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Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, known in Japan as Last Window: Mayonaka no Yakusoku (ラストウィンドウ 真夜中の約束, lit. "Last Window: Midnight Promise"), is an adventure video game developed by the now-defunct Cing and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. It is the sequel to Hotel Dusk: Room 215, starring protagonist Kyle Hyde, and takes place one year after those events.[2] Set in 1980 Los Angeles, the Cape West Apartments to be specific, the story deals with a new mystery in a new location, but it also delves into some unanswered questions from Kyle Hyde's past.[3] Last Window was the last game developed by Cing before the company filed for bankruptcy on March 1, 2010. Unlike its predecessor, it was never released in North America.

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
Last Window.jpg
Director(s)Taisuke Kanasaki
Designer(s)Rika Suzuki
Composer(s)Satoshi Okubo
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
  • JP: January 14, 2010
  • EU: September 17, 2010[1]
Mode(s)Single player


The Nintendo DS is held vertically, like a book. Last Window introduces an 'Ignore' feature which allows player to let go the lines of questioning they don't find useful. Ignoring too many lines of questioning, as well as not ignoring enough, may cause an early game over.

A new story-based feature is the in-game novel Last Window. Every time a chapter of the game is cleared, a new chapter in the Last Window book is made available. The contents of the book complements the game's story, and they can be influenced by the decisions the player makes.[3]

The player can unlock a "Pinkie Rabbit Land" mini-game by either completing the story or by winning it in an optional in-game prize-contest. The game is in the style of a handheld electronic game from the time period of Last Window, based around fictional cartoon character "Pinkie Rabbit".[4] Post-game, the player also unlocks the ability to play the 9-ball mini-game whenever they want.[5]


Los Angeles, 1955: A man has broken into a safe. A mysterious figure then enters the room, aims a gun at him, and fires. The victim collapses, dead. He drops a diamond which he removed from the safe, and a photograph of a man and a young boy lies next to it.

1967: A woman is slouched over a table, apparently dead, in a room in the Hotel Cape West. A man is seen leaving the room.

1980: Kyle Hyde speaks on the phone with Ed Vincent, his boss at Red Crown, who fires him. He travels to the Cape West Apartments, where he lives. Just before he enters the building, he notices a mysterious woman wearing a hat and sunglasses. Soon afterwards, he discovers that the Cape West Apartments are to be demolished at the end of the month, and all the tenants are vacating. As he opens his apartment door, he notices a letter that tells him to find out what secrets the apartments hold, and an object known as the "Scarlet Star." Thus begins Last Window: The Secret of Cape West.


Kyle Hyde: A 34-year-old former police officer of the NYPD, now salesman at Red Crown. The first scene shows Kyle waking up inside his car and calling Red Crown, only to be fired for negligence. He later discovers that he is to be evicted from the Cape West apartments, which are soon to be demolished. Later, he discovers a letter instructing him to find a mysterious object called the Scarlet Star, which was allegedly hidden inside his apartment building 25 years ago. As the story unfolds, Kyle begins to believe the building to be related to his father's death and he attempts to discover the truth before Cape West is demolished.

Margaret Patrice: Cape West's landlady. She lives at the first floor. Acts sophisticated and ladylike.

Marie Rivet: Somewhat sombre young woman who lives in Cape West alone, after her husband and older brother died in similars car accidents. Lives in room 206.

Frank Raver: A stubborn old man. His hobby is walking around the apartment building. Lives in room 302.

Tony Wolf: An unpopular musician. He's usually in financial problems and is constantly borrowing money from other tenants in Cape West. Considers Kyle Hyde a good friend. Lives in room 201 (Performed by Ninezero)

Betty Meyer: A vivacious young woman living on the same floor as Kyle Hyde in room 203. Works in a jewelry store.

Charles Jeunet: A young exchange student from France. He is aiming to become a movie director. Hates it when people mispronounce his name. Lives in room 305.

Sidney Reagan: He owns Lucky's Cafe in Cape West's first floor. Had to raise his daughter Claire alone after divorcing his wife. Knows all of his customer's tastes.

Claire Reagan: Teenage daughter of Sidney Reagan. Very upbeat and friendly and also helps her father out with his Cafe. Also has a crush on Kyle Hyde, as much to Sidney's disapproval.

Dylan Fitchar: Maintenance man for Cape West and also collecting aficionado of butterflies, crystals, and other strange hobbies. Inhabits room 304.

Ed Vincent: Boss of Red Crown. Was an ex-LA detective and also an old good friend of Kyle Hyde's father. Is seen in the opening sequence losing his temper on Kyle Hyde and firing him from Red Crown. Currently 56 years old and also has his share of health problems.

Rachel: Works for Ed at Red Crown. She acts as a liaison to Kyle Hyde in the game through his pager signaling him to call them. Is very interested and affectionate to Hyde as well.

Mila Evans: A young girl Kyle Hyde encountered in the previous game 'Hotel Dusk: Room 215' a year ago. Is currently attending a fine arts school in Seattle Washington.

Rex Foster: Mysterious man who seems interested in Cape West Apartment and appears the next day after Kyle Hyde arrives there. Seems to know more than he says as well as doing investigative work on Cape West.

Will White: A man who recently moved to Cape West Apartments. Very gentlemanly in behavior but seems to look down on people. Lives in room 306.

Chris Hyde: Father of Kyle Hyde who lost his life in his last job as a safe cracker 25 years ago. Was planning to quit the crime gig to focus more on raising his family. His murder case has remained unsolved.

Jeanie Hyde: Mother of Kyle Hyde. Currently residing in New Jersey working as a Nurse and occasionally calls Hyde time to time to check up on him.


Aggregate score
Review scores
Adventure Gamers     [7]
Nintendo Life          [13]
Nintendo World Report9/10[14]
The Daily Telegraph8/10[17]

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West received "favorable" reviews according to the review aggregation website GameRankings.[6] In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of one nine, two eights, and one seven for a total of 32 out of 40.[10]


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