Kim Kyu-chul

Kim Kyu-chul (born April 6, 1960) is a South Korean actor. Kim spent more than a decade as a stage actor before he made his onscreen breakthrough in 1993 with Im Kwon-taek's Seopyeonje, considered[by whom?] one of the classics of Korean cinema. Kim became most active in television, starring in dramas such as When I Miss You (1993) and Resurrection (2005).[1][2]

Kim Kyu-chul
Born (1960-04-06) April 6, 1960 (age 61)
EducationSeoul Art College - Theater
Years active1984-present
Spouse(s)Yoo Sook
Children2 sons
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Gyu-cheol
McCune–ReischauerKim Kyu-ch'ŏl


Television seriesEdit

Year Title Role Network
1993 When I Miss You KBS1
Good Morning, Yeong-dong Cha Jung-bo KBS2
1995 West Palace King Gwanghae KBS2
Your Voice Seok-young SBS
Wonji-dong Blues Byung-ha KBS1
1996 Start KBS2
Hometown Legends "Butterfly's Lament" Scholar from Namsan KBS2
MBC Best Theater "Me, 28 Years Old and Unmarried" MBC
Drama Game "Can I Go to the Post Office
to Find a Lost Love?"
1997 Your Daughter, My Son KBS2
MBC Best Theater "Amnesia Story" Chul-woo MBC
Hometown Legends "Frost Falling in May" Sa-ddo KBS2
Light in the Field Byung-ki KBS1
Spring Day KBS2
When She Beckons KBS2
1998 Horse's Hill KBS1
Paper Crane Won Hee-jae KBS2
Hong Gil-dong King Jungjong SBS
Like Wind, Like Waves KBS2
Hope Inn KBS1
The Advocate MBC
1999 MBC Best Theater "Head of Dried Walleye Pollack" Third MBC
Kuk-hee MBC
Invitation KBS2
Rising Sun, Rising Moon KBS1
TV Literature "When He Stopped" Sae-il KBS1
Song-hwa KBS1
MBC Best Theater "Holiday" Chul-joo MBC
2000 Foolish Love Jung-gook KBS2
Novel: The Mind of Governing the People Jeong Yak-jeon KBS2
I Want to Keep Seeing You Kim Jae-yeol SBS
Promise Chae Ki-sub KBS1
2001 Delicious Proposal Park Young-guk MBC
Orient Theatre Shin Bool-chool KBS2
Way of Living: Couple Ki Sun-woo SBS
Stock Flower KBS2
Flower Story (Plum Sonata) KBS1
2002 Love Seon-jae KBS1
Magic Kid Masuri Ma Poong-woon KBS2
Sunshine Hunting Kang In-wook KBS2
Loving You Supervisor Kang KBS2
Since We Met Jo Nam-ki MBC
MBC Best Theater "U-Turn in Sinchon" Driving school instructor Kyung-seok MBC
Drama City "Hong-si" Father KBS2
2003 Age of Warriors King Uijong KBS1
Over the Green Fields Sung Joon-geol KBS2
Land of Wine Kil-soo SBS
Wedding Gift KBS2
Full Moon Santa In-tae KBS2
Not Divorced Byun Hak-soo KBS2
Rosemary KBS2
Drama City "Last Present" Dong-jin KBS2
2004 Drama City "핸드폰이 꺼져 있어" Section chief Pi KBS2
Traveling Women Oh Yoon-ho SBS
Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin Im Chun-soo KBS1
2005 Loveholic Teacher KBS2
Dangerous Love Kim In-soo KBS2
TV Literature "When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom"[3] Saengwon Heo KBS1
Drama City "Treasure Island of Riddles" Sung-jae KBS2
Resurrection Choi Dong-chan KBS2
2006 Drama City "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate" Hitman K KBS2
Bad Family Ha In-soo SBS
Drama City "The Stars Shine Brightly" Man KBS2
Hwarang Fighter Maru Kim Jin-ho KBS2
Drama City "Fog Street" KBS2
Drama City "도시괴담, 무섭지 않은 이야기" Jung-man (episode: "비상구,
하차 그리고 피크닉")
Dae Jo Yeong Shin-hong KBS1
Fugitive Lee Doo-yong Jang Doo-sik KBS2
My Love Dal-ja Kang Young-sub SBS
Drama City "자장가 부르는 아기" Dr. Choi Myung-hwan KBS2
2007 The Return of Shim Chung Deputy Baek KBS2
HDTV Literature "A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball"[4] KBS1
HDTV Literature "My Bloody Lover" (episode 1: "Nude Photos") KBS1
The Devil Cha Gwang-doo KBS2
Several Questions That Make Us Happy Seon-jae's older brother KBS2
2008 Chil-wu the Mighty Choe Won-sik (cameo) KBS2
Hometown Legends "Gisaeng House Ghost Story" Sa-ddo KBS2
The Kingdom of The Winds Myung-jin KBS2
Don't Be Swayed Park Hyung-chul MBC
2009 Partner Prosecutor (cameo, episode 16) KBS2
Hot Blood Director Yoon KBS2
Hometown Legends "The Grudge Island" Yoon Hong-guk KBS2
2010 Wish Upon a Star Jung In-goo SBS
The Great Merchant Steward Oh KBS1
Legend of the Patriots Battalion commander (cameo) KBS1
Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho Steward Oh KBS2
Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe-young Bureau chief of
Asahi Shimbun Shanghai
Giant Noh Gap-soo (cameo) SBS
Ang Shim Jung Min Ki-chul E Channel
The President Baek Chan-ki KBS2
Thank You for Making Me Smile KBS1
2011 Detectives in Trouble Jo Sang-tae KBS2
Baby Faced Beauty Lee So-young's father KBS2
Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror Seol Do-an KBS1
Myung-wol the Spy KBS2
Queen Insoo Lee Hyun-ro jTBC
Padam Padam Prosecutor Joo jTBC
2012 Kimchi Family Jung Sung-min (cameo) jTBC
Love, My Love Yeo Sam-choo KBS2
Bridal Mask Woo Byung-joon KBS2
Drama Special "Re-Memory" Detective Seo KBS2
May Queen[5][6] Park Gi-chool MBC
2013 That Winter, the Wind Blows[7] Jang Sung SBS
Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers Shim Ki-won jTBC
Shark Jo Eui-seon KBS2
2014 Golden Cross Park Hee-seo KBS2
Blade Man Jo Bong-gu KBS2
2015 The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War Toyotomi Hideyoshi KBS1
The Missing Park Jung-do OCN
Hello Monster Park Young-chul (guest, episode 5) KBS2
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 Kim Bo-hyun KBS2
2016 Shopaholic Louis Baek Sun-goo MBC
2017 Manhole Yang Koo-gil's father KBS2
2019 The Banker MBC
2019-2020 Unasked Family Kang Kyu-cheol KBS1


Year Title Role
1993 Seopyeonje Dong-ho
1995 Thief and a Poet Bin-ha
2003 The Road Taken
2006 Righteous Ties Han-wook
2007 Going by the Book Senior colleague Kim (cameo)
2011 The Show (documentary) Himself (cameo)


Year Title Role
1996 Oliver!

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1993 4th Chunsa Film Art Awards Best New Actor Seopyeonje Won
31st Grand Bell Awards Best New Actor Won
1995 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor When I Miss You Won
Popularity Award, Actor Won
1999 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor Won
2005 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor Resurrection Nominated
2009 KBS Drama Awards[8] Best Actor in a One-Act Drama/Special The Grudge Island Won
2011 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor Detectives in Trouble,
Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror
2013 2nd APAN Star Awards Acting Award, Actor That Winter, the Wind Blows Nominated


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