches on Washington, first black International Vice President of the AFL-CIO Crescent City
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Rawlings Pulitzer Prize winning Author for fiction in 1939 Cross Creek
Ripley Bullen Bullen Archaeologist Crystal River
Francis L. Dade Dade Military Major in Florida Territory Dade City
William M. Larkin Larkin Lawyer, prosecutor, cattleman Dade City
Frank "Tootie" Adler Adler city commissioner, mayor, county commissioner and city attorney Dania Beach
Mary McLeod Bethune Bethune co-founder of Bethune-Cookman College, director of federal Office of Minority Affairs, VP of NAACP Daytona Beach
Charles Grover Burgoyne Burgoyne wealthy NY printer, philanthropist Daytona Beach
Matthias Day, Jr. Day founder of Daytona Beach Daytona Beach
George W. Engram, Sr. Engram electrical engineer, founder of electric company, general manager of African-American Bethune Beach Daytona Beach
William (H.G.) France & Annie B. France France NASCAR founders Daytona Beach
Jeanne M. Goddard Goddard co-founder & trustee of Daytona Beach Community College, school board chairman and volunteer extraordinaire Daytona Beach
J. Griffen Greene Greene president of African-American Volusia County Community College, dean of Daytona Beach Junior College Daytona Beach
Lorenzo Dow Huston Huston first mayor of Daytona, justice of the peace, school superintendent & county commissioner Daytona Beach
Dr. Richard Vernon Moore Sr. Moore Civic leader Daytona Beach
Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson Robinson first African-American to integrate modern organized baseball, MVP Daytona Beach
David Dunham Rogers Rogers co-founder and first surveyor of Daytona, built the first ice plant and first bridge across the Halifax River Daytona Beach
Dr. Josie Rogers Rogers first female doctor[citation needed], chairman of Florida State Health Department, commissioner & only female mayor Daytona Beach
Chapman Shaw Root Root largest independent Coca-Cola bottler, artifact collector and philantrhopist Daytona Beach
Dr. Joseph Taylor Taylor Professor of History, chairman of the Daytona Beach Historic Preservation Board Daytona Beach
Dr. Howard W. Thurman Thurman author and college dean at Morehouse College, Howard University & Boston University Daytona Beach
Frederick deBary deBary Wine merchant who built DeBary Hall, hunting & fishing estate on the St. Johns River; planted 10,000 citrus trees on 4,000 acres (16 km2); his steamships transported fruit and travellers north to Jacksonville DeBary
George Emory Butler Butler Mayor, Judge, helped establish "Deerfield Locks" for transport via Lake Okeechobee to the Atlantic; helped found Irrigation Association co-op and owned Butler Packing House Deerfield Beach
James Dallas Butler Butler Mercantile store owner, then Butler Brothers Farms owner; children's program supporter Deerfield Beach
Emily Mildred Olson Dietrich Dietrich Teacher, library supporter and historic preservationist Deerfield Beach
Branhilda Knowles Knowles Midwife and advocate for Migrant workers Deerfield Beach
Odas Lee Tanner Tanner Construction company owner, city commissioner, vice mayor, expanded parks and implemented beach renourishment Deerfield Beach
John Bartow Wiles, Jr. Wiles city commissioner who promoted irrigation control, road building & improvement, medical services, historical society founding member Deerfield Beach
Earl W. Brown Brown Hotel operator, citrus producer & cattle rancher; city manager & mayor; Stephen Foster Memorial Commission chairman & Florida State Chamber of Commerce president DeLand
Charles H. Campbell, Jr. Campbell Mayor, fire chief, Rotary Club and auto racing supporter DeLand
Hawtense Conrad Conrad Philanthropist and museum founder DeLand
Robert Conrad Conrad Philanthropist DeLand
Dr. George Augustus Davis Davis City and county health officer, physician for the Florida East Coast and Atlantic Coast Line Railways, chamber of commerce president DeLand
Henry Addison DeLand DeLand founded DeLand, established DeLand Academy which became Stetson University, founded Lake Helen DeLand
Bert Fish Fish lawyer, school superintendent, county solicitor, judge; US diplomat to Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Portugal DeLand
Arthur George Hamlin Hamlin Prominent attorney, represented Henry Flagler, citrus grower who developed the Hamlin Orange DeLand
Lue Gim Gong Gong AKA "The Citrus Wizard", created sweet & frost resistant variety of Valencia orange DeLand
John B. Stetson Stetson Hatmaker, created practical, durable hats for Western settlers & cowboys DeLand
William Amory Underhill Underhill Lawyer, public servant, lobbyist and philanthropist DeLand
Calhoun Yancey "C.Y." Byrd Byrd Lawyer, City Councilman, City Attorney, County Commissioner and Bar Association President Delray Beach
Dr. John Robert Cason, Jr. Cason Minister who founded the Methodist Children's Home, School Board member and Municipal Judge Delray Beach
Marshall DeWitt DeWitt farmer, agricultural leader, City Councilman, mayor, member, then Board Chairman of the First National Bank, Delray Beach Historical Society founder Delray Beach
Barbara Dodge Smith Smith Chamber of Commerce president, City Commissioner, supported city's After School Program and Sandoway Nature Center, was president of the Delray Beach Community Child Care Center Delray Beach
Solomon David Spady Spady School teacher and principal for 34 years who inspired children to learn and go to college Delray Beach
Myrtle Scharrer Betz Betz Fisherwoman for 40 years, conservationist, and writer. Dunedin
Bronson Cushing Skinner Skinner Developed the first acceptable process to make concentrated Orange Juice Dunedin
Martin A. "Marty" Kellner Kellner Councilman, Mayor & Civic leader Eagle Lake
Ora Belle Starling Starling Volunteer & Civic leader Eagle Lake
Zora Neale Hurston Hurston Writer and Folklorist Eatonville
Dr. John Milton Hawks Hawks Physician, Author, Historian, Teacher, Newspaper Publisher, Army Officer, Orange Grower, first superintendent of Volusia County Schools and founder of Hawks Park—renamed Edgewater Edgewater
Cyrus Teed Teed Originated Hollow Earth theory and founded Koreshan Unity Estero
S.T.E. Pinkney Pinkney School Administrator & City Commissioner/Mayor Eustis
Deaconess Harriet Bedell Bedell Episcopalian missionary to Everglades Indians Everglades City
David Graham Copeland Copeland Manager of 40 Barron Collier businesses & County Commissioner Everglades City
Gilbert Edward Barkoski Barkoski Rancher, imported English cattle to crossbreed Spanish cows; school board member, county commissioner, World War II Ration Board and Drainage Board member; cattlemen's association president Fellsmere
Liberty Billings Billings Civil war veteran, conducted the U.S. Census in Nassau County, president pro-tempore of the state senater Fernandina Beach
Emma B. Delaney Delaney first African-American female missionary sent to Africa Fernandina Beach
George Rainsford Fairbanks Fairbanks lawyer, Clerk of the Circuit Court, state Senator, president of Florida Fruit Growers Association and the Florida Fruit Exchange; editor of the Florida Mirror, authored book on Florida history used in schools, founder and president of Florida Historical Society Fernandina Beach
Louis G. Hirth Hirth founder and proprietor of Palace Saloon, open since 1901 Fernandina Beach
Amos Latham Latham lighthouse keeper at Amelia Island Fernandina Beach
Chloe Merrick Merrick Fernandina Beach
William Henderson Peck Peck Principal of Nassau Colored School Number 1 for 50 years; expanded curriculum to a full high school Fernandina Beach
Solicito "Mike" Salvador Salvador leader and innovator in the Florida shrimping industry Fernandina Beach
Sisters of St. Joseph St. Joseph Humanitarians who assisted all people through yellow fever epidemics; founded St. Joseph Academy Fernandina Beach
Samuel A. Swann Swann Accountant and assistant secretary and treasurer of the Florida Railroad Company; land agent Fernandina Beach
Marcellus Alphonso Williams Williams Surveyor and land agent Fernandina Beach
David Levy Yulee Yulee Lawyer, Florida Statehood leader, US Senator, Plantation owner, Railroad builder Fernandina Beach
Evelyn Fortune Bartlett Bartlett renovated the Bonnet House and 35-acre (140,000 m2) estate on Fort Lauderdale beach, preserving one of the last mangrove swamps and coastal hammocks on the South Florida coast Ft. Lauderdale
Frederic Clay Bartlett Bartlett Noted artist and art collector; designed and built the Bonnet House Ft. Lauderdale
George W. English, Jr. English after 1926 hurricane, worked with the city to exchange delinquent taxes for land, established a Savings and Loan Association to fund real estate development, established First National Bank, city attorney, drafted the city's first comprehensive plan and helped establish Broward General Hospital Ft. Lauderdale
Dr. Von Delany Mizell Mizell second black physician who helped establish Provident Hospital; staged sit-ins, protests and started the first NAACP chapter in South Florida, boycotted Fort Lauderdale's "Colored School", sued Medical Association for admittance Ft. Lauderdale
Estelle Rouse Pinkett Pinkett teacher who motivated her students to attend college, founded first "colored" USO, founded an initiative to train teachers Ft. Lauderdale
Margaret Blake Roach Roach Broward County School administrator, Women in Distress Shelter and United Way supporter, president of the Broward Urban League, Broward Community College Trustee and civic leader Ft. Lauderdale
Dr. James F. Sistrunk Sistrunk first black physician who helped establish Provident Hospital and was chief of staff, delivering 5,000 babies Ft. Lauderdale
Frank Stranahan and Ivy Stranahan Stranahan trading post operator, postmaster, ferryboat owner, real estate developer who donated land for hospital, school, park and woman's club; schoolteacher who convinced Seminoles to move to a reservation, hospital supporter Ft. Lauderdale
Leon Watts Watts Teacher, counselor, civil rights activist, community advocate and Broward Community College Trustee Ft. Lauderdale
Nathaniel "Nat" J. Patterson Patterson Lawyer, City Attorney, Mayor, State Representative and civic leader Fort Meade
Thomas Alva & Mina Miller Edison Edison prolific Inventor Fort Myers
Henry Ford Ford Founder of Ford Motor Company & Assembly Lines Fort Myers
William Thomas Howard Howard Instrumental in establishing Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers
Albert E. "Bean" Backus Backus Self-taught Painter, Charitable Benefactor Fort Pierce
Dr. Clem C. Benton Benton Physician, Founder of Fort Pierce Memorial Hospital, College Trustee and Civic Leader Fort Pierce
Zora Neale Hurston Hurston Writer and Folklorist Fort Pierce
Daniel T. McCarty McCarty Florida's 31st Governor 1952-1953 Fort Pierce
Willie H. Blankston Blankston Civil Rights Advocate Fort Walton Beach
John Thomas Brooks Brooks Founder of Fort Walton Beach, Civil War veteran, area "Doctor" & Hotel owner Fort Walton Beach
Adam J. Gerlach Gerlach Owner of Gulfview Hotel and Catholic Church supporter Fort Walton Beach
Liza Jackson Jackson Hotel Proprietor, Women's & Garden Club founder, Donated Land for numerous Civic Projects Fort Walton Beach
William C. Lazarus Lazarus Pilot, Aeronautics Instructor & Research Engineer, Project Manager of Indian Temple Mound Museum Fort Walton Beach
Chester Pruitt Pruitt First Black FWB Police Officer, Youth Mediator Fort Walton Beach
Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Griffin Citrus Baron, Civic Leader & Benefactor Frostproof
Latimer Maxcy Maxcy Citrus Grower & Processor, Cattle Rancher and Civic Leader Frostproof
Albert H. Blanding Blanding Distinguished Soldier, National Guardsman & Civic leader Gainesville
Sarah Matheson Matheson Missionary and Presbyterian Religious leader at Local, State & National levels Gainesville
Sarah Lucretia Robb Robb Alachua County's first female physician in the 1880s, making housecalls and authored book on "common sense" medicine for public use Gainesville
Jesse Earl Franklin Franklin Postmaster, Church leader and Historic Preservationist Glen St. Mary
Alverdo Adair Geitgey Geitgey Baker County landowner & developer, Glen St. Mary founder, citrus & pecan grower Glen St. Mary
Isaiah Sherman Mikell Mikell Railroad depot agent, farmer and community supporter during the depression Glen St. Mary
George Lindley Taber, Sr. Taber founded Glen Saint Mary Nursery, Florida State Horticulture Society president, developed cold-tolerant plants Glen St. Mary
Karlie Tyler Tyler teacher, traveling librarian and volunteer librarian Glen St. Mary
John Preston Hall, Sr. Hall bank president & chairman of the board; sheriff for 36 years; director, treasurer & president of Florida Sheriffs Association; founder and treasurer of the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch Green Cove Springs
John Preston Hall, Jr. Hall deputy sheriff & bank president; ran family-owned land & timber company and children's charity, major donor to Florida Sheriffs' Youth Ranches Green Cove Springs
Ed Stansel Stansel health department administrator; expanded services, built clinics, implemented first Health Department computer system, recruited doctors to donate time Green Cove Springs
Richard Reid Wagner Wagner organized the fire department in 1930 and served as the unpaid fire chief for 62 years; often gave personal funds to fire victims Green Cove Springs
Catherine Powell Hickman Hickman founded Gulfport Historical Society and museum; published Gulfport history; founded Gulfport Community Players & Girls Softball League and other youth activities Gulfport
Arnold S. White, Sr. White deputy director at veterans medical center, volunteer & employee of Little League Baseball for more than 40 years Gulfport
Donald Ray "Billy" Matthews Matthews US Representative 1953–1967 & Teacher Hawthorne
Chester Shell Shell Hunting & fishing guide, Raised funds for 1st Black school in Alachua County Hawthorne
William Flemming Flemming Founder of Holly Hill Holly Hill
Robert Anderson (Hollywood, Florida community leader) Anderson Bank founder, president & director and City Commissioner Hollywood
Dorothy Walker Bush Bush Civic leader & wife of a US Senator, mother of a POTUS and grandmother of 2 governors & a POTUS Hollywood
Clarence P. Hammerstein Hammerstein Citrus authority, tourism promoter, Broward Kiwanis founder Hollywood
Joseph Wesley Young Young Founder & Developer of Hollywood, Florida Hollywood
Anne Kolb Kolb Environmental preservationist and 1st female Broward County Commissioner Hollywood
Preston B. Bird Bird City Politician and Civic leader Homestead
Lily Lawrence Bow Bow Homestead Library Supporter and Book provider Homestead
May Mann Jennings Jennings Women's Rights activist, Environmentalist & advocate for the welfare of children Homestead
William J. Krome Krome Railroad Surveyor & Engineer, Agriculture and Horticulture enthusiast Homestead
Max Losner Losner Bank President, Federal Reserve Board member, City Councilman and Civic leader Homestead
James Daniel Reid Reid Homestead founder and developer, City Councilman 1913-24, Dade County Commissioner 1921-41 Homestead
James Archer Smith Smith World War I Army Doctor, Physician and Chief Surgeon of Dade County Hospital Homestead
David Levy Yulee Yulee Lawyer, Florida Statehood leader, US Senator, Plantation owner, Railroad builder Homosassa
Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Broward Florida's 19th Governor 1905-1909, Duval Co. Sheriff & State Representative Jacksonville
J.J. Daniel Daniel Businessman and Civic leader Jacksonville
Alfred I. du Pont du Pont Philanthropist Jacksonville
David H. Dwight Dwight Racial activist Jacksonville
Lex Hester Hester Government administrator Jacksonville
James Weldon Johnson Johnson Educator, lawyer, diplomat & racial activist Jacksonville
Henry John Klutho Klutho Architect Jacksonville
Abraham Lincoln Lewis Lewis Insurance executive, Philanthropist & founder of American Beach Jacksonville
Eartha M. M. White White Clara White Mission founder, teacher, Nursing Home founder Jacksonville
Doris Whitmore Whitmore Jacksonville Museum of Science & History supporter/promoter Jacksonville
R.R. Ricou Ricou Fishing business owner & Civic leader Jensen Beach
Bessie Wilson DuBois DuBois Historian Jupiter
Joseph Verner Reed Reed Wildlife & Nature Conservationist and charitable benefactor Jupiter Island
Permelia Pryor Reed Reed Wildlife & Nature Conservationist and charitable benefactor Jupiter Island
William M. Beam Beam City Politician & man of action Keystone Heights
John Edward Larson Larson Local & State Politician, IRS Head for Florida Keystone Heights
Howard S. England England Benefactor of Fort Zachary Taylor Key West
Mel Fisher Fisher Scuba Diver & Treasure Hunter Key West
Ernest Hemingway Hemingway Writer & Adventurer Key West
Walter Sayers Lightbourn Lightbourn Tobacco grower and Cigar maker Key West
Harry S. Truman Truman POTUS Key West
Captain Melville Emory Forrey Forrey farmer, dredge boat captain, general store owner & fur trader, city councilman, mayor and county commission chairman LaBelle
Francis A. Hendry Hendry cattle rancher, Civil War Captain; helped establish Polk & Lee counties and Fort Myers; served as county commissioner & state representative; founder, mayor, town clerk, marshal, alderman and minister of LaBelle LaBelle
Rosabelle Blake Blake School teacher and administrator Lakeland
Thomas W. Bryant Bryant lawyer, state representative, Board of Control member, University of Florida advocate Lakeland
Lawton Mainor Chiles Chiles Florida's 41st Governor 1991-1998 & US Senator 1971-1989 Lakeland
John Franklin Cox Cox mercantile owner, state representative, mayor, city treasurer and real estate developer Lakeland
Herbert J. Drane Drane real estate, insurance, railroad and citrus businessman; co-founder of Lakeland, clerk, treasurer and mayor, newspaper editor, state representative & senator, US representative and Federal Power Commission member Lakeland
Clare Henley Henley pharmacist, helped establish spring major league baseball training in Lakeland, Florida State League team owner and league manager Lakeland
Dr. John Sidney Jackson Jackson Surgeon, City Commissioner & Mayor Lakeland
Paul Scott Linder Linder founded heavy construction machinery company, leader of several Florida business organizations Lakeland
J. Hardin Peterson Peterson Congressman Lakeland
Park Trammell Trammell Florida's 21st Governor 1913-1917 Lakeland
Lassie Goodbread-Black Goodbread Teacher & Civic Leader Lake City
Fred P. Cone Cone Florida's 27th Governor 1937-1941 Lake City
McKinley Jeffers Jeffers Educator & Civic Leader Lake City
May Vinzant Perkins Perkins Writer, Historian Lake City
Betsy Hopkins Hopkins Philanthropist Lake Helen
John P. Mace Mace Architect/builder Lake Helen
Edward W. Bok Bok Editor, Philanthropist Lake Wales
Bertha Louise Hinshaw Hinshaw Innkeeper Lake Wales
Delbert Lorenzo Layton Layton City Benefactor Layton
Hubert O. Dabney Dabney Athlete & educator Leesburg
Joseph M. Tardugno, Jr. Tardugno Utility innovator Leesburg
Pat Thomas Thomas city manager & Benefactor Leesburg
Porter Claude Crapps, Jr. Crapps bank owner, large timberland owner, promoted advanced forestry practices, helped build vo-tech school, supported 4-H and FFA Live Oak
Thomas Dowling Dowling established several lumber companies, built railroad to transport wood, funded Live Oak waterworks, helped build & rebuild Advent Christian Church, founded Advent Christian Village in Dowling Park Live Oak
Cary A. Hardee Hardee Florida's 23rd Governor 1921-1925 Live Oak
Brantly Walker Helvenston Helvenston Insurance agent, teacher, banker Live Oak
John Parshley Parshley Civic leader Live Oak
Josiah B. Clouser Clouser Hotelier and civic leader Longwood
Edwin B. Browning, Sr. Browning Teacher & Superintendent, Historical Society founder, newspaper columnist & radio show host Madison
Tommie Camilla Stephens Barfield Barfield Confectionery operator, lobbied for infrastructure, worked to create Collier County; first superintendent of schools and board member Marco Island
William David Collier Collier mercantile store operator, discovered & donated fantastic trove of Indian artifacts, assisted clam farmers Marco Island
Theophilus West West Civil war surgeon, local physician & druggist, school superintendent, mayor and state senator Marianna
James Hartley Beal Beal scientist & pharmacist who collected plants & shells, donated them to museums; donated land & artesian well for first public water and sewer system Mary Esther
Thomas Jefferson Pryor, Jr. Pryor general store manager, city councilman & mayor Mary Esther
Joe Wickham Wickham surveyor with U.S. National Geodetic Survey, construction company owner, city councilman & county commissioner Melbourne
Dana A. Dorsey Dorsey first black millionaire, established Mount Zion Baptist Church, bank, hotel & rental property owner, donated land for school & library Miami
David Grandison Fairchild Fairchild horticulturist with United States Department of Agriculture, 75,000 new plants to the US for cultivation Miami
Catherine Hauberg Sweeney Sweeney botanist, philanthropist & preservationist, especially the Coconut Grove estate, The Kampong, which contained rare and exotic tropical plants Miami
Barbara Baer Capitman Capitman Art Deco design preservationist and author Miami Beach
John Stiles Collins Collins Horticulturist & avocado grower, dredged Collins Canal and started Collins Bridge, built Hotel, Casino & began residential development Miami Beach
Stephen J. Cranman Cranman Director of the Perrine-Cutler Ridge Council: redevelop area following Hurricane Andrew by attracting business with 3,000 jobs, US 1 Beautification, Community & Cultural Centers Miami Beach
L. Murray Dixon Dixon architect who developed Miami Beach's Tropical Art Deco style of architecture Miami Beach
John J. Farrey Farrey Chief Building, Plumbing and Electrical Inspector who initiated & enforced first Building Code, copied by 5,000+ communities Miami Beach
Carl Graham Fisher Fisher Miami promoter & real estate developer, completed Collins Bridge, dredged Biscayne Bay, built Lincoln & Dixie Highways Miami Beach
Henry Hohauser[9] Hohauser Prolific architect who promulgated modernism in Miami Beach architecture Miami Beach
Anna Brenner Meyers Meyers Integration leader for Miami schools, helped found Miami Dade College, started first educational TV station in Florida, WPBT Miami Beach
Glenn Hammond Curtiss Curtiss Aircraft Motor builder, aviator and developer of Hialeah, Miami Springs & Opa-locka Miami Springs
Chief Micanopy Micanopy Leader of the Seminole Nation at Cuscowilla during the Second Seminole War Micanopy
Archie Carr Carr International biologist & environmentalist, honored nature author Micanopy
Marjorie Carr Carr First female wildlife specialist at US Fish & Wildlife Service, founder of Florida Defenders of the Environment Micanopy
Bennett C. Russell Russell Teacher, Administrator & Superintendent, using technology as educational tool Milton
Reuben Wyatt Harper Harper Citrus grower, broker & industry leader, City Councilman Montverde
Henry B. Watkins, Sr. Watkins real estate developer for most of Naples, donated 10 acres (40,000 m2) for downtown park Naples
Henry B. Watkins, Jr. Watkins built first low-income housing in Naples, Edison Community College trustee, founded youth shelter, aa facility for mentally ill and local YMCA Naples
Henry Nehrling Nehrling ornithologist and horticulturist; introduced caladiums, palms, bamboo, and amaryllis to the US Naples
Elroy M. Avery Avery Mayor, Author, Businessman, Bank Chairman & Civic leader New Port Richey
Gene Sarazen Sarazen first golf professional to win all four Grand Slam events; invented sand wedge, founded charitable foundation New Port Richey
George E. Musson Musson civic leader and mayor who promoted road & bridge projects and revitalized downtown area New Smyrna Beach
Al E. Fellner Fellner Mayor, Civic leader, Businessman North Redington Beach
Peter Raulerson Raulerson postmaster, mayor, county commissioner and school trustee Okeechobee
Ransom Eli Olds Olds Oldsmobile inventor; purchased land, platted & founded Oldsmar; built a sawmill & foundry Oldsmar
Dr. Francis Dickinson Dickinson Surgeon, Benefactor, Philanthropist & champion of Women's Suffrage Orange City
Dr. Seth French French Physician, Florida: Promoter, Senator & Commissioner of Immigration Orange City
Alfred Benjamin "A. B." Michael Michael ship captain, successful citrus grower known as "Dean of the Florida Citrus Industry" Orchid
Martin Andersen Andersen newspaper owner & editor, used paper to influence politicians & public to build roads, an airport and develop nearby Port Canaveral Orlando
William A. (Bill) McCree, Jr. McCree civil engineer & general contractor; chairman of planning board that developed the first comprehensive development plan & capital improvements program Orlando
Walter C. Meloon Meloon founded the Florida Variety Boat Company which became Correct Craft; built Army boats in World War II, Ski Nautique in 1951 Orlando
Oakes Ames Ames founding director of the American Orchid Society, prolific author, museum curator & director Ormond Beach
John Anderson Anderson county tax assessor, built a plantation, Ormond Hotel & area's first golf course; organized first auto race on the beach & professional baseball team Ormond Beach
Eileen Butts Butts botanical specimens collector; helped create state parks & an art gallery; raised money to restore The Casements; civic leader Ormond Beach
James Carnell Carnell citrus grower, jelly factory owner, real estate agent, city councilman, postmaster & yachtsman Ormond Beach
Charles McNary McNary alderman, councilman, mayor and justice of the peace Ormond Beach
Joseph Price Price county commissioner & mayor; built & managed Ormond Hotel; organized first auto race on the beach Ormond Beach
John D. Rockefeller Rockefeller Industrialist & Philanthropist Ormond Beach
Edith Stanton Stanton teacher, newspaper & magazine writer; book author Ormond Beach
Elsa Scherer Burrows Burrows created & preserved Oscar Scherer Park and donated it to the state Osprey
Francis Stephen Huggins Huggins World War II Navy Veteran, retired government employee, tireless civic leader Palm Bay
Henry Morrison Flagler Flagler Industrialist and Developer Palm Beach
Francis MacKay Howze Howse teacher, "the Mother of Education in Manatee County", coach, financial sponsor, civic leader Palmetto
Francis F. Taylor Taylor realtor, land developer & city promoter; benefactor of youth programs & young adults; donated land for parks Palmetto
George Mortimer West West land developer, newspaper founder, author, town councilman and public library founder Panama City
Delbert Davis Davis Schoolteacher, Scoutmaster, surveyor, musician and photographer Parker
Captain Ed Parker Parker Boat captain, environmentalist and seafood industry founder Parker
Charles W. Flanagan Flanagan City commissioner, mayor and civic leader Pembroke Pines
James Cash Penney Penney Businessman and philanthropist, created Penney Farms Retirement Community in Clay County Penney Farms
H. Clay Armstrong Armstrong Founder of the Pensacola Classical School, mayor and author Pensacola
William Dudley Chipley Chipley County commissioner, City councilman and mayor, state senator; financed Pensacola & Atlantic Railroad Pensacola
Occie Clubbs Clubbs teacher and principal; Pensacola Historical Society and Florida Historical Society president Pensacola
Mayhew W. (Pat) Dodson III Dodson Florida Board of Regents member and promoter of University of West Florida; historic preservationist Pensacola
Daniel "Chappie" James James Four-star general in the U.S. Air Force from Eglin Air Force Base who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam Pensacola
Lillie Anna "Mother" James James established private colored school whose graduates became Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and Military officers Pensacola
Stephen Russell Mallory Mallory Lawyer, State Representative & Senator, United States Congressman & Senator Pensacola
Edward A. Perry Perry Florida's 14th Governor 1885-1889; teacher, lawyer, Civil War Brigadier General Pensacola
Mary Turner Rule Reed Reed Historic Restoration and Preservationist Pensacola
Oliver J. Semmes, Jr. Semmes City engineer and Manager noted for paving 150 miles (240 km) of streets, purchased the municipally-owned gas company and negotiated a favorable franchise agreement with the local power company Pensacola
Joyce Garrett Turner Turner Teacher and Historic Preservationist Pensacola
T. T. Wentworth, Jr. Wentworth Founder of Pensacola Historical Society, Pensacola Historical Museum & Wentworth Museum in Ensley; helped establish Pensacola Public Library Pensacola
P.K. Yonge Yonge Businessman & civic leader who served almost 30 years as a member and chairman of Florida Board of Control Pensacola
William Thomas Cash Cash Educator, State Representative, author, campaign financial disclosed law sponsor and First State Librarian: 1927-51 Perry
Edwin F. Deicke Deicke Agricultural pioneer & author, Philanthropist Plantation
Lois Deicke Deicke Philanthropist and Civic leader Plantation
Helen B. Hoffman Hoffman Original resident of Plantation. With husband, Dr. Abram Hoffman, started the Plantation Homeowners Association; PHA secretary for 40+ years. Founded the Plantation Library and local Agency on Aging. Plantation
Frederick C. Peters Peters Everglades Rancher & Farmer, Agricultural pioneer and donated land to church, city, county & state agencies Plantation
Jessie Ball du Pont du Pont Spouse of Alfred I. du Pont, Benefactor & Philanthropist, brother of Edward Ball Port St. Joe
David W. Jones Jones Head Coach at Washington County High School who personally visited his students' homes and their churches, teaching them respect, responsibility, perseverance, initiative, kindness, fairness, honesty and cooperation. Port St. Joe
Witt A. Campbell Campbell Educator and Civil Rights worker Quincy
Dr. William Spencer Stevens Stevens First Black Physician[citation needed], pharmacist, Built "Colored" Hospital & Supervisor of City Schools Quincy
Judge Hugh M. Taylor Taylor Lawyer, State Representative, Judge & Florida Constitutional Revision Commission Chairman Quincy
Odet Philippe Philippe Early citrus grower who introduced grapefruit to Florida; first cigar maker in Tampa Safety Harbor
Peter A. Demens Demens Russian immigrant citrus grower, constructed railroad stations and supplied crossties; took over bankrupt Orange Belt Railway and named St. Petersburg, FLorida for his birthplace San Antonio
Judge Edmund F. Dunne Dunne western judge forced to resign due to mixing church and state; founder of San Antonio San Antonio
James J. Horgan Horgan History professor at St. Leo College; historical society president, Florida Historical Society board member, prolific author and NAACP chapter founder San Antonio
Frank P. Bailey Bailey Farmer, general store owner, started Sanibel Packing Company; founded the Sanibel Community Church, helped build Sanibel Community House, setup telephone system, served as justice of the peace Sanibel
Owen Burns Burns established the Burns Realty and Burns Dredging companies; Burns Construction built Ringling Causeways, laid out and paved streets, built seawalls, first co-op subdivision and El Vernona Hotel Sarasota
John L. Early Early Lawyer, school board attorney, school trustee, state representative and mayor Sarasota
Arthur Britton Edwards Edwards sold real estate & insurance; tax assessor, mayor, established county tax assessor and bank VP Sarasota
John Hamilton Gillespie Gillespie Scottish head of the Florida Mortgage and Investment Company, attorney & real estate agent, justice of the peace, built DeSoto Hotel, mayor and councilman; built one of the first golf courses in US, laid out courses in Jacksonville, Tampa, Kissimmee and Bellair Sarasota
Dr. Joseph Halton Halton Surgeon who did many free operations, town councilman and council president Sarasota
Harry Lee Higel Higel General store owner, boat owner, land developer, bank director, town councilman and mayor Sarasota
David and George Lindsay Lindsay Father & Son editor and publisher of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune Sarasota
Andrew McAnsh McAnsh Builder of the Mira Mar Hotel Sarasota
Thomas Reed Martin Martin prolific architect Sarasota
Charles Ringling Ringling Circus founder, real estate investor who developed downtown; chamber of commerce president and bank founder Sarasota
John Ringling Ringling Circus founder, real estate investor who developed beaches; art collector who willed his art, museum and home to the state of Florida Sarasota
Marie Selby Selby Created botanical garden at her residence; willed to the community; established a Foundation which gave 3,000 grants worth $50 million for education and scholarships Sarasota
Ernest Arthur Smith Smith real estate investor and abstract company president; chamber of commerce organizer and mayor; improved water service and fire protection; acquired land for future civic projects Sarasota
Karl Wallenda Wallenda family patriarch of a circus high wire act for 50 years Sarasota
Percy L. Hedgecock Hedgecock First mayor, school board member, helped build first local school and acquire only oceanfront park; helped found Brevard Engineering College and served as trustee Satellite Beach
Paul Kroegal Kroegal Ship Captain, first County commissioner and chairman; built the first paved road from Micco to Stuart and the first Sebastian River bridge; first National Wildlife Refuge warden in America Sebastian
Margaret Shippen Roebling Roebling Donated money to acquire land for the 8,140-acre (32.9 km2) Highlands Hammock State Park when the National Park Service declined and the state had no money at height of depression Sebring
Dr. Andrew Anderson, Jr. Anderson Physician, Philanthropist & Benefactor St. Augustine
Frank B. Butler Butler Businessman, civic & political leader; founder of "colored" Butler Beach St. Augustine
Felix deCrano deCrano Accomplished portrait, landscape, genre and still life painter in Henry Flagler's artist colony St. Augustine
Earl Cunningham Cunningham self-taught American folk artist who painted schooners and portrayals of Seminole Indian life that he infused with images of Viking ships St. Augustine
Anna Maria Dummett Dummett Boarding house owner, Civil War nurse, spy and caregiver; president & founder of Ladies Memorial Association, established a Confederate memorial St. Augustine
Louisa Fatio Fatio owner/operator of several boarding houses; Fatio House was among city's best St. Augustine
Henry Morrison Flagler Flagler Industrialist and Developer St. Augustine
Walter B. Fraser Fraser City commissioner & mayor, state senator, organized city's first formal restoration movement, Colonial St. Augustine; donated the statues of Ponce de León & Pedro Menendez at the North City Gate St. Augustine
Nina Hawkins Hawkins Newspaper reporter & editor; founded the Florida Women's Press Club; founded the St. Augustine Art Association; included much local history in paper to encourage historic preservation movement St. Augustine
Martin Johnson Heade Heade portrait and genre painter early, then focused on landscapes, especially salt marshes; Henry Flagler was his wealthy patron St. Augustine
Lawerence Lewis, Jr. Lewis Chairman of the Flagler Systems, established Flagler College and provided scholarships, endowments and new buildings; president of the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board and the St. Augustine Foundation St. Augustine
William Wing Loring Loring Florida militiaman, lawyer and governor of the Florida Territory; first US Congressman from Florida; U.S. Army officer; Confederate Brigadier General; led contingent of Union & Confederate officers in Egypt setting up that country's defense St. Augustine
Dr. Luella Day McConnell McConnell Physician, Yukon Gold Rush participant, created Fountain of Youth tourist attraction
Albert Manucy Manucy Authority on St. Augustine history & architecture; worked for National Park Service, studied Spanish architecture on Fulbright Scholarship; authored two books on St. Augustine St. Augustine
Pedro Menendez de Aviles Menendez Spanish Captain and Explorer St. Augustine
Prince Napoleon Achille Murat Murat Crown prince of Naples; authored several works, studied law and government St. Augustine
Francisco Pellicer Pellicer Successful early carpenter, moved south on Matanzaz River; Pellicer Creek is named after him St. Augustine
Xavier Lopez Pellicer Pellicer Bank VP, Flagler Hospital trustee & president; historical society president & director; president of the Florida Bankers Association, president of Florida Forestry Association; Civic leader St. Augustine
Verle A. Pope Pope businessman and large landowner, elected to Florida House of Representatives, but went into Army in World War II; elected to Senate, served as president; approved the Florida Constitutional revision of 1968, established the community college system, created the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board and supported the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. St. Augustine
Robert Ripley Ripley Cartoonist, Entrepreneur and amateur Anthropologist; creator of Ripley's Believe It or Not! St. Augustine
Edmund Kirby Smith Smith Career US Army officer, educator, and a general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War St. Augustine
Frances Kirby Smith Smith most successful Confederate spy St. Augustine
Franklin W. Smith Smith Built Villa Zorayda using cement mixed with coquina; encouraged Flagler to use Spanish architecture for his hotels; built the Casa Monica Hotel; historic preservationist St. Augustine
Thomas Buckingham Smith Smith Lawyer, city councilman, territorial legislator, worked for US State Department in Mexico and Spain, researched Spanish settlement in Florida and translated documents from Spanish or Portuguese to English; authored several works; Florida Tax Commissioner St. Augustine
Elizabeth Morley Towers Towers lifelong historic preservationist; served on the St. Augustine Preservation Board and the Florida State Park Board St. Augustine
Henry L. Twine Twine NAACP chapter president, city commissioner and vice mayor; Democratic Party Executive Committee member St. Augustine
F. Charles Usina Usina state representative who worked for a state mental health program and supported the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, serving on the school's Board of Trustees; member and leader of Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, Elks, Moose, the St. Augustine Historical Society and the Committee of 100 St. Augustine
Father Felix Varela Varela priest and Professor of Philosophy; established church ministry in New York City where he founded schools for children, built churches and evangelized the poor; on the road to sainthood St. Augustine
Emily Lloyd Wilson Wilson Artist who purchased a residence in Henry Flagler's artist colony; researched St. Augustine's history in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C.; her notes and copies of maps, documents and Spanish records became the St. Augustine Historical Society's library; she served as librarian and historian for the society St. Augustine
Frank T. Hurley Hurley World War I & World War II Army Staff Officer, Real Estate & Mortgage Executive, Civic leader St. Pete Beach
Thomas J. Rowe Rowe Beachfront Hotel owner St. Pete Beach
Earl Morrow Clark Clark Teacher & Headmaster, School Accreditation Leader St. Petersburg
Dr. Paul R. Hortin Hortin Methodist Minister, Hunter, Fisherman St. Petersburg
Morris Raiford Johns Johns Pineapple grower, Businessman & Deputy Sheriff Stuart
Walter Kitching Kitching Businessman, Banker, Justice of the Peace & Philanthropist Stuart
George W. Parks Parks Businessman, Bank founder, Councilman & Mayor Stuart
James R. Pomeroy Pomeroy Educator, County Politician, Postmaster & Businessman Stuart
Dan Pearl Pearl Politician & Civic leader Sunrise
J. Broward Culpepper Culpepper FSU Dean and Secretary/Director of the Florida Board of Control Tallahassee
B. Calvin Jones Jones Archaeologist and Discoverer of multiple Historic sites Tallahassee
William Valentine Knott Knott State Auditor, Treasurer, Comptroller Tallahassee
Catherine Murat Murat Historic Preservationist, Civil War supporter Tallahassee
James Page Page Florida's first Black minister, church founder, County Commissioner, Senate Chaplain and Justice of the Peace Tallahassee
Romulus Hunter Thompson Thompson Band Director Tallahassee
Curtis L. Waller Waller Attorney, State Legislator, State Attorney, Circuit Judge and Federal Court of Appeals Judge Tallahassee
Cesar Gonzmart Gonzmart Expanded Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City Historic District promoter, Civic leader Tampa
Celestino Vega Vega Cigar maker, President of Centro Español and promoter of Spanish arts & culture Tampa
Vicente Martinez Ybor Ybor Founder & Developer of Ybor City, Cigar maker and Labor supporter Tampa
Peter Themis Assimack Assimack CPA, Chamber of Commerce President and Civic leader Tarpon Springs
John K. Cheyney Cheyney Sponge Company & Sponge Exchange founder, local politician and Sponge Industry promoter Tarpon Springs
Thomas Craig Craig Businessman, City Commissioner & Mayor Tarpon Springs
George Frantzis Frantzis Greek Lawyer who helped liberate Dodecanese Islands from Italy & reunite with Greece;[dubious ] School Principal & Sponge Industry saviour Tarpon Springs
George Inness, Jr. Inness Successful Landscape and Figure Artist; spouse Julia Inness founded the Tarpon Springs Library Tarpon Springs
Demos A. Megaloudis Megaloudis Business and Civic leader Tarpon Springs
Anson Peasely Killen Safford Safford Nevada Surveyor General, Governor of the Arizona Territory, Land Developer and Tarpon Springs Founder Tarpon Springs
Mary J. Stafford Stafford Teacher at Boston University College of Medicine and first practicing woman physician in Florida Tarpon Springs
Colonel Henry McKie Salley Salley Army Engineer, Airport & Bridge builder and city manager Tarpon Springs
Alexander St. Clair-Abrams St. Clair-Abrams Lawyer and Founder/Developer of Tavares Tavares
James Hudson Baker Baker Building contractor Vero Beach
Merrill P. Barber Barber Politician & Banker Vero Beach
Alex MacWilliam, Sr. MacWilliam Politician & Builder Vero Beach
Garnett L. Radin Radin Nurse & founder of Indian River Memorial Hospital Vero Beach
Waldo E. Sexton Sexton Citrus Grower & Processor, Dairy farmer Vero Beach
Sherman N. Smith, Jr. Smith Lawyer, Prosecutor, Politician & Judge Vero Beach
Herman Julius Zeuch Zeuch Developer and Citrus farmer Vero Beach
Edward Ball Ball du Pont Trust Manager & Philanthropist Wakulla Springs
W. Curtis Ezelle Ezelle Local politician & Civic leader Wauchula
Edward R. Bradley Bradley Philanthropist West Palm Beach
Dr. Joseph Wiley Jenkins Jenkins Pharmacist & Society Host West Palm Beach
Marvin U. Mounts Mounts Agricultural leader West Palm Beach
Dr. Thomas Rudolph Vickers Vickers African-American Healthcare provider West Palm Beach
Nellie A. Grice Grice Businessperson & Civic leader Windermere
Dr. John Howard Johnson Johnson Philanthropist Windermere
John Calvin Palmer Palmer Politician & Philanthropist Windermere
Dick Pope, Sr. Pope Cypress Gardens Founder & Tourism Promoter Windermere
Loring A. Chase Chase Winter Park Founder Winter Park
Jeannette Genius McKean McKean Painter and Rollins College benefactor Winter Park
Albin Polasek Polasek Sculptor and Cultural Leader Winter Park
Alice Fryer Hall Hall Teacher, Journalist & Civic leader Zephyrhills


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