Kuron peace village

Kuron peace village was founded by emeritus bishop Paride Taban in Kuron, South Sudan, in 2005.[1] It is situated in Kapoeta East County, Namorunyang State, on the southeast border of South Sudan,[2] roughly 190 km from Narus and 75 km from Boma. The area is mainly inhabited by the Toposa ethnic community of the ateker ethnic cluster. Kuron peace village is situated near the Kuron river and close to the northern state boundary with Boma state. Its headquarter is based in Nanyangachor near Ethiopian highland.[3] the main aim of establishing the village was to have a village without tribalism[4]

Holy Trinity peace village
Holy Trinity peace village is located in South Sudan
Holy Trinity peace village
Holy Trinity peace village
Coordinates: 5°41′47.4″N 34°33′49.8″E / 5.696500°N 34.563833°E / 5.696500; 34.563833Coordinates: 5°41′47.4″N 34°33′49.8″E / 5.696500°N 34.563833°E / 5.696500; 34.563833
CountrySouth Sudan
StateNamorunyang State
PayamKauto Payam
Founded byParide Taban

Kuron peace village has been significant in conducting peace events, In 2013 it hosted peace day organized by UNMISS.[5] In 2016 seventeen traditional leaders from different parts of south Sudan gathered in Kuron to discuss the roles of customary authority in governance and their contribution to peace.[6]


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