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Laval—Two Mountains (French: Laval—Deux-Montagnes) was a federal electoral district in the province of Quebec, Canada that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1917 to 1949.

Laval—Two Mountains
Quebec electoral district
Defunct federal electoral district
LegislatureHouse of Commons
District created1914
District abolished1947
First contested1917
Last contested1945

This riding was created in 1914 from Laval and Two Mountains ridings.

It initially consisted of:

  • All the parishes, municipalities and towns comprised in the electoral district of Laval and situated on Isle Jésus, and
  • the electoral district of Two Mountains.

In 1924, it was defined as consisting of the Counties of Laval and Two Mountains.

In 1933, it was redefined as consisting of:

  • the county of Laval, excluding the municipalities of Pont-des-Rapides; and
  • the county of Two-Mountains, excluding the part north of the North River comprised in the municipality of St-Colomban and the northern part of the municipality of St-Canut.

The riding was abolished in 1947 when it was redistributed between Laval and Argenteuil—Deux-Montagnes ridings.


Members of ParliamentEdit

This riding elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Laval—Two Mountains
Riding created from Laval and Two Mountains
13th  1917–1921     Joseph Arthur Calixte Éthier Opposition (Laurier Liberals)
14th  1921–1925     Liberal
15th  1925–1926 Liguori Lacombe
16th  1926–1930
17th  1930–1930     Arthur Sauvé Conservative
18th  1935–1940     Liguori Lacombe Liberal
19th  1940–1945     Independent Liberal
20th  1945–1948     Independent
 1948–1949     Léopold Demers Liberal
Riding dissolved into Laval and Argenteuil—Deux-Montagnes

Election resultsEdit

Canadian federal election, 1917
Party Candidate Votes
Opposition (Laurier Liberals) Joseph Arthur Calixte Éthier acclaimed
Canadian federal election, 1921
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Joseph Arthur Calixte Éthier 6,040
Independent Aglibert Théoret 3,479
Independent Joseph Azarie Bibeau 539
Canadian federal election, 1925
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Liguori Lacombe 5,717
Conservative Alban Germain 3,634
Liberal Joseph Azarie Bibeau 768
Canadian federal election, 1926
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Liguori Lacombe 5,916
Conservative Joseph-Horace Michaud 2,148
Canadian federal election, 1930
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative Arthur Sauvé 6,601
Liberal Liguori Lacombe 5,634

By-election: On Mr. Sauvé accepting an office of emolument under the Crown, 7 August 1930

Canadian federal by-election, 25 August 1930
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative Arthur Sauvé acclaimed
Canadian federal election, 1935
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Liguori Lacombe 6,551
Conservative Lucien Henri Gendron 4,987
Canadian federal election, 1940
Party Candidate Votes
Independent Liberal Liguori Lacombe 6,378
Liberal Jean-Baptiste-Léo Rochon 4,552
Canadian federal election, 1945
Party Candidate Votes
Independent Liguori Lacombe 6,876
Liberal Joseph Ouimet 6,577

By-election: On Mr. Lacombe's resignation, 12 July 1948

By-election on 20 December 1948
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal Léopold Demers 6,280
Unknown Honoré Désy 3,287

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