Kegeyli District (Uzbek: Kegeyli tumani, Karakalpak: Kegeyli rayonı) is a district of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan. The capital lies at Kegeyli.

Kegeyli District
Location of Kegeyli District in Qoraqalpog’iston.png
Country Uzbekistan
Autonomous RepublicKarakalpakstan
 • Total58 200
Time zoneUTC+5 (UZT)


The origin of kegeyli is associated with the Kegeyli canal, which flows through the town itself and through the district of Kegeyli also. Both sides of this canal are called Kegeyli because they were surrounded by kegay trees and turquoise. This was later generalized to the town.


Kegeyli district was created in 2004 by the merger of former Bozatau district (the northern part of todays district) and former Kegeyli district (the south-eastern part of todays district). This merger was effected by Resolution 598-II of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan (11 February 2004) and Resolution 225 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (11 May 2004), which abolished Bozatau district and created the enlarged Kegeyli district.[1]


As of 2011 there were eleven locations holding an official status: one city (Xalqobod), two towns (Kegeyli, Qozoonketkan) and nine communities (Abat, Aktuba, Aspantay, Erkindarya, Janabozor, Jalpaqjap, Kumshunkoʻl, Oqtoʻba, Qiziluy).


Most of the population is Karakalpak, but there are also Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Tatars, Koreans, Russians and others. In average there are 62 people per km². The urban population is 33,800 as of 2000.[2]


In shirkat farms, mainly cotton is cultivated. About 18,000 pieces of cattle, 18,000 sheep and 10 camels are fed in district and private farms.


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Coordinates: 42°46′32″N 59°36′37″E / 42.775651°N 59.610228°E / 42.775651; 59.610228