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Labour Representation Committee (2004)

The Labour Representation Committee (LRC) is a British socialist pressure group within the Labour Party and wider labour movement. It is often seen as representing the most left-wing members of the Labour Party.

Labour Representation Committee
Formation3 July 2004; 15 years ago (2004-07-03)
PurposeSocialist pressure group within the Labour Party and wider labour movement
  • United Kingdom
United Kingdom
John McDonnell
Matt Wrack
Claire Wadey
Alison McGarry
Key people
Political secretary: Mick Brooks

Membership secretaries: Keith Henderson
Adam Thompson

Administrator: Michael Calderbank
Parent organisation
Labour Party
AffiliationsCentre-Left Grassroots Alliance



The LRC was formed at a founding conference on Saturday 3 July 2004, taking its name from the original Labour Representation Committee which was formed in February 1900.

The LRC allows Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and Branch Labour Parties (BLPs) to affiliate to it, along with local, regional and national unions and individual party members and supporters. It has around 150 affiliates and 1000 individual members. In parliament, the group is represented by the Socialist Campaign Group. The LRC also has a youth group, the Socialist Youth Network.

The Chairman is John McDonnell, who the LRC supported as a candidate for leader of the Labour Party. Its Organiser is Lizzie Woods. Joint-National Secretaries are Andrew Fisher and Peter Firmin. Its Vice-Chairs are Jenny Lennox and Susan Press. The Treasurer is Graham Bash, Editor of Labour Briefing. They are the current officers of the organisation.

According to LRC affiliate Socialist Appeal in November 2014: "The Labour Representation Committee has lost a third of its members and is now down to 600 – in a party of 190,000. It is teetering on the verge of collapse."[1] Despite this claim, LRC members have been involved in launching the activist Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory in early 2015.

LRC YouthEdit

The LRC Youth, is a section of the LRC for those aged 27 and under. It was founded as the Socialist Youth Network in March 2007 and was relaunched in mid-2012 under its current name.

National CommitteeEdit

The National Committee is elected annually by delegates to the LRC's annual general meeting. Members of the National Committee are elected for 12 month terms to conduct the general business of the LRC between annual general meetings. The National Committee is responsible for electing, and holding to account, an Executive Committee, which is responsible for any general business between meetings of the National Committee. The National Committee is also responsible for the preparation of LRC publications, and for appointing delegates to represent the LRC when necessary.

The current National Committee is elected at the LRC's annual general meeting in November, and its membership is as follows:[2]

2009 2012

Section A: Officers

  • Chair: John McDonnell MP
  • Vice Chairs: Susan Press and Marshajane Thompson
  • Secretary: Pete Firmin and Andrew Fisher (job share)
  • Treasurer: Graham Bash
  • Organiser: Lizzie Woods

Section B: Individual members

  • Simeon Andrews
  • Andrew Berry
  • Stephanie David
  • Jenny Fisher
  • Val Graham
  • Owen Jones
  • Jon Lansman
  • Caroline Lenegham
  • Jenny Lennox
  • John Moloney
  • Mary Partington
  • Mike Phipps
  • Francis Prideaux
  • Jon Rogers
  • Marsha Jane Thompson
  • Louise Whittle
  • Andrew Berry
  • Austin Harney
  • Jenny Lennox
  • Rhiannon Lowton
  • Mike Phipps
  • Francis Prideaux
  • Lizzie Woods

Section C: General Affiliates

  • Judy Atkinson (Unite West London Medical Branch)
  • Stephen Brown (LRC Northern Region)
  • Tricia Clarke (Islington LRC)
  • Lesley Hammond (Unite Croydon and Crystal Palace Branch)
  • Gary Heather (Islington North CLP)
  • Ted Knight (Croydon TUC)
  • Rory MacQueen (Hackney LRC)
  • Norrette Moore (Greater London LRC)
  • Gordon Nardell (Lambeth and Southwark LRC)
  • Janet Oosthuysen (West Yorkshire LRC)
  • Christine Shawcroft (Notts NUM Ex and Retired Miners Association)
  • Jeff Slee (RMT Deptford Branch)
  • Nick Toms (Lambeth and Southwark LRC)
  • Cathy Watson (Unite North London Branch)
  • Matthew Wells (Cambridge LRC)
  • Adam White (Greater Manchester LRC)
  • John Wiseman (Unite Liverpool Branch)
  • Judy Atkinson (Unite West London Medical branch)
  • Kevin Bennett (Unite Liverpool 0538 branch)
  • Sharon Connor (Unite Liverpool 0538 branch)
  • Maria Exall (CWU Greater London Combined branch)
  • Gary Heather (Islington North CLP)
  • Jon Lansman (Labour CND)
  • Jon Rogers (Unison Labour Left)
  • Steve Turner (Unite Liverpool 0538 branch)
  • John Wiseman (Unite Liverpool 0538 branch)

Section D: Equality seats

  • BME: Earl Jenkins
  • BME: Jackie Walker
  • Disability: Val Graham
  • Disability: John Sweeney
  • LGBT: Paul Clark
  • LGBT: Hannah Thompson
  • Youth: Rachel Mullan

Section E: Affiliated National Trade Unions

  • ASLEF: Mark Daniels
  • BFAWU: Ian Hodson and John Fox
  • CWU: Mick Kavanagh and Peter Keenlyside
  • FBU: Dave Green and Matt Wrack
  • NUM: to be advised
  • RMT: to be advised

Section E: LRC Sister Organisations

  • CfS: Vince Mills
  • WLG: Nick Davies / Darren Williams (job share)
  • CfS: Mike Cowley
  • WLG: Nick Davies / Darren Williams (job share)

Section F: Local LRCs

  • Calderdale LRC: Mark Catterall
  • Croydon LRC: tbc
  • Ealing & Hounslow LRC: Mick Brooks
  • Essex LRC: tbc
  • Greater London LRC: Norrette Moore
  • Hackney LRC: Lois Radice
  • Hampshire LRC: tbc
  • Haringey LRC: tbc
  • Islington LRC: Tricia Clarke
  • Lambeth & Southwark LRC: tbc
  • Leeds LRC: Patrick Hall
  • North East & Cumbria LRC: Ben Sellers / Terry McPartlan (job share)
  • North West LRC: Andy Birchall / Thomas Butler (job share)
  • Nottinghamshire LRC: tbc
  • Sussex LRC: Claire Wadey
  • Waltham Forest LRC: tbc

Affiliated MPsEdit

The Representation Committee has a number of officially affiliated MPs, those being:

Affiliated unionsEdit

The LRC maintains support from a number of trade unions, the most prominent of these being:

Affiliated Constituency Labour PartiesEdit

Affiliated Branch Labour PartiesEdit

  • Bloomsbury and Kings Cross BLP
  • Brislington East BLP
  • Henleaze BLP
  • Hastings and Rye East BLP
  • Kensal Green BLP
  • Newport and West Wight BLP
  • Sutton BLP

Other affiliated organisationsEdit

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