Kaniv Reservoir

The Kaniv Reservoir (Ukrainian: Канівське водосховище, Kanivs'ke vodoskhovyshche) is a water reservoir located on the Dnieper River in Ukraine. Named after the city of Kaniv, it covers a total area of 675 square kilometres within the Cherkasy and Kyiv Oblasts.[1] It was created in 1972 following construction of the dams of the Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Dnieper River.

Kaniv Reservoir
Kaniv Reservoir is located in Ukraine Cherkasy Oblast (country map)
Kaniv Reservoir
Kaniv Reservoir
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LocationKaniv (to the south), Cherkasy and Kyiv Oblasts, Ukraine
Coordinates49°55′34″N 31°28′46″E / 49.92611°N 31.47944°E / 49.92611; 31.47944Coordinates: 49°55′34″N 31°28′46″E / 49.92611°N 31.47944°E / 49.92611; 31.47944
TypeHydroelectric reservoir
Primary inflowsDnieper River
Primary outflowsDnieper River
Basin countriesRussia, Belarus, Ukraine
Max. length162 km (101 mi)
Max. width5 km (3.1 mi)
Surface area675 km2 (261 sq mi)
Average depth5.5 m (18 ft)
Water volume2.6 km3 (2,100,000 acre⋅ft)
Surface elevation87 m (285 ft)

The reservoir is 162 km long, up to 5 km wide, and has an average depth of 5.5 meters. The total water volume is 2.6 km³.[1]


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