Kaydyacha Bola

Kaydyacha Bola (Marathi: काय द्याच बोला) is a Marathi drama film released on 4 November 2005.[1] It is inspired by the Hollywood movie My Cousin Vinny. The film is produced by Dr. Uday Tamhankar and directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni. It revolves around two youngsters who are wrongly accused of murder and the dramatic, emotional yet comical trial that follows.

Kaydyacha Bola
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Theatrical release poster
Directed byChandrakant Kulkarni
Produced byDr. Uday Tamhankar
StarringMakarand Anaspure
Akshay Pendse
Umesh Kamat
Sharvari Jamenis
Sachin Khedekar
Arun Nalawade
Mohan Agashe
Nirmiti Sawant
Sanjay Mone
Pushkar Shrotri
Amita Khopkar
Ganesh Yadav
Girish Joshi
Music byTyagraj Khadilkar
Release date
  • 4 November 2005 (2005-11-04)


Two friends and engineering students, Abhijeet Vaidya (Umesh Kamat) and Harshavardhan Ghodke (Akshay Pendse) decide to go to Mumbai in the latter's relatives' red-coloured Scorpio car, without informing their respective parents. When they reach Mumbai the next morning, they stop at a petrol pump. Before filling petrol, the men get their car tyres filled with air from a mechanic called Tambi (Samir Choughule) and also jokingly converse with dance artist, Saraswati Bai (Nirmiti Sawant), whose dance troupe has also stopped at the petrol pump for their bus repair work. While Harshavardhan is getting petrol filled in their car, Abhijeet decides to go to a shop in the vicinity to buy snacks, which is owned by Mr. Sawant (Girish Joshi). Abhijeet, who has woken up an irritated Sawant from his sleep, manages to persuade Sawant to let him inside his shop and while buying snacks, he quickly steals a music CD to teach Sawant a lesson for his rude behaviour. They depart the petrol pump.

Soon after, the men are apprehended by the police at a nearby checkpoint for unknown reasons. They initially believe that they have been arrested for stealing from Sawant's shop at the petrol pump. After being taken to the police station, they learn that the petrol pump employee who had filled petrol in their car was killed inside the premises and they have been accused of murdering him. Being lost in a strange city with no contacts, Abhijeet calls his ingenuous mother (Amita Khopkar) in his village to explain their position and asks her to arrange for a lawyer.

Abhijeet and Harshavardhan are detained in the prison for a few days after which their lawyer of dubious credentials, Keshav Kunthalgirikar (Makarand Anaspure), who is also Abhijeet's uncle, visits them and asks them to be truthful with him and in the court about their involvement in the murder.

Being totally new to the practice of law, on the first hearing of their murder trial, Keshav embarrasses himself before prosecution counsel, Mr. Phadnavis (Sachin Khedekar) and judge, Mr. Prabhune (Mohan Agashe). Because of his disrespectful behaviour and failure to follow court etiquette, the judge punishes him for contempt of court and sentences him to imprisonment for two days. In the prison, Keshav meets a serial gambler and goon, Bhai (Sanjay Mone) and his gang who bully and make fun of Keshav.

Upon being released, Keshav learns that his old love interest, Neha (Sharvari Jamenis) has come to meet him in Mumbai. After a lot of deliberation, Keshav and Neha check into a hotel room where Neha is shown to be romantic and Keshav shy.

During the next hearing of the murder trial, Keshav argues that the only evidence against the accused is circumstantial which Mr. Phadnavis counters by saying that the available evidence is strong enough to convict them.

Later, it shown that Harshavardhan's father, Suryakant Ghodke (Arun Nalawade), a politician, learns of their arrest and tries to arrange for a more experienced lawyer to defend them instead of the raw and inexperienced Keshav. He arranges for Advocate G.B. Godbole (Pushkar Shrotri), but he stutters and stammers constantly and has great difficulty forming cohesive sentences, leading to a lot of amusement in the court. He is, however, tremendously impressed by the cross-examination skills of Keshav and decides to retain him.

In the next hearing, the prosecution examines Saraswati Bai and Tambi (being the two people present at the petrol pump when the murder happened), but Keshav's effective cross-examination establishes that the possibility of another red-coloured Scorpio car being present at the scene of the crime at the time of the murder cannot be ruled out, thus creating reasonable doubt. In the following hearing, the prosecution examines Mr. Sawant, who is still irritated about the fact that Abhijeet disturbed his sleep and vociferously states that the murderer could not have been anybody else but the two accused. Keshav cross-examines Mr. Sawant and exploits gaps in his testimony to establish that Mr. Sawant's attention was diverted from the petrol pump around the time of murder and thus, he could not have stated with absolute certainty that nobody else is the murderer. Finally, the investigating officer of the case, Inspector P.J. Ambildhage (Ganesh Yadav) is examined in the court, where even the probability of the police manipulating evidence to trap the accused is discussed, which further weakens the prosecution case.

At the end of this hearing, Mr. Phadnavis, seemingly impressed with his novice opponent's advocacy skills, invites him to his farmhouse for a drink that evening. During their meeting, Phadnavis carefully teases around Keshav's law school days, his graduation and his initial days as a lawyer, which Keshav hesitantly answers. He gets into a debate with Phadnavis about how law and advocacy is more than just about earning money and manipulating the legal system to win cases. This irks Phadnavis, who has a record of never losing a case. Phadnavis angrily orders him to leave and promises that he will destroy Keshav's case in the next hearing.

At the final hearing of the trial, Keshav concludes his arguments and has seemingly succeeded in convincing the judge of his clients' innocence. However, Phadnavis twists the tale and asks for permission to examine Keshav as a witness, to everybody's puzzlement. Phadnavis asks Keshav under oath about his shaky professional history and eventually, it is revealed that Keshav never passed the Bar or acquired a license to practise law. On this ground, Phadnavis applies to the court for re-trial of the case, with a qualified lawyer to represent the accused. Keshav admits his mistake. He then goes on to make an emotional speech about how the law was meant to uphold justice and serve the needy and instead, laments that it has become a tool for people like Phadnavis to exploit technical loopholes in the procedure to strongarm cases in their favour, at the expense of the poor and needy who end up with nothing in their hands. As regards the case, Keshav creates more reasonable doubt by explaining that the angle of the wounds found on the deceased person's body strongly indicate the murderer should have been a left-hander and points out that both his clients are right-handers.

The judge, on the basis of reasonable doubt, announces a verdict of not guilty for the accused, much to the relief of Keshav and the accused. However, given that Keshav committed a crime by practising law without a license, he orders a trial against Keshav for cheating and contempt of court. In the end, Abhijeet and Harshavardhan profusely thank Keshav for his help and apologise for what everything cost him. The film ends with Keshav being taken to prison in a prison van as an accused.



The music is provided by Tyagraj Khadilkar.


The film was received quite positively by critics and the audience and performed fairly well at the box office. All the actors were appreciated for their roles, no matter how major or minor.


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