Kurmangazy Sagyrbaev

Kurmangazy Sagyrbaev (Kazakh: Құрманғазы Сағырбайұлы, Qūrmanğazy Sağyrbaıūly; 1823–1896)[1][2] was a Kazakh composer, instrumentalist (kobyz, dombra), and folk artist.[3] He was born in 1818 in the Bukey Horde (now Zhanakala District, West Kazakhstan Region). He is buried in the Astrakhan region of Lower Volga in today's Russian Federation.[4]

Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly
Kurmangazy 175.jpg
1998 Kazakhstan stamp, for the 175th anniversary of his birth
Died1896 (1897) (aged 73)


Sagyrbaev's mausoleum

In 1993, Sagyrbaev's image has been used on the 5 Kazakhstani tenge banknote, and on a Khazakh stamp in 1998.[1]

The Kazakh National Conservatory is officially named after Kurmangazy.[5]


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