Lübbenau (German pronunciation: [lʏbəˈnaʊ], Lower Sorbian: Lubnjow [ˈlubnʲow]; officially Lübbenau/Spreewald, L.S. Lubnjow/Błota [ˈbwɔta] (meaning Lübbenau/Spree Forest)) is a town in the Upper Spree Forest-Lusatia District of Brandenburg, Germany. It is located in the bilingual German/Sorbian region of (Lower) Lusatia, on the river Spree, where this forms a large inland delta surrounded by woodland, called "Spree Forest", about 82 km (51 mi) southeast of Berlin. The town is best known through the incorporated villages of Lehde/Lědy and Leipe/Lipje, villages where there just exist anabranches of the Spree River instead of streets.

Typical view in Lübbenau-Lehde
Typical view in Lübbenau-Lehde
Coat of arms of Lübbenau/Spreewald
Location of Lübbenau/Spreewald within Oberspreewald-Lausitz district
Lübbenau-Spreewald in OSL.svg
Lübbenau/Spreewald is located in Germany
Lübbenau/Spreewald is located in Brandenburg
Coordinates: 51°52′N 13°58′E / 51.867°N 13.967°E / 51.867; 13.967Coordinates: 51°52′N 13°58′E / 51.867°N 13.967°E / 51.867; 13.967
 • Mayor (2016–24) Helmut Wenzel[1] (CDU)
 • Total138.78 km2 (53.58 sq mi)
52 m (171 ft)
 • Total15,969
 • Density120/km2 (300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Postal codes
Dialling codes03542
Vehicle registrationOSL, CA, SFB


The town of Lübbenau consists of (German/Lower Sorbian):

  • Lübbenau/Spreewald (Lubnjow/Błota) with Kaupen (Kupy), Neustadt (Nowe Město), Stennewitz (Sćenojce), Stottoff (Štotup), and Wotschofska (Wótšowska)

and the incorporated villages of:

  • Bischdorf (Wótšowc)
  • Boblitz (Bobolce)
  • Groß Beuchow (Buchow) with Klein Beuchow (Buchojc)
  • Groß Klessow (Klěšow) with Klein Klessow (Klěšojc) and Redlitz (Rědłojce)
  • Groß Lübbenau (Lubń) with Scheddis (Pśedejs)
  • Hindenberg (Želnjojce)
  • Klein Radden (Radyńc) with Groß Radden (Radyń)
  • Kittlitz (Dłopje) with Eisdorf (Stańšojce), Lichtenau (Lichtnow), and Schönfeld (Tłukom)
  • Krimnitz (Kśimnice)
  • Lehde (Lědy) with Dolzke (Dolck)
  • Leipe (Lipje) with Dubkowmühle (Dubkowy Młyn), Eiche (Duby), Konzaks Horst (Kóńcakojc Wótšow), and Pohlenzschänke (Póleńcowa Kjarcma)
  • Ragow (Rogow)
  • Zerkwitz (Cerkwica)


Lübbenau was first mentioned in a sales document in 1315 but is believed to be much older due to excavations below the castle that show settlement from the 8th or 9th century.

From 1364 to 1635, Lübbenau was part of the Kingdom of Bohemia, and then until 1815 Lübbenau was a part of the Electorate of Saxony. From 1815 to 1918, Lübbenau was governed by the Kingdom of Prussia.


Lübbenau/Spreewald: Population development
within the current boundaries (2020)[3]
YearPop.±% p.a.
1875 10,174—    
1890 10,359+0.12%
1910 10,549+0.09%
1925 10,526−0.01%
1939 9,672−0.60%
1950 12,986+2.71%
1964 22,542+4.02%
YearPop.±% p.a.
1971 26,192+2.17%
1981 25,270−0.36%
1985 24,295−0.98%
1990 23,854−0.37%
1995 22,182−1.44%
2000 19,959−2.09%
2005 17,808−2.25%
YearPop.±% p.a.
2010 16,820−1.14%
2015 16,237−0.70%
2016 16,109−0.79%
2017 16,090−0.12%
2018 16,021−0.43%
2019 15,977−0.27%
2020 15,969−0.05%


The Spreewald in Lübbenau

Lübbenau offers a variety of sights. Departing from the old town center, visitors can explore the marina with its traditional boats, or a castle which set in a nicely arranged park, including an orangerie with a cafe and a hotel. There are cycling routes to nearby villages, and boat rides are popular with tourists. The city wall's history dates back to the Middle Ages and the museum next to the city gate offers insights into the architecture as well as the rich history of the region.

Twin towns – sister citiesEdit

Lübbenau is twinned with:[4]

Notable peopleEdit

Bad Doberan cemetery grave of Ehm Welk

Associated with the townEdit

  • Ehm Welk (1884–1966), writer, lived for a time in Lübbenau
  • Nico (1938–1988), civil Christa Päffgen, model and singer, lived as a child in Lübbenau
  • Marc Huster (born 1970), weight lifter, grew up in Lübbenau


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