Khan Tuman (operation)

Khan Tuman (operation) (Persian: عملیات خان طومان‎) is a war operation which was done in the town of Khan Tuman, Syrian, and was finally captured by the Syrian army on 29 January 2020.[1]

Khan Tuman (operation)
DateMarch 2016
Result Capture of Khan-Tuman by Syrian Army (by the co-operation of Axis of Resistance)
Commanders and leaders
Syrian Army (by the co-operation of the Axis of Resistance) Al-Nusra Front
Casualties and losses
13 (Iranian) fighters of the 25th Karbala Division were killed and around 21 were wounded 400 forces from the rebels (al-Nusra) were killed

The operation[2][3][4] was commenced in 2016 by the military forces of Syria, Iran (Holy Shrine Defenders), Afghanistan and Hezbollah of Lebanon (beside Syrians) against rebels who intended to occupy the town.[5]


Khan Tuman (an Artistic Photo)

Khan-Tuman is a village/town where is located near the highway of Aleppo-Damascus, that is considered as a significant/strategic locality[5] for two sides of the battle in Syria. At the first steps of the operation (Khan-Tuman), the southwestern of Reif (in Syria) was taken back in March 2016 by the Axis of Resistance, and was also led in the capture of many parts of the region --particularly Khan-Tuman and Me'rateh from rebels.[6] At last, Khan Tuman was entirely liberated in January 2019.[5]

Ceasefire violationEdit

According to As-Safir newspaper, Takfiris did a widespread violation of ceasefire; it reported: "Jaish al-Fatah (the former Jabhat al-Nusra), whose structure has recently been rebuilt with the alliance of other groups, violated the ceasefire by attacking the strategic area of Khan-Tuman"[5] -- located at the south of Aleppo.[7]


Syria military involvement (Syria supporters in red; opponents in blue)

At Khan-Tuman operation,[8][9] the forces of "Axis of Resistance" were formed of: 280 forces from Syria, 70 combatants from Iranian Holy Shrine Defenders of Mazandaran, 850 fighting men from Liwa Fatemiyoun brigade (Afghanistan), 400 combatants from Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba (Iraq)[5] who were fighting the rebels.


Photo of an Iranian force (Mohammad Belbasi), killed in Khan-Tuman Operation

Al-Nusra[10] casualties were about 400 fighters at Khan-Tuman operation;[11] on the other side, as a result of the intensity of the attacks, 13 (Iranian) fighters of the 25th Karbala Division --from Mazandaran Province-- were finally killed and around 21 of them were wounded.

Among the Iranian forces whose bodies was sought and brought to Iran, are as follows:

Reza-Hajizadeh, Ali-Abedini, Mohammad-Balbasi, Hassan-Rajaefar from Mazandaran province,[5] Zakaria-Shiri from Qazvin province, Majid-Salmanian from Alborz province, Mehdi-Nazari from Khuzestan province, and Mahmoud Radmehr.[12]


At an initial step of the fight, Khan-Tuman was possessed by the Jabhat al-Nusra and its allies on Friday, 6 May 2016. But, after a vast battles, Syrian army forces and Axis of Resistance liberated Aleppo city and Khan-Tuman town during an operation on 29 January 2019[5] in Syria.[13][14]

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