Kavach (TV series)

Kavach (English: Shield) is a supernatural horror drama television series that airs on Colors TV. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, it is based on the story of Savitri and Satyavan.[1]

Kavach Mahashivratri.png
Also known asKavach... Kaali Shaktiyon Se
Kavach... Maha Shivratri
Based onSavitri and Satyavan
Directed bySantram Varma
Ranjan Kumar Singh
Creative directorsAsgar Ali Shaikh
Sandip Sikand
StarringSeason 1
Mona Singh
Vivek Dahiya
Sara Khan
Season 2
Deepika Singh
Namik Paul
Vin Rana
Opening themeSeason 1
Hanuman Chalisa
Season 2
shiv Chalisa
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodesSeason 1
Season 2
ProducersShobha Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor
Production locationsMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time44–55 minutes
Production companyBalaji Telefilms
Original networkColors TV
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release11 June 2016 (2016-06-11) –
27 October 2019 (2019-10-27)
Preceded byNaagin 3
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The first season titled Kavach... Kali Shaktiyon Se premiered on 11 June 2016 and starred Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya and Sara Khan as Paridhi, Rajbeer and Manjulika. The first season ended on 20 November 2016, completing 47 episodes.[2]

The second season titled Kavach... Maha Shivratri premiered on 25 May 2019, starring Deepika Singh, Namik Paul and Vin Rana as Sandhya, Angad and Kapil. The second season ended abruptly on 27 October 2019. It had 42 episodes only.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally Broadcast
First aired Last aired
1 47 11 June 2016 (2016-06-11) 20 November 2016 (2016-11-20)
2 42 25 May 2019 (2019-05-25) 27 October 2019 (2019-10-27)


Season 1Edit

The first season revolves around love, passion and obsession that breaks the barriers between the living world and the afterlife. It explores the never ending love of Paridhi for her husband Rajbeer Bundela protecting him from Manjulika, Rajbeer's former lover who has become a spirit after her death and has come to haunt him and Paridhi. Manujlika possessed Paridhi to get close to Rajbir. Manujlika's mother Saudamini who was trapped by Bundela family was also released. Paridhi is helped by a genie named Arhaan.

Season 2Edit

The second season portrays the mystery of Lord Shiva's temple in Devlali beside a cremation ground where if an unmarried woman worships Lord Shiva on Mahashivratri night she can see her future husband's face. Evil spirits wander fearlessly at this time.

Sandhya, an unmarried beautiful girl ends up at this temple and worships Lord Shiva who shows her the face of a man. Sandhya, however, is engaged to be married to Angad whom she suspects is seeing someone else. She meets the mystery man as Angad's best friend, Kapil. A number of mishaps befall Sandhya but she is saved by Kapil each time. She decides to still marry Angad but on the wedding day, Sandhya ends up marrying Kapil first, when it is revealed that Kapil is an evil entity who had been plotting revenge for two years. Later, she realizes the truth about Kapil and her love for Angad and marries him, thus breaking her marriage with Kapil. However, Angad is soon possessed by Kapil who murders Ashutosh. Kapil also wants to impregnate Sandhya so that she bears his child in her womb. With help from Lord Shiva, a possessed Angad is able to reveal the truth to Sandhya who decides to protect Angad from Kapil by tying a rudraksha around his neck.

Sandhya discovers Kapil's past, he was a just man living with his wife Sakshi and son, Shakshi is later revealed to be Sandhya's abandoned twin sister, and Usha and Vinayak's lost daughter. After Kapil and his family were murdered by Ashutosh, Manoj. Bhairavi and Jolly, he and Sakshi turned into vengeful spirits seeking revenge on the perpetrators of their family life. Sandhya tries to convince Kapil and Sakshi to stop the killings and then Kapil's spirit is forced unwilling to leave Earth with the help of Shivji's priests. However, before leaving Kapil had succeeded in his physical relationship with Sandhya. Thus she becomes pregnant with Kapil's child. She decides to keep the baby with support from Angad and their families. Soon, Sandhya gives birth to a baby boy named Prem. However, Sakshi's spirit blames Sandhya for her abandonment and kidnaps Prem.

7 years laterEdit

After a while, Angad and Sandhya have a daughter, Aastha. On the other hand, Sandhya misses Prem and is desperately searching for him. Prem is shown to be living in Kapil's house like an animal, completely untouched by human interaction. Soon Sandhya finds Prem and brings him home, but he is not well accepted by all the Jindals due to his wild behavior. A rift develops between Sandhya and Angad due to Prem, as Angad starts feeling that Sandhya favors Prem who is her and Kapil's son over their own daughter, Aastha. Sakshi returns and becomes jealous on seeing Prem's growing attachment towards Sandhya. She soon takes control over Sandhya's body with the help of tantriks. However, with the help of a psychic named Rekha, Sandhya is able to find the truth behind Sakshi's death and convinces Angad to help her. Sandhya tells Sakshi that she will sacrifice herself and her life and leave everything to Sakshi. Sakshi is moved by Sandhya's kind act and finally decides to leave giving Prem safety to Sandhya.

After Sakshi's departure, Prem is constantly haunted by an evil entity named Bhao. Since Prem is a child born through the union of a human, Sandhya and Kapil, a spirit, he is supposed to possess special powers. Thus, Sandhya being a mother now becomes a kavach (shield) for Prem protecting him from Bhao.


Season 1Edit

  • Mona Singh as Paridhi "Pari" Bundela– Bhavya's daughter; Minty's friend; Rajbeer's wife[3]
  • Vivek Dahiya as Rajbeer Bundela– Jagat and Janki's son; Vikrant and Shreya's brother; Shakti's foster brother; Manjulika's former lover; Paridhi's husband[4]
  • Mahek Chahal/Sara Khan as Manjulika Shah– Saudamini's daughter; Shakti's sister; Rajbeer's former lover; Tipsy's aunt[5]
  • Ashwini Kalsekar as Saudamini Shah– Manjulika and Shakti's mother[6]
  • Deepali Kamath as Dhaarini Bundela– Kunal's wife; Rajbeer, Vikrant and Shreya's aunt; Shakti's foster aunt
  • Shiva Randani as Kunal Bundela– Jagat's brother; Dhaarini's husband; Rajbeer, Vikrant and Shreya's uncle; Shakti's foster uncle
  • Preeti Gupta/Resha Konkar as Natasha Shah– Shakti's wife; Tipsy's mother
  • Arun Singh Rana as Vikrant Bundela– Jagat and Janki's son; Rajbeer and Shreya's brother
  • Anurag Sharma as Shakti Shah– Saudamini's son; Manjulika's brother; Jagat and Janki's foster son; Rajbeer, Vikrant and Shreya's foster brother; Natasha's husband; Tipsy's father
  • An unknown child actress as Tipsi Shah– Shakti and Natasha's daughter
  • Astha Agarwal as Minty Singhal– Paridhi's friend
  • Neena Cheema as Karuna– Paridhi's grandmother
  • Avdeep Sidhu as Vishal Mehra– Yamini's son; Shreya's former fiancé
  • An unknown actress as Shreya Bajpayee– Jagat and Janki's daughter; Rajbeer and Vikrant's sister; Shakti's foster sister; Kabir's wife
  • Parveen Kaur as Yamini Mehra– Vishal's mother
  • Leena Jumani as Niti
  • Garima Jain as Nisha Angre– Rajbeer's former fiancée
  • Arjun Bijlani as Arhaan– Jinn; Paridhi's helper[7]
  • Jyoti Gauba as Bhavya– Fairy; Paridhi's mother[8]
  • Malhar Pandya as Dr. Akaash Mehra– Psychiatrist
  • Pavitra Punia as Ritu Bajpayee– Kabir's sister; Rajbeer's former fiancée
  • Mehul Vyas as Kabir Bajpayee– Ritu's brother; Shreya's husband
  • Mohit Abrol as Jolly
  • Ritu Vijj as Janki Bundela– Jagat's wife; Rajbeer, Vikrant and Shreya's mother; Shakti's foster mother
  • An unknown actor as Jagat Bundela– Kunal's brother; Janki's husband; Rajbeer, Vikrant and Shreya's father; Shakti's foster father

Season 2Edit

  • Deepika Singh in double role as
    • Sandhya Jindal– Vinayak and Usha's daughter; Sakshi, Mowgli and Suman's sister; Kapil's former wife; Angad's wife; Prem and Aastha's mother
    • Sakshi Salgaonkar– Vinayak and Usha's daughter; Sandhya, Mowgli and Suman's sister; Kapil's wife
  • Namik Paul as Angad Jindal– Balraj and Malini's son; Shobha and Sanjana's brother; Roohi and Dev's cousin; Sandhya's husband; Aastha's father[9]
  • Zoya Viaan Shah as Prem Salgaonkar– Kapil and Sandhya's son
  • Vin Rana as Kapil Salgaonkar– Sakshi's husband; Sandhya's former husband; Prem's father
  • Alina Pagaria as Aastha Jindal– Angad and Sandhya's daughter[10]
  • Mallika Nayak as Malini Jindal– Balraj's wife; Angad, Shobha and Sanjana's mother
  • Manuj Bhaskar as Balraj Jindal– Jolly's brother; Malini's husband; Angad, Shobha and Sanjana's father; Roohi and Dev's uncle
  • Pranitaa Pandit as Rekha– Psychic
  • Antara Banerjee as Sanjana Jindal– Balraj and Malini's daughter; Angad and Shobha's sister
  • Harsh Vashisht as Jolly Jindal– Balraj's brother; Kiran's husband; Roohi and Dev's father; Angad, Shobha and Sanjana's uncle
  • Bhavana Roy as Kiran Jindal– Jolly's wife; Roohi and Dev's mother; Angad, Shobha and Sanjana's aunt
  • Rushal Parakh as Dev Jindal– Jolly and Kiran's son; Roohi's brother; Angad, Shobha and Sanjana's cousin
  • Sabina Jat as Roohi Jindal– Jolly and Kiran's daughter; Dev's sister; Angad, Shobha and Sanjana's cousin
  • Susheel Bonthiyaal as Vinayak Patwardhan– Veerendra and Madhuri's son; Mankesh and Manju's brother; Usha's husband; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli and Suman's father; Ankit, Kartik and Akhil's uncle
  • Deepali Kamath as Usha Patwardhan– Vinayak's wife; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli and Suman's mother; Ankit, Kartik and Akhil's aunt
  • Smita Oak as Madhuri Patwardhan– Veerendra's wife; Vinayak, Mankesh and Manju's mother; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli, Suman, Ankit, Kartik and Akhil's grandmother
  • Sushil Parashar as Veerendra Patwardhan– Madhuri's husband; Vinayak, Mankesh and Manju's father; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli, Suman, Ankit, Kartik and Akhil's grandfather
  • Nidhi Shah as Suman Patwardhan– Vinayak and Usha's daughter; Sandhya, Sakshi and Mowgli's sister
  • as Mowgli Patwardan– Vinayak and Usha's son; Sandhya, Sakshi and Suman's brother
  • Mandeep Kumar as Mankesh Patwardhan– Veerendra and Madhuri's son; Vinayak and Manju's brother; Pratibha's husband; Ankit, Kartik and Akhil's father; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli and Suman's uncle
  • as Pratibha Patwardhan– Mankesh's wife; Ankit, Kartik and Akhil's mother; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli and Suman's aunt
  • Luckbir Arora as Ankit Patwardhan– Mankesh and Pratibha's son; Kartik and Akhil's brother; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli and Suman's cousin; Shobha's husband
  • Sanyogita Mayer as Shobha Patwardhan– Balraj and Malini's daughter; Angad and Sanjana's sister; Roohi and Dev's cousin; Rishi's former wife; Ankit's wife
  • Suraj Kakkar as Police Officer Kartik Patwardhan– Mankesh and Pratibha's son; Ankit and Akhil's brother; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli and Suman's cousin
  • Kabeer Kumar as Akhil Patwardhan– Mankesh and Pratibha's son; Ankit and Kartik's brother; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli and Suman's cousin
  • Hritu Dudani as Nisha
  • Vijay Badlani IAS Rishi Mitter– Shobha's former husband
  • Shirin Sewani as Archana– Sandhya's friend
  • Afzaal Khan as Manoj– Jolly's friend
  • Rishika Nag as Ranjana– Sandhya's friend
  • Yogita Bihani as Manju Patwardhan– Veerendra and Madhuri's daughter; Vinayak and Mankesh's sister; Sandhya, Sakshi, Mowgli, Suman, Ankit, Kartik and Akhil's aunt


The series was released in 2016 on Colors TV. The series also airs on Colors TV HD and Colors TV Asia. The show is also broadcast internationally on the latter's international distribution. It airs in U.K., U.S., Malaysia, Canada, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Ireland, South Africa, Indonesia, Chile, Philippines, Ghana, and Singapore and has also been dubbed in several Indian languages.

Kavach 1 was dubbed in into Tamil as Maya Mohini and aired on Star Vijay TV but gradually lost viewers. Kavach 2 was dubbed into Tamil as Sandhya and aired on Colors Tamil TV.[11] Kavach 1 has been dubbed in Bengali for the channel Colors Bangla under the name Pran Bhomra
Kavach 2 has also been dubbed in Bengali for the channel Colors Bangla under the name Kavach Mahashivratri[12]

Kavach's dubbed version(s)
Country Channel Name Language
Worldwide Colors India Kavach Hindi
Asia Colors Rishtey
India Colors TV
Star Maa Kapade Kavacham Telugu[13]
Star Vijay Maya Mohini Tamil[14]
Colors Tamil Sandhya
Asianet Kavacham Malayalam[15]
India Colors Bangla Pran Bhomra (Season 1)
Kavach Mahashivratri (Season 2)
Indonesia ANTV Kavach Indonesian
Vietnam Echannel (VTVCab5) Nàng Dâu Vệ Thần (season 1) Vietnamese
THVL Cuộc Chiến Với Phù Thủy


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