Line 6 (Naples Metro)

Line 6 (Italian: Linea sei) is a 2.2-kilometre (1.4 mi)[3] light metro[2] line that forms part of the Naples Metro. It connects 4 stations. The line is currently closed to the public[1] due to low ridership.

Line 6
Metro Napoli L6 icon.png
Lrt linea 6 metro napoli.jpg
StatusClosed to the public until completed[1]
LocaleNaples, Campania, Italy
Termini24 November 2003
4 February 2007 (MostraMergellina Section)
TypeLight metro[2]
SystemNaples Metro
Rolling stockT 67
Opened11 January 2007 (2007-01-11)
Line length2.2 km (1.4 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)
standard gauge
Route map
Napoli - mappa metropolitana.png

When the planned expansion of Line 6 is completed, there will a total of 8 stations along a planned 5.5-kilometre (3.4 mi) route.[2] The line will reopen in 2022.[citation needed]


What was to become Line 6 was originally planned as a rapid tramway line (Linea Tranviaria Rapida, LTR) with some below ground tracts. Works started in the late 1980s. The first section was planned to be opened for the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Since the Mergellina terminal station could not be completed in time the line was not opened and was left unused for many years.

In the 2000s it was decided to complete the Mergellina station and to open the section that had already been built, but as a light metro without any connection with the tram network. The section was opened on 4 February 2007 from the Mostra to the Mergellina stations with two intermediate stations at Lala and Augusto and a frequency of a train every 8 minutes.[4][5]

Since the existing section was very short and the area was already served by other parallel lines, (Line 2 and Cumana), the line was underused. The service was suspended on 10 March 2011 and was later re-opened with a reduced frequency and only in the morning from Mondays to Fridays.[6]

The Line was run by Metronapoli until November 2013 when the running of the Naples Metro was taken over by Azienda Napoletana Mobilità SpA (ANM).


The line will be extended from the west of Naples to the city center at Municipio.

In July 2006, preliminary work towards the Municipio station, where work on the Line 1 station was already under way, began. In September 2007, Ansaldo STS was awarded a €426m contract for the 3.1-kilometre (1.9 mi) MergellinaMunicipio section.[7]

As of now, the line is closed to the public until the extension of the line is completed.[8]


Naples Metro Line 6
Station Opened Notes
Mostra 2007 Interchange with Line 2 and Cumana railway
Augusto 2007
Lala 2007
Mergellina 2007 Interchange with Line 2
Arco Mirelli 2022 Under construction
San Pasquale 2022 Under construction
Chiaia – Monte di Dio 2022 Under construction
Municipio 2022 Under construction (for Line 6); Opened for Line 1 in June 2015 – eventual Interchange station between Lines 1 & 6


Trains on Line 6 formerly travelled every 16 minutes, only in the mornings from Mondays to Saturdays.[9] But ridership on the operational tract of the line was low and the line is currently closed.[1]

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