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Gary Michael Beckman (born 1948) is a noted Hittitologist and Professor of Hittite and Mesopotamian Studies from the University of Michigan.[1] He has written several books on the Hittites: his publication Hittite Diplomatic Texts and Hittite Myths were both republished twice—in 1991 and 1999 respectively.[2][3] As a Hittitologist, Professor Gary Beckman also wrote an article on Hittite Chronology in Akkadica 119-120 (2000)[4] while he served as an editor of the 2003 book Hittite Studies in Honor of Harry A. Hoffner, Jr: On the Occasion of His 65th Birthday.[5] Beckman also composed a book review on Trevor Bryce's influential book, The Kingdom of the Hittites in Bryn Mawr.[6]

Dr. Beckman participated as an academic advisor for the 2003 Tolga Örnek film "Hititler" (or "Hittites" in English) which discussed the history and culture of the Hittites.[7] In 2008, Professor Beckman reviewed a book concerning "regime change" and their impact upon local societies in the Middle East from ancient times to the modern era.[8] He observed that cultural and administrative changes did not typically happen until approximately two generations (or 50 years) had passed from the overthrow of the previous ruling regime.


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