Keta Wakamiya Shrine

Keta Wakamiya Shrine (気多若宮神社, Keta Wakamiya Jinja) is a Shinto shrine located in the city of Hida, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is commonly referred to as "Sugimoto-sama" (杉本さま).

Keta Wakamiya Shrine
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Heiden of Keta Wakamiya Jinja
DeityŌkuninushi and Kinomata-no-kami
LeadershipHito Higashimichi
Location1297 Kami-keta, Hida-shi, Gifu-ken
Keta Wakamiya Shrine is located in Japan
Keta Wakamiya Shrine
Shown within Japan
Geographic coordinates36°14′22.17″N 137°11′52.38″E / 36.2394917°N 137.1978833°E / 36.2394917; 137.1978833Coordinates: 36°14′22.17″N 137°11′52.38″E / 36.2394917°N 137.1978833°E / 36.2394917; 137.1978833
Date establishedHeian period
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The original construction of this shrine is unknown, but it is said to have been constructed during the Heian period. Ōkuninushi and Kinomata-no-kami (木俣神) are the main gods of the shrine, but Amaterasu is also worshipped here.


Keta Wakamiya Shrine is one of the shrines included in the Furukawa festival, which is one of the three main naked festivals in Japan and is designated as an Intangible Cultural Properties of Japan.

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