Lee Sang-hee (actress)

Lee Sang-hee (born Lee Na-ri; October 8, 1983) is a South Korean actress. She first became known for her role in the film End of Winter (2014). She later rose to prominence and gained recognition for her role in the film Our Love Story (2016). She also appeared in television series such as Children of the 20th Century (2017) and One Spring Night (2019).

Lee Sang-hee
Lee Sang-hee 161202.jpg
Lee in January 2016
Lee Na-ri

(1983-10-08) October 8, 1983 (age 39)
Ulsan, South Korea
Years active2011–present
AgentClover Company
Korean name
Revised RomanizationI Sang-hui
McCune–ReischauerYi Sanghŭi
Birth name
Revised RomanizationI Na-ri
McCune–ReischauerYi Nari



Year Title Role
2016 One Way Trip Nurse
Phantom Detective Hong Gil-dong's mother
The Truth Beneath Choi Mi-ok's stepmother
End of Winter Kang Hye-jung
Jamsil (Magnanery) Chae Mi-hee
Tunnel YTN news reporter
Seoul Station Volunteer (voice)
The Age of Shadows Baby's mother
Our Love Story[1] Yoon-joo
2017 Come, Together Admin
Late Summer, Late Fall Sun-ah
I Can Speak Hye-jung
No Man's Land PD Oh
Mothers[2] Mi-ran
2018 Golden Slumber Geum Cheol-cheo
Winter's Night Soldier's girlfriend
2019 Another Child Nurse in charge
2020 Somewhere in Between Young Eun
2021 A Distant Place Eun Young
Happy Children Park Jeong-eun
2022 Decibel Jang Yoo-jung[3][4]
TBA Jung's Ranch Kyungeun
Ro Ki-wan Seon-ju[5]

Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2016 Drama SpecialDance from Afar Choi Hyun one act-drama
2017 Children of the 20th Century Jang Young-shim
2018 Mistress Park Jung-sim
Life Kim Eun-ha [6]
2019 One Spring Night Song Yeong-joo
When the Devil Calls Your Name Messenger Cameo (episode 13–16)
2019–2020 Diary of a Prosecutor Oh Yoon-jin
2020 A Piece of Your Mind Jeon Eun-joo
2021 Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Kwang-soon [7]
2022 Unlock My Boss Oh Mi-ran [8]

Web seriesEdit

Year Title Role Ref.
2013 Missing Prequel mistress' wife
2014 Momo Salon Eun-hye
2022 All of Us Are Dead Park Seon-hwa [9]
Juvenile Justice Joo Young-sil [10]
May It Please the Court Yoo Gyeong-jin [11]
People of the Blue House Senior secretary [12]
TBA Daily Dose of Sunshine [13]


Year Title Notes Ref.
2018–present Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival with Woo Ji-hyun [14] [15]
2022 Closing ceremony 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival with Kang Gil-woo [16]
2023 Closing ceremony 24th Jeonju International Film Festival [17]

Music videoEdit

Year Song title Artist
2016 "Namhae" Huckleberry Finn

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2015 5th Sakhalin International Film Festival[18] Best Actress End of Winter Won
2017 4th Wildflower Film Awards[19] Our Love Story Nominated
Best New Actress Won
53rd Baeksang Arts Awards[20] Won
22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards[21] Won
26th Buil Film Awards Nominated
38th Blue Dragon Film Awards Nominated
1st The Seoul Awards I Can Speak Nominated
MBC Drama Awards[22] Children of the 20th Century Nominated
2019 6th Wildflower Film Awards Best Actress Jamsil Nominated
MBC Drama Awards Best Supporting Cast in a Wednesday-Thursday Miniseries One Spring Night Nominated


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