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Kanpur division is an administrative geographical unit of Uttar Pradesh state of India. Kanpur is the administrative headquarters of the division. Currently (2005), the division consists of districts of:

Kanpur division, Uttar Pradesh
Kanpur division.svg
Location of Kanpur division in Uttar Pradesh
Districts 1. Kanpur Dehat, 2. Kanpur Nagar, 3. Auraiya, 4. Kannauj, 5. Farrukhabad, 6. Etawah
Area 14,810 km2 (5,720 sq mi)
Population 12,861,159 (2011 est.)

History of administrative districts in Kanpur DivisionEdit

Kanpur division was earlier part of the Allahabad division. In the year, 2000, the Mayawati government did a major reshuffle of the Allahabad division, and a separate Kanpur division was created.

The Kanpur district itself was bifurcated into Kanpur Dehat and Kanpur Nagar. Kanpur Dehat was renamed as Ramabai Nagar, after the name of Ramabai (1896-1935), the wife of Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. It is famous that the secret of success in life of B.R. Ambedkar was his wife Ramabai.[citation needed] In 2012 the name was changed back to Kanpur Dehat.

Rank Metropolitan Area Area (km sq.) 2011 (Provisional figures) Coverage
1 Kanpur 450 2,920,067 Includes Kanpur Cantonment and Chakeri
2 Farrukhabad 40 275,754 Includes Fatehgarh
3 Etawah 35 256,790
4 Auraiya 25 64,598
5 Kannauj 20 71,530
6 Ghatampur 12 35,496
7 Chhibramau 10 50,279
7 Bharthana 10 38,781

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