King Kuang of Zhou

King Kuang of Zhou (Chinese: 周匡王; pinyin: Zhōu Kuāng Wáng), personal name Jī Bān,[2] was the twentieth king of the Chinese Zhou dynasty and the eighth of the Eastern Zhou.

King Kuang of Zhou
King of China
Reign612–607 BC
PredecessorKing Qing of Zhou
SuccessorKing Ding of Zhou
Died607 BC
Ancestral name: (姬)
Given name: Bān (班)
HouseZhou dynasty
FatherKing Qing of Zhou[1]

King Kuang's father was King Qing of Zhou.[3] Kuang was succeeded by his brother King Ding of Zhou.[4]


King Xi of Zhou (d. 677 BC)
King Hui of Zhou (d. 652 BC)
King Xiang of Zhou (d. 619 BC)
Chen Gui of Chen
King Qing of Zhou (d. 613 BC)
King Kuang of Zhou (d. 607 BC)

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King Kuang of Zhou
 Died: 607 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of China
612–607 BC
Succeeded by