Drama City

Drama City (Deurama Siti , 드라마 시티) is the KBS to broadcast via KBS2TV in a collection of usually single episode short dramas, shown weekly. Each episode is a different story, and the cast changes every week.

Drama City
DramaCity Caps.jpg
StarringVarious actors
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
Production location(s)South Korea
Running timeSunday 22:00 (until 2005-May-01), Saturday 23:15 (since 2005-May-07)
Original networkKBS (KBS1 and KBS2)
Original releaseNovember 30, 1984 –
March 29, 2008
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1984's "Drama Game" lost its popularity several times since 1997, and the title, broadcast time was moved to late night hours. In 2007 MBC the longevity of a similar nature "Best Theater" that aired after stopping South Korea's broadcasting "HDTV's Literature" by abolishing in 2007 from the current terrestrial broadcasting was the only remaining act play series. And the type of material to test an experimental stage, but it was a classic in terms of audience and advertising revenue.

Due to operating losses in spring 2008 it was decided to abolish the target program. The director and writers, such as the abolition of all walks of life, but opposition to the decision, March 29, 2008. Previously, for the purpose of drama airing time two Bukkaji City and was made the first four episodes of "TV City will live to regret for the things knowingly committing" a "special theme drama" in the name of June 8, 2008, 9, 16 days, 9 15 (Chuseok holidays) are shown in episodes 1, 2009 Angkor was televised on New Year's holiday period.

Republic of Korea in the broadcast program for viewing on a television show age rating system in 2002 as the first test conducted was also applied.



Date Title Cast
2004-Jul-25 Anagram / 아나그램 Kim Yoon-seok, Ahn Nae-sang,
Chae Gook-hee, Ku Hye-sun, Lee Dae-yeon
2004-Aug-08 Deja-vu / 데자뷰 Kim Heung-soo, Han Ji-min, Lee Byung-wook, Shin Goo


Date Title Cast
2005-Jan-02 Oh! Sarah / 오!사라 Lee Min-ki, Seo Do-young
2005-Jan-09 Memory / 메모리 Han Ji-min, Park Joon-suk, Kim Hyun-sung
2005-Jul-30 All Together Cha Cha Cha / 다 함께 차차차 Ku Hye-sun, Lee Pil-mo
2005-Nov-19 My Sweet Bloody Lover / 나의 달콤한 피투성이 연인 Kim Ji-woo, Song Chang-eui
2005-Nov-26 Shi-eun & Su-ha / 시은&수하 Jeong Hoo, Greena Park, Kim Han, Yoo Ah-in


Date Title Cast
2006-May-27 Fog Street / 안개시정거리 Kim Jeong-hoon


Date Title Cast
2007-Oct-06 Hot-tempered Mi Sook / 쌈닭 미숙이 Park Won-sang, Oh Yong, Jang Young-nam, Jung Won-joong,
Jung Kyu-soo, Kim Sun-hwa, Lee Han-wi

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