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Legend of the Dragon is an animated series consisting of 26 episodes followed by 13 additional episodes for a total of 39 episodes. It is produced by BKN and premiered in October 2006 as part of the Jetix block on Toon Disney. Subsequently, the two-part premiere, "Trial by Fire" was shown as a Jetix Blockbuster on ABC Family in August before all Jetix programming moved to Toon Disney.

Legend of the Dragon
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Anime
Created byRick Ungar
Written by
  • Christy Marx
  • Len Uhley
  • Michael Edens
  • Randy Littlejohn
  • Rick Ungar
  • Sean Catherine Derek
  • Sean Roche
Directed by
Voices of
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes39 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Allen Bohbot
  • Rick Ungar
Producer(s)David Freedman
Production company(s)BKN International
DistributorBKN International
Original networkCBBC
Original release29 July 2005 –
19 March 2008

In the UK, the first 26 episodes have aired across CBBC. It premiered in Summer 2005 on the CBBC channel. The last thirteen episodes of the show aired in Australia on Network Ten's Toasted TV from 19 March 2008 and ended in 2012.


The show starts when the previous Golden Dragon has passed on to the afterlife and Ang and Ling Leung, seventeen-year-old fraternal twins, born in the year of the Dragon, are next in line for the Golden Dragon power band and user of its mystical abilities to defend the mortal world from evil. Ang has no belief that he will become the Golden Dragon, as Ling is the best fighter at the Dragon dojo. Ling is positive that she will become the Golden Dragon. However, when Master Chin calls upon the power of the Golden Dragon to choose who will be the next golden Dragon, it chooses Ang. Humiliated and furious, Ling storms out of the temple and is tempted by the ultimate dark and evil power of the shadow Dragon. From then on, Ang is forced to fight his own twin sister.

In the final episode of Season One, Double Dragon, Ling is overtaken by even greater shadow magic by the revived Emperor of the Darkest Ying, who orders her to win the mystical power-band of the Golden Dragon from Ang. However, Master Chin reveals to Ling that the only way for her to rightfully claim the power-band is to kill him. Horrified, Ling fully breaks free of the darkness that has overwhelmed her so long, as she cannot end her own twin brother. Impressed, Chin says how it was all a test for Ling to follow her true path. He explains that, as Ang's twin sister, she can now become a Golden Dragon herself. Chin merging the both the positive and negative energies of the Golden Dragon power-band and the Shadow Dragon band bestows even greater Dragon Fire power onto Ang and Ling as double Golden Dragons; and are now twice as strong when they work together as one.

The second and final season (which consisted of just thirteen episodes) begins with the reformed Ling finally back home as the second Golden Dragon alongside her twin brother. Now they, Chin, and the fellow Guardians of the Tiger and Monkey Temples are ready to put an end to the Zodiac Master and the Emperor of the Darkest Ying once and for all. However, the Emperor is on the move to regroup at the Temple of the Shadow Dragon, but not before he attacks and disintegrates the Temple of the Golden Dragons, leaving Ang and Ling's power-bands on the verge of powerlessness. Luckily, Chin suggests going to long-lost Temple of the Shadow Dragon and utilize its vast amounts of negative energy to rejuvenate their power-bands. As Ling was exposed to the evil energies of the Shadow Dragon for quite some time, she becomes easily tempted by the temple's negative influence on both her mind and spirit. However, with the wisdom of Master Chin, she and Ang successfully recharge their power-bands with no negative effects. Elsewhere, the Emperor manages to release his younger sister Yin Wi, the Guardian of the Shadow Rat, who had been imprisoned by one of the previous Golden Dragons for one thousand years. The two siblings concoct plans to conquer the modern world, and have their vengeance on all twelve guardians of yang; the Golden Dragon in particular. As they head to the Temple of the Shadow Wolf, the heroes get there first and encounter K-Lo, the Shadow Wolf Guardian who was one of Ling's allies during her dark times as the Shadow Dragon and who seems to have quite an interest in her, now that she has become a Golden Dragon.


Main charactersEdit

  • Ang Leung (voiced by Alan Marriott) is seventeen years old. He is highly accomplished in martial arts and knows of the ancient philosophies of the Golden Dragon, along with his twin sister, Ling. Ang has always thought that Ling would be the next Golden Dragon, mainly because she is the better fighter. They both go with Master Chin to the Dragon Temple to select the Temple's new Guardian: to the amazement of both twins, the Powerband selects Ang as the next Golden Dragon, not Ling. To power up, Ang must say "Empower the Dragon". His Powerband is gold colored with an orange-gold gemstone which makes him muscular, lets him shoot orange/gold fire blasts and fly ("Dragon Fire"). Ang is torn once he finds out that Ling has joined the Zodiac Master and become the Shadow Dragon. Throughout the first season, Ang tries again and again to bring Ling back to the light of yang, but Ling, though she does help him out from time to time, is still bent on getting his Powerband. Ang still strongly cares about her, even if she is working for Zodiac Master. In Season 2, Ling has become the 2nd Golden Dragon making them "Double Golden Dragons". With new abilities, they can fly, teleport, as well as become a Dragon. Ang's best friends are Xuan Chi, Guardian of the Temple of the Monkeys, as well as Beingal, Guardian of the Temple of the Tigers. Ang likes computer games and music: in fact, he devotes much of his spare time to these activities.
  • Ling Leung (voiced by Larissa Murray) is seventeen years old. She is highly accomplished in martial arts and knowledgeable of the ancient philosophies of the Golden Dragon. She has a twin named Ang. Ling has always thought that, since she was the better fighter, she would be the next Golden Dragon. When Ang is selected, she is left filled with hatred, depression, anger and humiliation. After leaving the Dragon Dojo, Ling is approached by the Zodiac Master, who asks her to join him with the promise that he will make her a Dragon. Ling agrees and becomes the Shadow Dragon. Her first attack on Ang fails, as he defeats her with one energy blast: she sticks with the Zodiac Master, who is trying to gain at least four of the Powerbands (preferably all of them) and revive the Emperor of Darkest Yin. Ling still cares about her twin brother, even though they are now enemies by her choice. Ling loves animals and will never harm an innocent animal. Her allegiance to the Zodiac Master often wavers based on personal or family issues. Most of the time, she fights for him, but there are occasions when she helps Ang and his friends. To power-up, Ling must say, "Empower the Shadow Dragon". Her Powerband is a dark blue/gold color. Later, she also becomes a golden Dragon and returns to the side of good, this time when they are together they must say "Empower the Double Golden Dragon" to power up. Her powerband now looks just like Ang's. In the series finale, "The Heart of the Dragon," they can use their "Double Golden Dragon" powers to turn into a Dragon with two heads, a red body and a golden stomach. Ling's only romantic interest seems to be K-ho the Shadow wolf guardian. Whenever the team needs to split up, Ling is always willing to partner with K-ho. In the last episode, Ling is seen shopping for clothes that K-ho will find attractive.
  • Beingal (voiced by Lucy Porter 1st season, Elly Fairman 2nd season) is the barefoot Guardian of the Temple of the Tiger. The Temple is hidden on an island far away, deep in the jungle behind a waterfall. The Temple is filled with Tiger statues down each side of the aisle. She is tough and when transformed, she can fire long nails from her hands to injure her enemies. She has fallen in love with Ang, getting very angry when another girl wants to steal Ang away. She is seen to be pretty by all the other temple guardians but Ang does not notice because he has always known her. Throughout the series, subtle hints that something is going to happen between her and Ang are given away. To Power up, Beingal must say, "Empower the Tiger". Her Powerband is green colored with a red/orange gemstone, gives her Tiger stripes, lets her fire her Tiger claws at her enemies and shoot green power blasts. All of the guardians can shoot power blasts which are the color of their powerbands gemstone. An exception is Beingal whose power blasts are green.
  • Xuan Chi (voiced by Marc Silk) is the barefoot Guardian of the Temple of the Monkey. He is the only Temple Guardian that does not wear his Powerband, mainly because Temple Raiders raided his Temple and supposedly took his band when they kidnapped him. He escaped from them and went to the Dragon Dojo for help. Later on, he travels back to his temple to discover his Powerband was always there. The Temple Raiders came back to take it, but they lost it and Xuan has since been on a wild goose chase for his Powerband, eventually managing to get it back from the Zodiac Master. During the two-part episode "The temple of the shadow Dragon" the Emperor of the Darkest Yin, the Zodiac Master and some backup attempt to destroy the Dragon temple so that no one will be able to defeat him in the future. When a power blast from the Emperor and the Double Golden Dragons hit Xuan Chi, the power from these blasts was enough to turn him into a Monkey. His Powerband is white colored with a light green gemstone and gives him extra agility. Xuan loves his bananas and often acts like a Monkey. He is sometimes seen by others as rude and stupid, but he has been Ang’s best friend since they met. His role in the series is mostly comedy relief.
  • Master Chin (voiced by Dan Russell) used to be the Guardian of the Temple of the Pig. He now runs a little dojo/school for younger people to be hopeful future Guardians, such as Ling, Ang and Beingal. He taught Ang and Ling as their personal mentor. He is skilled in fighting and often uses old proverbs to teach Ang and his friends. He teaches Ang how to be the Golden Dragon and how to improve his skills. He is always ready for every attack. Ironically, he taught Zodiac Master before he turned evil.
  • The Zodiac Master (voiced by Dan Russell) is the main antagonist in season 1 of Legend of the Dragon. He got demoted to a secondary villain when his evil master, the Emperor of the Darkest Yin, immediately took over and deposed his loyal underling to his place. The Zodiac Master's real name is Woo Yin. He was born in the year of the Snake and thought he was going to be the Snake Guardian. Ultimately, the Snake Powerband selected someone different, thus he chose the powers of the darkest yin as a result. His dream is to get all the Powerbands of the Chinese Zodiac, making him invincible. His main goal is clear: Get four Powerbands and revive the Emperor of the Darkest Yin. He mainly goes after the Snake Powerband since he feels it should be his. He has a pet Snake called King Cobra and uses it as a spy or to help him in fights. When empowering a stolen Powerband, like the Snake, he would normally say "Empower the Darkest Yin, Snake". He is always a great threat to every Guardian, but Ang the Golden Dragon often saves the day. On an interesting note, despite supposedly being very powerful, he is often easily defeated even in situations in which he has the clear advantage (such as having three Powerbands to Ang only using his Dragon Powerband).
  • The Emperor of the Darkest Ying (voiced by Gary Martin) is the main antagonist from Episodes 26-39 in a total of fourteen episodes. He was the previous shadow Dragon prior to Ling before being locked up and he also has a younger sister named Yin-Wi, the shapeshifting Shadow Rat Guardian.
  • Lo Wang is the Guardian of the Temple of the Rooster, an excellent strategist. His appearance and voice are based upon a young Sean Connery. His Powerband color is white with a purple/blue gemstone and gives him armor that resembles a Rooster. His character is an obvious parody of James Bond.
  • Chow (voiced by Dan Russell) is the Guardian of the Temple of the Dog. His Powerband is gold colored with a purple/blue gemstone and gives him more body hair, longer claws and longer teeth.
  • Shoong is the Guardian of the Temple of the Pig. His Powerband is black colored with a light purple gemstone, makes him more muscular than fat and gives him armor. In one episode, Shoong appears to be Ang and Xuan Chi's Master.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Ming (voiced by Lucy Porter) is the Guardian of the Temple of the Rat. Her Powerband is black colored with a deep pink gemstone and gives her a long plait like a Rat tail and long metal 'claws' and armour. She also has similar features to the Rat, such as the teeth and her ponytail looking very similar to a Rat tail. The Rat power-band allows Ming to change into whoever she wishes. However this transformation is not perfect as there is always something noticeable one can tell the difference (such as when she turned into a Snake the Gem was seen on the back of her neck, as well as when as Ang she still had her ponytail present). Her counterpart is the Shadow Rat, who happens to be the Ying Emperor's younger sister.
  • Robbie is the Guardian of the Temple of the Ox. An eight-year-old boy, but when he empowers the Ox, he turns into an older man. His Power-band is gold colored with an orange-pink gemstone and gives him armor with an Ox-horned helmet.
  • Billy is the current Guardian of the Temple of the Ram. His power-band is gold colored with a turquoise gemstone and makes him look half-Ram half-human with curly Ram horns and rock-like skin, he is able to create small earthquakes. Like all twelve Guardians, he has a natural spiritual connection with past Ram Guardians; such as Ang and Ling's (supposedly) late mother, May Yin. To activate his power-band, he calls out Empower the Ram!.
  • Cobra (voiced by Larissa Murray) is the Guardian of the Temple of the Snake. Her Powerband is red colored with a bright yellow gemstone and gives her green, Snake-like skin, as well as venom and a very elasticated body.
  • Hye is the Guardian of the Temple of the Rabbit. Seeing as she cannot afford to allow herself strong emotions, she cannot quite feel anything much for Ang, but tells Beingal that she is Ang's comrade-in-arms, as well as that she can not ever be replaced. Her Powerband is green colored with an orange gemstone but she is never seen empowered. Her first appearance is in the episode "Sister Sister".
  • Mana-Ho is the Guardian of the Temple of the Horse. A tall blonde woman whose laugh is reminiscent of a Horse's whinny. Her powerband color is red colored with a blue gemstone but she is never seen empowered. However, in "The Last Dragon", the Zodiac Master empowers it along with the Ram band so it probably looks similar to that.
  • K-Ho (voiced by Alan Marriott) is the Guardian of the Temple of the Shadow Wolf. Ling seems to be head over heels for this handsome young man, but Ang, on the other hand seems to dislike this "Lone Wolf". K-ho shows some signs that he likes ling but does not let it interfere with his concentration. He is, unlike most of the Shadow Guardians able to care about the universal balance, not taking over the world. In the later episodes K-ho teaches Ang and Ling skills to be better Dragons, teleporting in particular. His powerband is very similar to the old shadow Dragon band before it was turned to a golden Dragon band, with a dark bluish color. To power up, he must say "Empower the Shadow Wolf".
  • Yin Wi (voiced by Elly Fairman) is the Guardian of the Temple of the Shadow Rat and the Emperor's younger sister. She had been imprisoned for thousands of years by an unnamed Golden Dragon of the distant past.
  • Victor is the Guardian of the Temple of the Shadow Ox. Like the light Ox guardian he is also a kid.
  • Chang Wo is the Guardian of the Temple of the Shadow Ape.
  • Sabre-Claw is the Guardian of the Temple of the Shadow Tiger. He is rather cocky but, loyal towards the Emperor of the Darkest Yin. He is convinced that the power of the tiger is the strongest force to come about. He will stop at nothing to obtain Beingal's power band to unite the power of the Tiger, thus doubling his own power.
  • The Jaguar God is an ancient Mayan god, possibly Bahlam, worshipped by Mayan kings and their subjects, further hinted to with his mortal/human form resembling a long dead Mayan king, which strongly believed in jaguars. He has two other forms which he can transform into without powering up the Shadow Tiger, and later, Tiger bands as well as switch back with ease. His first form is a powerful black/dark greyish-blue jaguar with no spots, slightly resembling the jaguar statue he was summonded/brought back to life from using the Shadow Tiger power band, with black outlined yellow eyes. His second form is a black/dark grey were-jaguar with black spots on the sides of his torso and no tail. He appears in the episode, "Spellbound", as well as falls in love with Beingal, hypnotizing her so that she becomes his queen consort.
  • Tex: He is the evil counterpart of the Guardian of the Horse, and is therefore Guardian of the Shadow Stallion Temple. It is not known if Tex is his real name or just an insulting nickname Yin Wi gave him. Similar to K-Ho, he does not want to join forces with the Emperor of the Darkest Ying or Yin Wi, seeming to care more about the universal order and concord.
  • May Yin: Ang and Ling's (supposedly) late mother and the loving wife of the previous Golden Dragon, whose first and last appearance is in Episode 24, Lost and Found. In her younger years, she was the Guardian of the Ram, where she frequently fought alongside the Golden Dragon against the Zodiac Master. In time, she fell madly in love with the powerful Guardian of the Dragon Temple, and he with her. After their marriage and giving birth to her twins Ang and Ling, she chose to step down as Guardian of the Ram to carry out her duties as wife and mother. She was attacked by the Zodiac Master and survived, but forever lost all memory of her husband and twin children. Master Chin had then hid her away to a far off land, where she has been caring for infant goats over the next seventeen years. Although she does not recall her earlier life as Guardian of the Ram Temple, the mystical power-band recognized her as its previous wearer and shielded her from the Zodiac Master's evil magic.
  • Ang and Lin's Father was the previous Guardian of the Golden Dragon Temple, and defender of the world from the Zodiac Master and any other adversaries. Some time later, he befriended and later fell madly in love with the female Guardian of the Ram Temple, May Yin. As his twin children began training with Chin, he showed deep concern for their very lives, knowing that his enemies would try to use young Ang and Ling to get to him. Therefore, he had made Chin magically erase all recollection of him from his only children. In Episode 12, The Last Dragon, he appeared before his son in a vision, telling him to "watch, listen and learn". The hard truth about his actions are revealed in flashbacks between Ang and Ling when they finally regain the lost memories of their father. His name remains unknown.

Episode listEdit

Season OneEdit

Trial by Fire, Part One
Production Number: 101
Air Date: 6 August 2006

The last Golden Dragon has died and a new one must be chosen. There are only two individuals available: Ang Leung and Ling Leung, fifteen year-old twins who are both highly accomplished in martial arts and knowledgeable of the ancient philosophies of the Golden Dragon. They both start out having a martial arts workout at their Dojo as usual, accompanied by Beingal. Suddenly, Master Chin arrives and tells them a new Golden Dragon needs to be selected. Master Chin also tells Beingal to travel back to her temple since she has been selected as Guardian of the Temple of the Tigers. Everyone sets off, but not before a certain Snake sees and follows them.

Meanwhile, in a forest, warriors invade a temple and go right into the center to find a statue of Snake. In the middle of the body, they find a pit full of Snakes, which start to form a tower and reveals a woman. She is Cobra, Guardian of the Temple of the Snakes, and they have violated her temple. She pulls the Powerband of the Snakes out of the Snake Statue’s Mouth and empowers her band, attacking the warriors and managing to defeat them. However, before she can defeat the last one, a person appears from behind the statue wearing the Zodiac sign and green clothes: he reveals himself as the Zodiac Master. He immediately places a small tiny disc bomb in the Snake Statues Mouth, causing it to explode and blow all the debris towards Cobra. It pins her down, allowing enough time for the Zodiac Master to steal her mystical Powerband from her.

Back in Hong Kong, Ling cannot contain herself. She is overconfident that she will be the Golden Dragon. Ang is also certain that Ling will be chosen, which would place a great responsibility upon one of them besides great power. Soon they arrive at the Dragon Temple, entering to find themselves in front of a Dragon head with flames in its mouth. Master Chin approaches a stage in front of the head showing all the signs of the Zodiac symbols. The temple begins to glow from the mouth and reveals the Powerband of the Dragons.

The Powerband chooses Ang to be the new Golden Dragon. Ling, who was too confident in thinking she was going to be the new Dragon, is bitten with jealously. Feeling humiliated, she tries to take the band away from him but has no luck. Then, the same man who took Cobra's powerband arrives with his warriors in the temple. He introduces himself as the Zodiac Master, but Master Chin reveals him as Woo Yin, one of his former students, even though Zodiac Master rejects that name. Ling immediately attacks the warriors. Master Chin keeps Ang from fighting until Ling actually defeats all the warriors and is tangled up by King Cobra Snake (Zodiac Master’s Pet). Ang then empowers the Dragon band and the new Golden Dragon fights the Zodiac Master. He is eventually defeated and the Snake Powerband now teleports itself to Ang.

The Zodiac Master is now defeated, his Snake Powerband has gone, his warriors are defeated, along with that his plan has failed. With that, he decides to leave. Master Chin tells Ang that upon defeat, the Powerbands go to the victor, even to dark forces. He turns to Ling to tell her that the Golden Dragon has to be someone who knows the responsibility of the power and then leaves. Ling, vowing that one day she will wear that band, runs out of the temple.

Trial by Fire, Part Two
Production Number: 102
Airdate: 14 August 2006

With Ang being the new Golden Dragon, he searches inside the Dragon Dojo for Ling and finds her by the entrance but is still angry until Master Chin arrives and she yells at him for not being picked as the next Dragon and tells him that she will have it no matter what she has to do to get it and leaves. Ang tries to go after her, but is stopped by Master Chin because she must choose her own path and they have much work to do.

They descend into the Dragon Temple, where Master Chin gives Ang a lesson on the 12 symbols in front of the Dragon head. He explains that once the Golden Dragon has managed to get the other Guardians bands back from the Zodiac Master, the bands are to be placed on top of the Zodiac Symbol. Ang tests with the Snake Powerband they retrieved from the Zodiac Master and places it on top of the Snake Symbol and the image of a Snake then takes the band back to the Temple of the Snakes. Master Chin goes on to explain these also act as warning beacons: whenever a temple is in danger or has been violated or the Guardian themselves are in danger the symbol will glow and right that second, the Dragon symbol begins to glow, suggesting that someone has broken into the Dragon Temple. Ang powers up and finds a small male wearing a white-red mask hopping mad round the temple trying to evade Ang.

Outside, Ling is upset and is approached by the Zodiac Master to step into the dark of Yin, while stepping out of the light of Yang. He takes her to his hideout on a small island filled with all sorts of technology and the Shadow Dragon temple and offers her the chance to be a Dragon as the Shadow Dragon.

Back at the Dragon Temple, Ang eventually catches the fleeing male, Master Chin identifies him as Xuan Chi, Guardian of the Temple of the Monkeys. He tells his tale of why he is there: three temple raiders raided his temple and kidnapped him along with his Powerband and took much of everything out of the temple. Xuan Chi however managed to escape and came to the Dragon Temple for help to retrieve his band back, but Ang says he cannot because he says that the band could be anywhere by now and that he has a "nut case called the Zodiac Master" after his own band and has to find Ling.

Later on in the evening, Ang introduces technology to a confused Xuan Chi and watches him play a game on his computer. Before he can carry on, Ling shows up and Ang asks where she has been, but Master Chin answers it with the Zodiac Master. At first Ang is in denial that she would not join the Zodiac Master. But when he empowers his band and sees Ling full of dark energy and asks her what she has done, she replies that she chose her own destiny. Master Chin confirms that his sister is now their enemy. Ling then empowers her new band, reveals that she is the new Shadow Dragon and begins to fight Ang.

Ang dodges every attack and does not want to fight her, but soon has no choice when she defeats Xuan Chi in the fight and he defeats her with a single power blast. She makes a hasty retreat, while Ang wonders how is he ever going to stop the Zodiac Master, now along with the Shadow Dragon, but Master Chin manages to say he will find a way in the long journey ahead of him. Xuan Chi now joins the two of them on their journey.

Eye on the Tiger

Production Number: 103

Airdate: 4 October 2006

The Zodiac Master and the new Shadow Dragon go after Beingal for the Powerband of the Tigers. It becomes a matter of time for Ang to get to the Tiger Temple to stop them destroying the Temple itself and to keep the band safe. When Ling defeats Beingal, she yells "no" and jumps down and catches Beingal, the Zodiac Master says she is weak and that she saved her because she was once her friend, but she says it's because they need Beingal to lure the Golden Dragon to the Tiger Temple.

Hero Worship

Production Number: 104

Airdate: 5 October 2006

After the Zodiac Master's defeat, he targets Ang’s number one actor. Ang must now protect his number one stubborn actor at the Dragon Dojo, while not trying to let Master Chin know.

Terra Unfirma

Production Number: 105

Airdate: 6 October 2006

The Zodiac Master goes after the Earth Signs, which include Dog, Ram, Ox and Dragon. The Shadow Dragon (Ling) attacks the Dog temple and manages to get the Dog Power Band and the Zodiac Master gets the Ram Power Band. They both go after the Ox as their next target, thus Ang must stop them, but the question is can the Zodiac Master really control all that power he is using?

Master of Sarcasm

Production Number: 106

Airdate: 9 October 2006

Ang and Xuan Chi travel to Vietnam to a guy named Shoong, who is a master of sarcasm and is seen by Ang and Xuan Chi as bossy until it is revealed that he is the Guardian of the Temple of the Pigs.

Temple of Changes

Production Number: 107

Airdate: 10 October 2006

Ang has a rough time as he goes through a series of tests, which every Golden Dragon must take like entering the Temple of Changes.


Production Number: 108

Airdate: 11 October 2006

During a fight with Ling in the Dragon Temple, Ang loses his memory after getting struck by falling rocks from the ceiling. She convinces him that he works with a man called the Zodiac Master.

Chow Chow

Production Number: 109

Airdate: 12 October 2006

Ling is in trouble after the Emperor gives her power but tries to pull her into his tomb. When Ling arranges to meet Ang to ask for his help, the Zodiac Master reads her email and turns up, making Ang believe it is all an act. Ang has hidden his band somewhere and the Zodiac Master threatens to destroy Ling if he does not give up the band. Ang gives in and when they go to the hiding place, the band is not there. Meanwhile, the other temple guardians have turned up to the Temple of the Dragon to honor the new Dragon but they find he is not there. So Chow, the Dog guardian, as well as Xuan Chi go looking for Ang, when Xuan Chi finds the Dragon band.

Monkey Mission

Production Number: 110

Airdate: 13 October 2006

Xuan Chi senses that the Monkey Powerband may have not been taken by the Temple Raiders. He goes back to his temple to go and find out, but so does the Zodiac Master.

The Emperor of the Darkest Yin

Production Number: 111

Airdate: 16 October 2006

Ang encounters a fierce but incompetent fighter who calls himself 'the Master of Red Chi'. After defeating and embarrassing him, he takes him back to the Dragon Dojo, where the Red Chi Master alleges he wants revenge on the Zodiac Master for leaving him. Master Chin gives Ang an important message "When you try to use the force of evil, it is the evil that ends up using you"

The Last Dragon

Production Number: 112

Airdate: 17 October 2006

Ang and Ling discover that the last Golden Dragon was their own father. They discover this during a special time of year where all twelve guardians meditate while their Powerbands recharge to full strength and mystic energy. The Zodiac Master sees this as an opportunity to strike. Ling and Ang work together and they hug. Ang thinks Ling will come back, but she chooses differently.

Spy Hard

Production Number: 113

Airdate: 18 October 2006

Ang travels off to the Rooster Temple to take care of trouble after the warning rose in the Dragon Temple. But it is a trap as the Zodiac Master brings a sorceress to corrupt the Dragon Temple spirit.

Sister, Sister

Production Number: 114

Airdate: 19 October 2006

The Shadow Dragon takes the Rabbit Power Band, but it is damaged and has created four copies of Ling, each with their own personality, causing trouble for Ang and even the Zodiac Master. It is seen that Ang seems to have a bit of a crush on the Rabbit Guardian, Hye.

Associating With Vermin

Production Number: 115

Airdate: 20 October 2006

Ang is lured into Ling’s traps again, this time tricking Ang to think the Guardian of the Temple of the Rats (Ming) is Ling in disguise.

Shell Game

Production Number: 116

Airdate: 23 October 2006

Xuan Chi’s Monkey Powerband has been found by Ang, but he is unable to take it because it is on display at the museum. But Zodiac Master has other ideas. As he is about to take it, he spots a suit of armor that the emperor of the darkest Yin wore in fights and brings the suit to life. He gives the Monkey band to him and chaos ensures, as Xuan Chi is mad on getting his band back.

Thief of Power

Production Number: 117

Airdate: 24 October 2006

An ex-guardian escapes from jail, with the help of Master Chin and Shoong (Guardian of the Pig). Meanwhile, back at the Dragon Dojo, the escaped convict who identifies himself as Tommy wants Master Chin, but gets nowhere and leaves. Ang, Beingal and Xuan Chi travel to Vietnam to find some answers.

Horse Play

Production Number: 118

Airdate: 25 October 2006

The Guardian of the Temple of the Horse is in danger, but Ang has to find the Temple first. What sort of test faces him?

The Horse band is seen in this episode. But it is not seen as being empowered.

It's Always Darkest Before Xuan

Production Number: 119

Airdate: 26 October 2006

Xuan Chi is now starting to get tired of the one who does not have a Powerband and is useless. It does not help when the former Monkey Guardian arrives and criticize him how he disgraced the name of Monkey. He begins to sink so low that he travels back to his own temple and finds the Shadow Monkey Powerband and wears it.


Production Number: 120

Airdate: 27 October 2006

The Snake Guardian is in mortal danger as the Zodiac Master’s pet King Cobra has bitten her and taken the Snake Powerband himself. Soon Ang must face him when he gets Beingal’s Powerband of the Tigers, but using his own band and the Shadow Dragon Band borrowed by Ling.

Empower the Darkest Ling

Production Number: 121

Airdate: 28 October 2006

When the Emperor of the darkest Yin possess the Zodiac Master, they also possess Ling, who is then turned into a green Dragon. She goes off to find four Powerbands to return the Emperor of the Darkest Yin to life.

Hair of the Dog

Production Number: 122

Airdate: 31 October 2006

A mad scientist turns himself into a big Dog, prompting the Dog Guardian to stop him and is defeated. Ling joins forces with Ang in order to protect the Dog Guardians pet Dog from harm, as well as to go and find and defeat the mad scientist.

X-Games Guardians

Production Number: 123

Airdate: 1 November 2006

A street urchin girl steals the Ram Powerband from the Zodiac Master, leaving the Shadow Dragon (Ling) to get the band from her and Ang, Beingal and Xuan Chi then join in pursuit of the band.

Lost and Found

Production Number: 124

Airdate: 2 November 2006

The Zodiac Master goes after the Ram Powerband again and manages to take it, along with the Snake Powerband. However, when Ling touches it, she has a vision of her long-lost mother of being the Ram Guardian and asks Ang to help her find information about her.

Soon they found out she was the Ram Guardian and had frequently worked alongside their father, the previous Golden Dragon, against the Zodiac Master. In time, they fell for one another, married, and had fraternal twins Ang and Ling. However one day, Zodiac Master attacked her. She survived the attack, but lost all her memory of who she was and of her new family. They both set off to see their mother at the Ram Temple, but not without the Zodiac Master interfering.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Production Number: 125

Airdate: 3 November 2006

Its Xuan Chi’s birthday and his present is the Monkey Powerband, but it is found on a ship tanker. But the Zodiac Master gets the Band first. Will Xuan Chi get his Powerband back or lose it again?

Double Dragon

Production Number: 126

Airdate: 6 November 2006

The Emperor of the darkest Yin has returned to life thanks to the Zodiac Master and Ling with four Powerbands. He sets a test for Ling to get the Powerband of the Golden Dragon. She goes to the Dragon Dojo and defeats Ang, Beingal and Xuan Chi, but the Band is not teleporting itself to Ling. Master Chin informs her to take the band from her brother, she must kill him. She cannot do it and ends up crying, tossing the Shadow Dragon Band across the room and telling Master Chin she does not want it anymore. However, Master Chin tells her she has passed her test.

Master Chin tells Ang, Ling, Beingal and Xuan Chi that this was a test for Ling to see if she herself can be the Golden Dragon. Master Chin retrieves the Shadow Dragon Band, gets Ang’s Golden Dragon Band and tosses them in the air. The bands combine and fuse for a moment, killing the Shadow Dragon Spirit, then separate to become two Golden Dragon bands, meaning Ang and Ling are now twin golden Dragons. They now both go on to take on the Emperor of the Darkest Yin, along with all the other Temple Guardians.

Season TwoEdit

The Temple of the Shadow Dragon, Part One

Production Number: 201

Air date: 19 March 2008 (Australia)

The Emperor destroys the Temple of the Golden Dragon, forcing Ang and Ling to look for the Shadow Dragon Temple.

The Temple of the Shadow Dragon, Part Two

Production Number: 202

Air date: 20 March 2008 (Australia)

Ang and Ling to travel to the Shadow Dragon Temple, to recharge their bands with Dark Yin Energy. Master Chin turns the Shadow Dragon Temple into the Double Golden Dragon Temple.

Enter the Wolf

Production Number: 203

Airdate: 21 March 2008 (Australia)

Ang and Ling encounter K-Ho, the Guardian of the Temple of the Shadow Wolf.

Cats and Dogs and Dragons

Production Number: 204

Our heroes set out to search for Dr. Beverly Wallis, an archaeologist friend of Master Chin's, who went missing.

Shadow Tiger Take Two

Production Number: 205

Our heroes test Ling's latest amphibious super craft and play tourists where Wang Lee and his famous new co-star Karin Kwan are making an action packed movie.

A Horse of a Different Color

Production Number: 206

Our heroes set out to White Horse in England to see if the Shadow Horse temple is indeed hidden below the famous cliffs.

Rat Attack

Production Number: 207

Yin-Wi's repeatedly failed attempts to steal the twin power-bands of the Golden Dragons' have left everyone drained of nearly all of their mental and spiritual energies, Ang's in particular.


Production Number: 208

Yin-Wi concocts a plan to show her older brother, the Emperor of the Darkest Ying, what she can do to further develop his dark powers, as well as increase them to tremendous levels.

Friend or Foe

Production Number: 209

Yin-Wi is captured by Ang and Ling's combined Dragon Fire power. As such, she forfeits her dark power band.

The Golden Baby-Sitter Blues

Production Number: 210

After Sabre-Claw runs the Ox Guardian out of the Temple of the Ox, the eight-year-old boy seeks refuge at Master Chin's dojo.

Gone Shadow Ape

Production Number: 211

Ang and Master Chin are off in Hong Kong following a lead on the missing Monkey Power Band, while Ling and Beingal keep an eye on the Dragon Temple in San Francisco.

It's A Dog-Eat-Wolf World

Production Number: 212

Along with Ang, K-Ho goes to the wintry region and learns that a trio of ruthless men in a chopper are harassing the wolves for pleasure and for profit.

The Heart of the Dragon

Production Number: 213

The Emperor and his sister, the Empress, discover the location of a supremely powerful, mystical artifact known as "the Heart of the Black Dragon." However, Ang and Ling are in search of the mystical Heart of the Golden Dragon itself. With it, Ang and Ling succeed in finally obliterating the Emperor of the Darkest Ying, and break the dark Heart of the Black Dragon in the process.

Video gameEdit

A Legend of the Dragon video game was released on 1 May 2007 for the Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable.

DVD releaseEdit

The complete series was released on DVD in separate volumes in Bulgaria. Each season (13 episodes) consisted of 5 2-episode DVDs and one with 3 episodes. In the UK, 2006, the first 13 episodes of season 1 were released on a 2-disc set. A second 2-disc set, containing the other 13 episodes of season 1, was supposed to be released, but was not. The full series was licensed by Image Entertainment, Inc and is on sale now.[1]

Comic bookEdit

In 2004 World Comics released a comic book tie-in to the series.


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