List of 2016 UCI Professional Continental and Continental teams

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the governing body of cycling, categorises teams into three divisions. The top 18 teams are the UCI WorldTeams and compete in the UCI World Tour. The second and third divisions respectively are the Professional Continental teams and the Continental teams.

The teams compete in the UCI Continental Circuits, which are divided into five continental zones: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. They also win points in the UCI World Ranking. Professional Continental teams are also invited to participate in events in the UCI World Tour, although they are not eligible to win points in the World Tour rankings.

UCI Professional Continental teamsEdit

According to the UCI Rulebook,[1]

"a professional continental team is an organisation created to take part in road events open to professional continental teams. It is known by a unique name and registered with the UCI in accordance with the provisions below.

  • The professional continental team comprises all the riders registered with the UCI as members of the team, the paying agent, the sponsors and all other persons contracted by the paying agent and/or the sponsors to provide for the continuing operation of the team (manager, team manager, coach, paramedical assistant, mechanic, etc.).
  • Each professional continental team must employ at least 14 riders, 2 team managers and 3 other staff (paramedical assistants, mechanics, etc.) on a full time basis for the whole registration year."

List of 2016 UCI Africa Tour professional teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
No registered teams

List of 2016 UCI America Tour professional teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
FSC Funvic Soul Cycles–Carrefour   Brazil
TNN Team Novo Nordisk   United States
UHC UnitedHealthcare   United States

List of 2016 UCI Asia Tour professional teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
No registered teams

List of 2016 UCI Europe Tour professional teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
AND Androni Giocattoli–Sidermec   Italy
BAR Bardiani–CSF   Italy
BOA Bora–Argon 18   Germany
CJR Caja Rural–Seguros RGA   Spain
CCC CCC–Sprandi–Polkowice   Poland
COF Cofidis   France
DMP Delko–Marseille Provence KTM   France
DEN Direct Énergie   France
FVC Fortuneo–Vital Concept   France
RVL Gazprom–RusVelo   Russia
NIP Nippo–Vini Fantini   Italy
ONE ONE Pro Cycling   United Kingdom
ROO Roompot–Oranje Peloton   Netherlands
STH Southeast–Venezuela[N 1]   Italy
SSG Stölting Service Group   Germany
ROT Team Roth    Switzerland
TSV Topsport Vlaanderen–Baloise   Belgium
VAT Verva ActiveJet   Poland
WGG Wanty–Groupe Gobert   Belgium
  1. ^ In May 2016, Southeast–Venezuela changed its name to Wilier Triestina–Southeast.[2]

List of 2016 UCI Oceania Tour professional teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
DPC Drapac Professional Cycling   Australia

UCI Continental teamsEdit

According to the UCI Rulebook, "a UCI continental team is a team of road riders recognised and licensed to take part in events on the continental calendars by the national federation of the nationality of the majority of its riders and registered with the UCI. The precise structure (legal and financial status, registration, guarantees, standard contract, etc.) of these teams shall be determined by the regulations of the national federation."

List of 2016 UCI Africa Tour teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
DDC Dimension Data for Qhubeka   South Africa
KRD Kenyan Riders Downunder   Kenya

List of 2016 UCI America Tour teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
LMC Los Matanceros   Argentina
SEP Sindicato de Empleados Publicos de San Juan   Argentina
SLT San Luis Somos Todos   Argentina
GQC Garneau–Québecor   Canada
HRB H&R Block Pro Cycling   Canada
SPC Silber Pro Cycling Team   Canada
BRC Boyacá Raza de Campeones   Colombia
EPM EPM–UNE–Área Metropolitana   Colombia
GWS GW–Shimano   Colombia
MZN Team Manzana Postobón   Colombia
MOT Movistar Team América   Colombia
SCQ Strongman–Campagnolo–Wilier   Colombia
CEE Coopenae–Extralum   Costa Rica
DCT Inteja–MMR Dominican Cycling Team   Dominican Republic
ECU Team Ecuador   Ecuador
VIV Vivo Team Grupo Oresy   Paraguay
ACT Astellas   United States
AHB Axeon–Hagens Berman   United States
CPC Cylance Pro Cycling   United States
ELV Elevate Pro Cycling–Bicycle World   United States
HSD Holowesko Citadel Racing Team   United States
ILU Team Illuminate   United States
JAM Team Jamis   United States
JBC Jelly Belly–Maxxis   United States
LRT Lupus Racing Team   United States
RLY Rally Cycling   United States

List of 2016 UCI Asia Tour teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
IAT Beijing XDS–Innova Cycling Team   China
GTQ China Continental Team of Gansu Bank   China
YDL China Hainan Sports Lottery–Yindongli   China
MSS Giant–Champion System   China
HBR Holy Brother   China
HYS Hy Sport–Look Continental   China
JLS Hainan Jilun Shakeland Cycling Team   China
LSL Team Lvshan Landscape   China
NFC Ningxia Sports Lottery–Livall Cycling Team   China
TYD Qinghai Tianyoude Cycling Team   China
QTV Qinghai Tianyoude Cycling Team   China
HEN Wisdom–Hengxiang Cycling Team   China
HKS HKSI Pro Cycling Team   Hong Kong
PCT Pegasus Continental Cycling Team   Indonesia
PKY Pishgaman–Giant   Iran
TPT Tabriz Petrochemical CCN Team   Iran
TST Tabriz Shahrdari Team   Iran
AIS Aisan Racing Team   Japan
BGT Bridgestone–Anchor   Japan
BLZ Utsunomiya Blitzen   Japan
GRF Gunma–Grifin Racing Team   Japan
KIN Kinan Cycling Team   Japan
MTR Matrix Powertag   Japan
NAS Nasu Blasen   Japan
SMN Shimano Racing Team   Japan
UKO Team Ukyo   Japan
TSE Astana City   Kazakhstan
V4E Vino 4ever SKO   Kazakhstan
GIC Geumsan Insam Cello   South Korea
KCT Korail Cycling Team   South Korea
KSP KSPO   South Korea
LXC LX–IIBS Cycling Team   South Korea
SCT Seoul Cycling Team   South Korea
KCP Massi–Kuwait Cycling Project   Kuwait
BIC Black Inc   Laos
NSC NSC–Mycron   Malaysia
TSG Terengganu Cycling Team   Malaysia
7ES 7 Eleven–Sava RBP   Philippines
ACY Action Cycling Team   Taiwan
ATG Attaque Team Gusto   Taiwan
RTS RTS–Santic Racing Team   Taiwan
MPC Al Marakeb Cycling Team   United Arab Emirates
ANS Al Nasr Pro Cycling Team–Dubai   United Arab Emirates
SHJ Sharjah Team   United Arab Emirates
SKD Skydive Dubai–Al Ahli   United Arab Emirates

List of 2016 UCI Europe Tour teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
AMP Amplatz–BMC   Austria
HAC Hrinkow Advarics Cycleangteam   Austria
RSW Felbermayr–Simplon Wels   Austria
TIR Tirol Cycling Team   Austria
VOL Team Vorarlberg   Austria
WSA WSA–Greenlife   Austria
BCP Synergy Baku   Azerbaijan
BOC Beobank–Corendon   Belgium
CCA Color Code–Arden'Beef   Belgium
CIB Cibel–Cebon   Belgium
CRV Crelan–Vastgoedservice   Belgium
ERA ERA Real Estate–Circus   Belgium
MMM Team3M   Belgium
MNG Marlux–Napoleon Games   Belgium
PCW T.Palm–Pôle Continental Wallon   Belgium
SHI Superano Ham–Isorex   Belgium
TFC Telenet–Fidea Lions   Belgium
VER Veranclassic–Ago   Belgium
VWT Verandas Willems   Belgium
WBC Wallonie-Bruxelles–Group Protect   Belgium
MCC Minsk Cycling Club   Belarus
MKT Meridiana–Kamen   Croatia
ADP Team Dukla Praha   Czech Republic
ASP AC Sparta Praha   Czech Republic
KLC Klein Constantia   Czech Republic
PFG CK Příbram Fany Gastro   Czech Republic
SKC SKC TUFO Prostějov   Czech Republic
WHI Whirlpool–Author   Czech Republic
ABB Team Almeborg–Bornholm   Denmark
GSU Team Giant Scatto   Denmark
RIW Riwal Platform   Denmark
TCQ Team ColoQuick–Cult   Denmark
TSO Team Soigneur–Copenhagen   Denmark
TTF Team Virtu Pro–Véloconcept   Denmark
BUR Burgos BH   Spain
EUS Euskadi Basque Country–Murias   Spain
ADT Armée de Terre   France
AUB HP BTP–Auber93   France
RML Roubaix–Métropole Européenne de Lille   France
JLT JLT–Condor   Great Britain
MGT Madison Genesis   Great Britain
NPC NFTO   Great Britain
PHE Pedal Heaven   Great Britain
RAL Team Raleigh–GAC   Great Britain
WGN WIGGINS   Great Britain
BAI Stradalli–Bike Aid   Germany
LKT LKT Team Brandenburg   Germany
CJC Christina Jewelry Pro Cycling   Germany
RNR Rad-Net Rose   Germany
SVL Team Sauerland NRW p/b Henley & Partners   Germany
THF Team Heizomat   Germany
TKG Team Kuota–Lotto   Germany
SKT An Post–Chain Reaction   Ireland
CAT Cycling Academy   Israel
AZT D'Amico–Bottecchia   Italy
GME GM Europa Ovini   Italy
NMG Norda–MG.K Vis Vega   Italy
UNI Unieuro–Wilier   Italy
ALB Alpha Baltic–   Latvia
RBD Rietumu–Delfin   Latvia
SBT Staki–Baltik Vairas   Lithuania
CCD Differdange–Losch   Luxembourg
LPC Leopard Pro Cycling   Luxembourg
BBD Baby-Dump Cyclingteam   Netherlands
CJP Cyclingteam Jo Piels   Netherlands
MET Metec–TKH   Netherlands
PVC Parkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team   Netherlands
RDT Rabobank Development Team   Netherlands
RIJ Cyclingteam Join-S–De Rijke   Netherlands
SEG SEG Racing Academy   Netherlands
COH Team Coop–Øster Hus   Norway
FIX Team   Norway
KRA Team Ringeriks–Kraft   Norway
TJO Team Joker Byggtorget   Norway
TSS Team Sparebanken Sør   Norway
D2B Domin Sport   Poland
WIB Wibatech–Fuji   Poland
EFP Efapel   Portugal
LAA LA Alumínios–Antarte   Portugal
LHL Louletano–Hospital de Loulé   Portugal
RPB Rádio Popular–Boavista   Portugal
TAV Sporting / Tavira   Portugal
W52 W52–FC Porto–Porto Canal   Portugal
TCT Tuşnad   Romania
LOK Lokosphinx   Russia
ADR Adria Mobil   Slovenia
RAR Radenska–Ljubljana   Slovenia
DAG Dare Gobik   Serbia
STF Start–Vaxes Cycling Team   Serbia
DKB Dukla Banská Bystrica   Slovakia
BLI Team Bliz–Merida   Sweden
TTB Team Tre Berg–Bianchi   Sweden
TRK Torku Şekerspor   Turkey
AMO Amore & Vita–Selle SMP   Ukraine
ISD ISD–Jorbi   Ukraine
KLS Kolss BDC Team   Ukraine

List of 2016 UCI Oceania Tour teamsEdit

Code Official Team Name Country
AIW Avanti IsoWhey Sports   Australia
DSR Data#3–Cisco Racing Team p/b Scody   Australia
SVR Satalyst Verve Racing Team   Australia
SOM State of Matter MAAP Racing   Australia
STG St George Merida Cycling Team   Australia


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