The Kiss Tour was Kiss' first album support tour. Sometimes known as the First Tour, it also encompassed several shows before and after the "official" dates.

Kiss Tour
Promotional tour by Kiss
LocationNorth America
Associated albumKiss
Start dateFebruary 5, 1974 (1974-02-05)
End dateOctober 4, 1974 (1974-10-04)
No. of shows84
Kiss concert chronology


After the first performances, Stanley changed the bandit makeup to the iconic Starchild makeup. Stage props used for this tour were fire engine lights, a drum riser, sparkling drumsticks, Simmons spitting blood and breathing fire, a lighted logo of the band's name, Frehley's smoking guitar and flamethrowers.[1]

When the band was an opening act for Argent on May 2, 1974 in Comstock Park, they were only allowed to perform eight songs as Argent told them the rules, resulting in the headliners shutting off the power to Kiss' equipment when the audience wanted Kiss to perform more songs.[2] Rush opened for Kiss at the Centennial Hall in London, Ontario on July 25 during the tour, which was also John Rutsey's final performance with Rush. The opening act ended up impressing the band so much at that concert that they continued on tour with Rush as the opening act.[3] Kiss took most of August off from the tour to record their follow-up album, Hotter Than Hell.

In the tour program for the band's final tour, Simmons reflected on the tour:

Being in Kiss in the very first year and touring around the United States, we felt like we were taking off. It was like somebody pushing you into the deep end of the pool whether you can swim or not. The early years of Kiss were far from glamorous. We rode in a station wagon hundreds of miles every day. We would take turns driving and sleeping in the back. We ate burgers at roadside taverns. We stopped and peed on the side of long stretches of highway when we couldn't find a town anywhere near. We ate beans and franks, because we couldn't afford better food as we were on a $85 a week salary! Becoming a rock star was better than anything and beyond anything I ever imagined. There were moments of doubt for me that we were gonna make it.[4]


A reporter from the Winnipeg Free Press who attended the Taché Hall performance in Winnipeg on February 8 which was part of the "Festival of Life and Learning", noted the number of visual effects that notably were smoke bombs, dry ice on the song "Firehouse", as well as the flashing lights and hydraulic lift for the drummer. The reporter however, noted the responses from the audience who were shocked, with others in attendance "sitting on their hands for the majority of the performance".[5]


  1. "Deuce"
  2. "Strutter"
  3. "She"
  4. "Firehouse"
  5. "Nothin' to Lose"
  6. "Cold Gin"
  7. "Kissin' Time"
  8. "Let Me Know"
  9. "Acrobat" ("Love Theme from Kiss")
  10. "100,000 Years" (with bass solo and drum solo)
  11. "Black Diamond"


  1. "Baby, Let Me Go" ("Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll")

Tour datesEdit

Date[6] City Country Venue Support Act(s)
February 5, 1974 Edmonton, Alberta Canada Dinwoodie Lounge Barbarossa
February 6, 1974 Calgary, Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
February 8, 1974 Winnipeg, Manitoba Taché Hall Mood Jga Jga
February 17, 1974 Long Beach, California United States Civic Auditorium Rory Gallagher
Fleetwood Mac
February 18, 1974 Los Angeles, California Los Angeles Room
February 21, 1974 Aquarius Theater
March 22, 1974 Devon, Pennsylvania Valley Forge Music Fair Redbone
March 23, 1974 New York City, New York Academy of Music Argent
March 24, 1974 Owings Mills, Maryland Painter's Mill Music Fair Aerosmith
March 25, 1974 Washington, D.C. The Bayou
March 29, 1974 Asbury Park, New Jersey Sunshine In Concert Hall Renaisssance
March 31, 1974 St. Louis, Missouri Aviation Field Thirteenth Floor
April 1, 1974 Cleveland, Ohio Agora Ballroom Rory Gallagher
April 3, 1974 Columbus, Ohio The Agora
April 7, 1974 Detroit, Michigan Michigan Palace Aerosmith
Mojo Boogie Band
Michael Fennelly
April 8, 1974 Dekalb, Illinois University Center Ballroom Conqueror Worm
April 12, 1974 Detroit, Michigan Michigan Palace Blue Öyster Cult
Suzi Quatro
April 13, 1974
April 14, 1974 Louisville, Kentucky Beggar's Banquet Thunderhead
April 15, 1974 Nashville, Tennessee Muther's Music Emporium Max Onion
April 16, 1974
April 17, 1974 Memphis, Tennessee Lafayette Music Room Kathi McDonald
April 18, 1974
April 19, 1974 Chicago, Illinois Aragon Ballroom Quicksilver Messenger Service
Flying Saucer
Les Variations
April 21, 1974 Charlotte, North Carolina Flash's Ritual
April 27, 1974 Passaic, New Jersey Capitol Theatre Blue Öyster Cult
May 2, 1974 Comstock Park, Michigan Thunder Chicken Argent
May 3, 1974 St. Louis, Missouri Ambassador Theatre
May 9, 1974 Parsippany, New Jersey The Joint in the Woods Sweetwater
May 12, 1974 Wyandotte, Michigan Benjamin Yack Recreational Center Savoy Brown
May 14, 1974 Fraser, Michigan Fraser Hockeyland Arena
May 16, 1974 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Centennial Concert Hall Savoy Brown
Manfred Mann's Earth Band
May 17, 1974 Edmonton, Alberta Kinsmen Fieldhouse
May 18, 1974 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Saskatoon Arena
May 19, 1974 Lethbridge, Alberta Exhibition Pavilion
May 20, 1974 Calgary, Alberta Foothills Arena
May 24, 1974 Portland, Oregon United States Paramount Northwest Theater
May 25, 1974 Seattle, Washington Paramount Theatre
May 26, 1974 Spokane, Washington JFK Pavilion
May 27, 1974 Olympia St. Martin's Capitol Pavilion Savoy Brown
May 28, 1974 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada PNE Gardens Auditorium Savoy Brown
Manfred Mann's Earth Band
May 30, 1974 San Diego, California United States Sports Arena
May 31, 1974 Long Beach, California Long Beach Auditorium
June 1, 1974 San Francisco, California Winterland Ballroom
June 3, 1974 Anchorage, Alaska Sundowner Drive-In Theater Savoy Brown
June 4, 1974 Fairbanks, Alaska Baker Field House Savoy Brown
June 12, 1974 Flint, Michigan IMA Sports Arena New York Dolls
June 14, 1974 Cleveland, Ohio Allen Theater
June 15, 1974 Toronto, Ontario Canada Massey Hall
June 17, 1974 Asbury Park, New Jersey United States Sunshine In Truth
June 19, 1974 Atlanta, Georgia Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom Outlaw
June 20, 1974
June 21, 1974
June 22, 1974
July 11, 1974 West Palm Beach, Florida West Palm Beach Auditorium Blue Öyster Cult
July 12, 1974 Orlando, Florida Jai Alai Fronton
July 13, 1974 Tampa Bay, Florida Curtis Hixon Hall
July 14, 1974 Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham Municipal Auditorium
July 16, 1974 Baton Rouge, Louisiana Independence Hall Blue Öyster Cult
New York Dolls
July 17, 1974 Atlanta, Georgia Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom Fat Chance
July 18, 1974
July 19, 1974 Fayetteville, North Carolina Cumberland Auditorium Blue Öyster Cult
Glass Moon
July 25, 1974 London, Ontario Canada Centennial Hall Rush
Ronny Legge
August 3, 1974 Indianapolis, Indiana United States Convention Center Blue Öyster Cult
James Gang
Chris Jagger
August 4, 1974 South Bend, Indiana Morris Civic Auditorium Blue Öyster Cult
September 13, 1974 Kitchener, Ontario Canada Sir Wilfrid Laurier Theater Fludd
September 14, 1974 Toronto, Ontario Victory Theater
September 15, 1974 Lock Haven, Pennsylvania United States Lockhaven Fieldhouse Blue Öyster Cult
September 16, 1974 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Paramount Theater
September 18, 1974 Atlanta, Georgia Electric Ballroom Rush
Fat Chance
September 19, 1974
September 20, 1974
September 21, 1974 Outlaws
Fat Chance
September 28, 1974 Detroit, Michigan Michigan Palace Roy Wood
September 30, 1974 Evansville, Indiana Evansville Stadium Billy Preston
October 1, 1974 Jacksonville, Alabama Leone Cole Auditorium Rush
October 4, 1974 Houston, Texas Music Hall



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