Kyungsung Football Club was the Korean football club based in the city of Seoul. The term Kyungsung (Keijō) was used instead of Seoul during the period of Japanese rule. After independence from Japan, the club revived and changed the name to Seoul FC in 1946. Due to the North Korean invasion, the club stopped operating.

Kyungsung FC
경성 축구단
Full nameKyungsung Football Club
Seoul Football Club (since 1946)
Dissolved1950–1953 / During Korean War
GroundKyungsung Stadium
ChairmanLyuh Woon-hyung

When Korea was under Japanese rule, Kyungsung FC participated in Japanese Emperor's Cup and won the prize, becoming the only non-Japanese home islands club to win it.

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Kyungsung FC was founded in 1933 and Kyungsung FC is a historic club of Korean football.

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Rival was Pyongyang FC. Rival match was famous and called Kyung-Pyong Football Match

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