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LGBT+ Conservatives is an organisation for LGBT conservatism in the United Kingdom.[1] It is affiliated and is the official LGBT wing of the Conservative Party. The current advocacy group can trace its roots back to the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality which was later renamed the Tory Campaign for Homosexual Equality. The group was eventually disbanded and the new LGBTory group was formed, changing its name in 2016[2] to the current format.

LGBT+ Conservatives
ChairmanColm Howard-Lloyd
Preceded by
HeadquartersConservative Campaign HQ
4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9HQ, England
IdeologyLGBT conservatism
Political positionCentre-Right
National affiliationConservative Party
Slogan"The LGBT+ Conservative Group"

The group campaigns within and beyond the party for LGBT rights alongside the main political beliefs and policies of the Conservative Party, which it promotes within and outside the LGBT community. Besides this LGBT+ Conservatives campaigns for LGBT candidates,[3][4][5] including through its Candidates' Fund[6] and attends Pride events across the country.[7][8][9] It also organises events related to LGBT rights[10][11] including an annual event with Stonewall at Conservative Party Conference.[12][13] Since its early formation, the organisation has had an impact nationally, within Europe and globally becoming the model and inspiration for LGBTory in Canada.[14]


LGBT+ Conservative members at Pride London

LGBT+ Conservatives has been present at social meet ups, meals and drinks and Pride events across the country.[15] LGBT+ Conservatives hosts many fundraising events across the UK, Parliamentary receptions in The Palace of Westminster for members of both the House of Lords and House of Commons. LGBT+ Conservatives' officers also represented the organisation at the Prime Minister's LGBT Downing Street garden reception.[16]

After the 2017 General Election, the group's then-chair Matthew Green was critical of the Democratic Unionist Party, describing the DUP's record on LGBT issues as "appalling".[17]

In 2018, the official LGBT+ Conservative account tweeted denouncing the views of Conservative MP David Davies on trans people. It later apologised for the tone of the tweet.[18]


  • 2007–2008: Anastasia Beaumont–Bott[19]
  • 2008–2009: Edward Butler–Ellis
  • 2009–2013: Cllr Matthew Sephton[20]
  • 2013–2017: Colm Howard–Lloyd[21]
  • 2017–2018: Matthew Green[22]
  • 2018–2019: John Cope[23]
  • 2019–present: Colm Howard-Lloyd[24]


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