Kerala Congress (Secular)

Kerala Congress (Secular) is a registered regional political party in the Indian state of Kerala. It was a faction of Kerala Congress led by P. C. George, Eapen Varghese, and T. S. John. The party was split from Kerala Congress (M).[1] It had been revived by T.S. John.[2]

Kerala Congress (secular)
ChairpersonT. S. John
Split from
Merged intoKerala Congress (M) (2008) , (2017)
HeadquartersPoonjar' Kottayam (India)
Student wingKerala Students Congress (KSC)
Youth wingKerala youth front (S)
Seats in Lok Sabha0
Seats in Rajya Sabha0


Kerala Congress (Secular) fraction formed after the split from Kerala Congress (Joseph) On early 2000's . main and leader of the fraction was P.C George however party chairman was T.S. John. Pc geprge was MLA From poonjar. Kerala Congress (Secular) was part of LDF then . however he expelled from LDF and forced to join UDF . Kerala Congress (Secular) became part of UDF by mergered into Kerala Congress (Mani) on 2010. and Pc George became vice chairman of Kerala Congress (Mani) .

Expelled By Mani Family And Revival of Kerala Congress (Secular)Edit

In 2015 Mani tried to make his son as his successor , George tried to prevent this power exchange of mani family. it created a lot of problems between KM Mani and PC George. Other haters of George also want him out of the party So they joined Hand with Mani family As a result he expelled from party . MLA position And chip whip. the supporters of PC George revived Kerala Congress (Secular)under the leadership of T. S. John. The haters of PC George later leaved Kerala congress (Mani) stating same reasons.

Merger 2.0Edit

After the Revival of Kerala Congress (Secular) no one in the kerala politics want to work with P.C George So George Was expelled Kerala Congress (Secular) which ultimately creates many fraction in the party , and they all tried to merge with other parties. P.C George later created his own party called Kerala Janapaksham (Secular) but fate is similler like Kerala Congress (Secular)

First factionEdit

First group was led by TS John , he announced its decision to rejoin with Kerala Congress (Mani)[3] however, a section of the party led by Kallada Das, PA Alexander, A. A. Abraham decided to retain the party.[4]

Second factionEdit

Second group of leaders led by PA Alexander and A. A. Abraham, announced its decision to merge with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).[5]

Third factionEdit

Third faction led by Deacon Thomas Kayyathra merged with Kerala Congress (Skaria Thomas) group [6]

fourth factionEdit

fourth the Fraction led by Kallada Das decided to retain the party and join the National Democratic Alliance.[7] Later this faction merged with Kerala Congress (Thomas). In 2018, Kerala Congress (Secular) Kalalda Das faction merged with Kerala Congress.


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