Chang Shih (Chinese: 張世; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tiuⁿ Sè; born 7 February 1966) is a Taiwanese actor. He won the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1989.




Year English title Original title Role Notes
1981 Happy Days in the Army 動員令
1983 The Boys from Fengkuei 風櫃來的人 Ah Jung
Ah Fei 油菜麻籽
Growing Up 小畢的故事
1984 The Express 生命快車
Bicycle and I 單車與我
1985 Beautiful Men of the Tang Dynasty 唐朝綺麗男
Taipei Story 青梅竹馬
1986 Dark Night 暗夜 Manager Chen
1987 The Game They Call Sex 黃色故事
Listen to Me 我有話要說
Ah Zhe's Story 阿哲的故事
Sir, Tell Me Why? 老師,有問題 Brother Wai
Cold 那一年我們去看雪
1988 Chopper and the Six Friends 菜刀與6個朋友 Chopper (young)
The Adventure of Kung Fu Kids 好小子5:萬能運動員 Li Buzheng
1989 Gang of Three Forever 童黨萬歲
First Date 第一次約會 Jialuo
Banana Paradise 香蕉天堂 Li Desheng
Let's Go 過河小卒 Qin Zhenguo
Fight to Survive 我在江湖
Lessons of the Playground 風雨操場 Zhu Lun
The Long Vacation 寒假有夠長 Crazy Dog
Runaway Blues 飆城 Ah Gang's follower
1990 Playground Again 又見操場 Zheng Xibei
Dangerous Choices 國中女生 Gio (Xiao Jiu)
1991 Five Girls and a Rope 五個女子與一根繩子 Sibao
Love in Venice 情定威尼斯 Ah Li
1992 China 燒郎紅 Han Dong
Let Me Speak Up 三人故事
Hill of No Return 無言的山丘
Dust of Angels 少年吔,安啦! killer
1993 Top Cool 想飛~傲空神鷹
1994 The Wooden Man's Bride 五魁 Wu Kui
The Great Conqueror's Concubine 西楚霸王 Qin Er Shi
1996 Red Persimmon 紅柿子
Temptress Moon 風月 Li Niangjiu
Accidental Legend 飛天
1997 Sexy Story 浮世繪:捉姦·通姦·強姦 Bar owner Segment 1
Rainy Dog 極道黑社会
Ghost School 校園有鬼
Wolves Cry Under the Moon 國道封閉 Lo
1999 Bad Girl Trilogy 2002壞女孩 Man Segment: "Queen of the Bench"
2000 A Storm in a Teacup 大惊小怪
2002 The Rule of the Game 挖洞人 Ju (Chewy)
Brave 20 鹹豆漿
2003 Everyone Is Pleased 皆大欢喜 TV film
2004 Manhole 我为谁狂 Liu Yi
2011 Mirage 幻像
2012 To My Dear Granny 親愛的奶奶 Ah Da's father
2014 Live a Love 活路 also director
2015 Where the Wind Settles 風中家族 Sichuanese veteran

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