Tao Te-san (born 24 August 1955), better known by his pen name Kuo Cheng, is a Taiwanese fiction writer. He is perhaps best known for writing the screenplays of several films directed by Ho Ping and Kevin Chu.

Kuo Cheng
BornTao Te-san
(1955-08-24) August 24, 1955 (age 68)
Taipei, Taiwan
Pen name
  • Kuo Cheng
  • Ying Tianyu (應天魚)
LanguageMandarin Chinese
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
birth name

His older brother Tao Te-chen (陶德辰) was a filmmaker-actor in the 1980s. Their family originated in Huanggang, Hubei, China.[1]


Year Chinese title Translated English title Translator
1988 彈子王 "King of the Pool Players"[2] Ying-tsih Hwang
1991 狼行千里 "The Journey of the Wolf"[3] Susan Wilf
1991 上帝的骰子 "God's Dice"

"The Journey of the Wolf" was one of the stories Kuo used when he and director Ho Ping wrote the screenplay for Ho's 1997 film Wolves Cry Under the Moon.




Year English title Chinese title Director Notes
1985 One Bright Day 好個翹課天 Fu Wei-te original story (adapted by Wu Nien-jen)
1986 Gallery of Fools 哥們的糗事 original story (adapted by Yeh Yun-chiao and Chang Chien)
1993 18 Ho Ping
1995 Heartbreak Island 去年冬天 Hsu Hsiao-ming co-wrote with John S.C. Chiang
Trouble Maker 臭屁王 Kevin Chu
1996 The Feeling of Love 重慶愛情感覺
Naughty Boys & Soldiers 狗蛋大兵
1997 Wolves Cry Under the Moon 國道封閉 Ho Ping
1998 Chivalrous Legend 俠盜正傳 Tsai Yang-ming co-wrote with Wu Nien-jen
2000 The Spy Tycoon 匪諜大亨 Ho Ping TV film
2002 The Rule of the Game 挖洞人
2005 One Stone and Two Birds 一石二鳥 Kevin Chu co-wrote with Lin Man-hsu
2008 Red Cliff 赤壁 John Woo historical film, co-wrote with Woo, Sheng Heyu and Chan Khan
2015 Where the Wind Settles 風中家族 Wang Toon co-wrote with Carol Li, Lin Chi-shiang, and Wu Jing

TV Dramas (incomplete)

Year English title Chinese title Notes
1997 The Strange Cases of Lord Shi 施公奇案
1999 Lord of Imprisonment 神捕
Resurrecting the Husband 聊齋怪談之打鬼救夫
2001 Legend of the Martial Alliance 少林七崁
Chess Warriors 棋武士
Swordsman 多情刀客無情刀短刀行
Pretty Twins 偷龍轉鳳
2004 Thirteen Sons of Heaven Bridge 天橋十三郎
2016 Xiao Shiyilang 新萧十一郎

Film awards

Year # Award Category Film Result
1993 30th Golden Horse Awards Best Adapted Screenplay 18 Nominated
2001 36th Golden Bell Awards Best Screenwriter (TV Film or Miniseries) The Spy Tycoon Nominated
2002 4th Deauville Asian Film Festival Best Screenplay The Rule of the Game Won


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