Kubau Local Government Area is one of the 23 Local Government Areas in Kaduna State, Nigeria. It has its headquarters in the town of Anchau.

Kubau Local Government
Home of Grains, Sugarcane and Rearing
Country Nigeria
StateKaduna State
 • Total967 sq mi (2,505 km2)
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

It was created during the military rule of General Sani Abacha, on exactly 2nd day of November, 1995, from the present Ikara Local Government Area.

It has eleven (11) political wards, which includes the local government headquarters, Anchau, Pampegua, Zuntu, Dutsen-wai, Damau, Kargi, Karreh, Mah, Kubau, Haskiya, and Zabi. It also has 10 District with Anchau and Kubau being the oldest as well as the influential among them. The postal code of the area is 811.[1]

The major tribes are predominantly Hausa and Fulani. Although there are immigrant tribes like Sayawa, Kurama, etc. but they are very much few.

The people of Kubau LG are predominantly Muslim by religion, although there are some Christians in some parts of the local government.

Kubau local government has an ancient villages such as Anchau, Gadas, Kuzuntu with a headquarter in Jenau 10 km from the main Anchau.


Kubau local government have the famous Anchau weekly (Tuesday) Market for selling of cattle and many other agricultural produce such as maize, corn, soya beans among others. Another main market is located in Pambegua a junction town for selling of many agricultural commodities on Fridays. Other Markets are the Dutsenwai Tomatoes Market a seasonal market for selling of Irrigated agricultural commodities like Tomatoes, Kogi Tomatoes market is another seasonal market located between on Anchau Dutsenwai road at the village of Kogi in Kuzuntu.

It has a lot of natural resources which including iron ore, tin. It is a major agricultural production area in Kaduna State, its major product is sugarcane.


Kubau local government has many primary and secondary schools in all the 11 wards but zero higher institution of learning.

Area and PopulationEdit

It has an area of 2,505 km² and a population of 282,045 at the 2006 census.

Notable indigenesEdit


  • Professor Ishaya Audu
  • Prof Binta Abdulkarim
  • Prof Muhammad Kabir Aliyu
  • Dr. Abdullahi Aliyu Damau
  • Dr. Suleiman Sani
  • Hajiya Hadiza Mailafiya


  • Alhaji Umaru Waken Soya
  • Late Alhaji Umaru Muhammed Anchau
  • Alhaji Hashim Garba Anchau,
  • Late Alhaji Bashir Zuntu
  • Muhammadu Sarana Jenau
  • Alhaji Ahmad Tsoho Kargi.


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