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The Moon god, followed by the Sun god, at the cliff sanctuary of Yazılıkaya

Kušuḫ (Ugaritic: kḏġ or kzġ) is the Hurrian Moon god. In the Kaluti List [de] he is named after Ea and before the Sun god Šimige.

Kušuḫ was syncretised with the Moon god of Harran (Hurrian: Kuzina). Kušuḫ, "Lord of the Oath" was invoked, along with his wife Nikkal, "Lady of the Oath" and Išḫara [de], as guarantor of oaths.

At the Hittite cliff sanctuary in Yazılıkaya, he is depicted as a winged god with a crescent moon on top of his pointy hat.

He was identified with the Hittite god Kaskuh.

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