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Kammara Sambhavam is a 2018 Indian Malayalam-language satirical thriller film written by Murali Gopy and directed by Rathish Ambat. The film was produced by Gokulam Gopalan and stars Dileep, Siddharth, Murali Gopy, Bobby Simha, and Namitha Pramod. The film marks the Malayalam film debut of Siddharth. Principal photography began on 18 August 2016 in Kochi. The film was released in India on 14 April 2018.

Kammara Sambhavam
Kammara Sambhavam film poster.jpg
Directed byRathish Ambat
Produced byGokulam Gopalan
Written byMurali Gopy
Murali Gopy
Namitha Pramod
Bobby Simha
Shweta Menon
Simarjeet Singh Nagra
Music byGopi Sundar
CinematographySunil K. S.
Edited bySuresh Urs
Sree Gokulam Movies
Distributed byGraand Production
Kalasangham Films
Release date
  • 14 April 2018 (2018-04-14)[1]
Running time
182 minutes



A group of liquor barons, led by Francis who are members of the Indian Liberation Party (ILP), a deteriorated old political party wants their party to win the upcoming Kerala state election on the intention of controlling the business and power. To increase the party's public image, they come up with the idea of making a biopic about Kammaran Nambiar, the patriarch of their party and the last surviving person to have involved in the Indian independence movement. They visit director Pulikeshi for making the film based on a chapter in the book Unsung Heroes of India by Robert S. Coogan, which depict Kammaran as a forgotten freedom fighter. Kammaran, now an ailing old man lives with his son Bose and his wife. Pulikeshi meets him to hear the stories from himself.

Kammaran is an ailing old man living in his old house with his son Bose (Siddique). With everyone waiting outside, Kammaran opens up to the young man on his past. During the World War II, Kammaran, a medical practitioner who was a meek, cunning and shrewd young guy with a psychopathic nature and one who didn't hesitate to tread the paths of treachery for his own personal gain. At the same time, Othenan (Siddharth) is the son of the cruel landlord Kelu (Murali Gopy) but is estranged from him.

Kammaran doesn't like Othenan as he is in a relation with the girl whom Kammaran has eyes on. To win over everyone, Kammaran cleverly creates a violent war between the villagers, Othenan, Kelu and the British officers. During the rampage Kammaran kills Kelu and avenges his father's murder. After the havoc finishes and Othenan are taken to custody, Kammaran is secretly set free as planned earlier.

Then Kammaran narrates that one night, a still alive Othenan visited him. At this point, the old man starts coughing hard unable to talk further. Pulikeshi is later make the film according to the intentions they have in mind. The film is later made with Dileep performing the role of Kammaran and the aged Kammaran desires to watch it on screen. When he watches it, he understands that it has not his real life depiction. The story is virtually reversed, so that Kammaran is made the good guy and Othenan the villain.In the film Othenan and Singh are working for the British and get captured being a traitor by Netaji Subash Chandrabose's men.Netaji orders his men to kill them at the India border by walking them across .At the border Othenan and Singh are able to kill the men using their tactics and escape.Othenan then kills Himanshu,the man who reported their treachery .Meanwhile in AmruthaSamudram Malayil Maheshwari,the landlord who is wife of Kelu now a good person beats a man who has not paid the money back with a whip.Everyone including Bhanumathi(now a rebel who is against landlords and British ,now teaching the younger children about "aneethi","akramam" and making them capable of fighting against the forces in the future),Suredran(Kammaran's later follower) aren't able do anything against her. Suddenly Kammaran Nambiar who is the leader of the ILP arrives with his men on a bullet.Kammaran is now a modified version of himself riding bullet and smoking cigars.Kammaran is able to prevent the harass of the poor man and Maheshwari is forced to leave the place due to Kammaran's mass support.Further Kammaran does many things for his villages like fighting of Maheshwari's men,looting money from British hands and sharing it among his villagers etc.Kammaran marries Bhanumathi.This is the time when Othenan returns back . Maheshwari and Othenan start plotting against Kammaran with the British even though Kelu is against it.Initially they had planned to assassinate Mahathma Gandhi but Netaji somehow knew about it and tried to send a coded letter to Kammaran his trustworthy in AmruthaSamudram.But the letter really came into Othenan's hands.With this letter Othenan plan to gain Kammaran's trust and thereby making him the cause of Mahathma's death.So Othenan and Satnam Singh reach Kammaran's hideout and thereby gains Kammaran's trust by showing him Netaji's last letter to him before his death by plane crash.Kammaran tells them the story how he met Netaji.Initially Kammaran met Ganghiji in his ashram at Ahmedabad and became his disciple for a few period of time.Finally he understood that by staying in the path of non violence he couldn't fight for India's independence.Hence he joined the Indian Army.During The Battle Of Imphal 1944,Kammaran fought bravely.During the Battle he saves Netaji who just got injured due to a granade explosion.Since he is weak and since he has got confidence in brave Kammaran,he asks him to return back to AmruthaSamudram and form a strong party(ILP).He asks him whether he is having some powerful symbol for his party.He then remembers the day when his father was murdered by Maheshwari's men.He was killed by an axe.young Kammaran had pulled out the axe from his father's body and had descided to take revenge upon India's landlord system.Kammaran tells Netaji about this.Netaji likes the symbol and asks him immediately for his departure.So he returned to AmruthaSamudram and formed ILP.Kammaran stops his narration.According to Netaji's letter the British had planned to assassinate Mahathma Gandhi during his visit to Madurai Temple since all the caste and races are now allowed to visit the temple.Kammaran assumes that the assassination may take place on the path of Mahathma's visit to Temple and splits his men into 3 groups in 3 places.Kammaran himself descides to ride on the train with Gandhi.Meanwhile Othenan and Satnam plans to assassinate Gandhi during his train ride so they could frame the murder on Kammaran since he is a rebel.When Kammaran and Thilakan are on the station young Surendran immediately arrives to tell something. Othenan and Satnam enters the train by jumping on the top and moves to Mahathma's coach .Gandhiji and the fellow men are singing and aren't listening to anything happening .Othenan pulls out the concealed gun and aims at Gandhiji.Suddenly they see another gun aiming at them.It was Kammaran who has now covered himself with a black blanket.Kammaran had known Othenan plans when he met Surendran who was an informer of Kelu.Othenan and Satnam runs on seeing Kammaran but Kammaran chases them.A fight takes place between Kammaran , Thilakan,Othenan and his men which ends up in the death of Satnam and Thilakan.Kammaran chases Othenan to the top of the train where they have a brutal fight which ends up in the death of Othenan by Kammaran.Kammaran is now to be hanged since he has killed a British officer .No one believes Kammaran's story on Gandhiji's assassination except Officer Robert S Coogan who has a sympathy and respect toward brave Kammaran.Kammaran tells Bhanumathi to name their upcoming child as Bose in honour of Netaji and tells her not to be sad.Robert seeks Jawaharlal Nehru's help who had previously met Kammaran at Ahmedabad ashram.Thus Kammaran is freed just before he gets assassinated .His followers and his villagers ask him to participate in election which he rejects but Kammaran promises them to be back whenever a problem arises and they needs him.Thus the film ends.

The film becomes a success, and soon leads to ILP coming back to power and contesting in election. Ultimately Kammaran is made the Chief Minister of Kerala and now Kammaran has changed from his older self yet not in a good way as in the film. Pulikesi arrives to meet him about asking what happened to Othenan and it is shown that years later Othenan came for Bhanumathi who was Kammaran's wife then, and he killed him brutally but Kammaran doesn't reveal this to Pulikeshi. Kammaran tells Pulikeshi that the movie is now the history in everybody's mind and the actual events doesn't matter anymore.



This is the feature film directorial debut of advertisement filmmaker Rathish Ambat.[2] In the film, scripted by Murali Gopi, the plot follows the adventures of Kammaran, the character played by Dileep.[3] According to Ambat, "we can't limit the movie to any specific genre", it has politics, contemporary relevance, history and elements of a thriller.[4] He describes the film as "a satire that has politics, history and cinema". Murali worked on the script for nearly two years.[5] Murali also describes the film as a satire that crisscross period, pop as well as black comedy.[6] Sidharth makes his Malayalam film debut with the film. Namitha Pramod plays the female lead.[7]

Principal photography began on 18 August 2016 in Kochi.[8] The production was unexpectedly stalled while it was filming in Theni, Tamil Nadu during July 2017 and after a break the filming restarted on 9 October 2017 in Vengara, Malappuram district; Dileep rejoined the film on 20 October in Malayattoor, Ernakulam district.[9] There was a schedule in Chennai which completed before December 2017, after which one schedule was remaining to be shot in Theni.[10] By the time it stalled production in July, the film had already spend 10 crore on budget.[11] It was completed on a total budget of 20 crore.[12][13]


The film's original songs were composed by Gopi Sundar.[14]

1."Njano Ravo"Rafeeq AhamedHaricharan Sheshadri, Divya S. Menon5:12
2."Azhikkullil"B. K. HarinarayananKarthik, Divya S. Menon4:55
3."Anjandu Bharikkan"Anil PanachooranMurali Gopy4:11


The film was released in India on 14 April 2018.


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