Seoul Institute of the Arts

Seoul Institute of the Arts is a prominent educational institution specializing in the Arts. The school has nurtured many graduates who are actively working in art related fields within Korea as well as internationally. The Namsan campus in the heart of Seoul is used for presentation of arts productions and convergence with industry. The Ansan Campus opened in 2001 and is used for educational training, which aims to tear down barriers between disciplines, genres, and majors. The Institute continues to be a forerunner in globalization of Korean arts and creation of new forms of arts.

Seoul Institute of the Arts
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창의, 성실, 협동
Motto in English
"Originality, Sincerity, Cooperation"
Established1962 (1962)
Location, ,
Seoul Institute of the Arts
Revised RomanizationSeoul Yesul Daehakgyo
McCune–ReischauerSŏul Yesul Taehakkyo

Purpose of establishmentEdit

Through theater education, it was established to overcome the breakdown of national culture caused by the Japanese colonial period and the Korean war, and to nurture professional artists who will establish and revitalize national dramas.[1]


  • August 1958 - Korean Theatre Research Institute was founded
  • April 1962 - Drama Center and Theatre Library were opened
  • June 1962 - Korean Theatre Academy was founded (closed March 1964)
  • March 1964 - Seoul Drama School was founded (closed December 1973)
  • December 1973 - Seoul Art Academy was founded
  • December 1978 - Seoul Art Academy was renamed to Seoul Art College
  • February 1982 - Korean Theatre Research Institute was renamed to Korea Research Center for Arts
  • February 1998 - Korea Research Center for Arts was renamed to Dongnang Art Center
  • June 1998 - Seoul Art College was renamed to Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • March 2001 - Namsan Education Center was opened
  • September 2002 - Dongnang Acting Class for the Youth was opened

Former presidentsEdit

  • Prof. Yoo Duk-Hyung (December 1978–March 1994)
  • Prof. Yang Jung-Hyun (March 1994–March 1998)
  • Prof. Kim Ki-Duk (March 1998–March 2001)
  • Ahn Min-Soo (March 2001–February 2004)
  • Ro Kun-Il


Department Established
Applied Music November 1987
Broadcasting December 1978
Creative Advertising November 1988
Creative Writing December 1978
Dance December 1978
Digital Arts March 2003
Film December 1978
Interior Design November 1987
Korean Music December 1980
Photography December 1980
Playwriting November 1987
Theatre December 1978
Visual Arts March 1989
Visual Design November 1987
Acting March 2007
School of Arts and Humanities
School of Media Arts (Bachelor's degree)
School of Performing Arts (Bachelor's degree)

Notable alumniEdit

Actors and actressesEdit


  • Jukjae
  • TV hostsEdit

    Author, screenwriterEdit

    Directors, filmmakersEdit

    Fashion designersEdit

    • Lie Sang bong[4]


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