Wolves Cry Under the Moon

Wolves Cry Under the Moon is a 1997 Taiwanese road movie directed by Ho Ping, written by Kuo Cheng and Ho Ping. The story is based on 4 short stories by Kuo Cheng.[1][2]

Wolves Cry Under the Moon
film poster
Traditional Chinese國道封閉
Simplified Chinese国道封闭
Literal meaningHighway Closing
Hanyu PinyinGuódào Fēngbì
Directed byHo Ping
Screenplay by
Story byKuo Cheng
Produced byLee Yao-ting
CinematographyHan Yun-chung
Edited byChen Po-wen
Music byJerry Huang
Release date
Running time
121 minutes


The overall story is based on Kuo Cheng's 1993 short story "Highway Closing" (國道封閉, also the film's Chinese title).

Sub-plot 1: "The Journey of the Wolf"Edit

Based on Kuo Cheng's 1991 short story "The Journey of the Wolf" (狼行千里), which has been translated into English by Susan Wilf.[3]

Sub-plot 2: "Driving on the Road"Edit

Based on Kuo Cheng's 1988 short story "Driving on the Road" (開車上路).

Sub-plot 3: "The Heart Thief"Edit

Based on Kuo Cheng's 1997 short story "The Heart Thief" (偷心賊).


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