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Jysk A/S (Danish: [ˈjysk]) is a Danish retail chain, selling household goods such as mattresses, furniture and interior décor. Jysk is the largest Danish retailer operating internationally. In total, the companies have 2,937 stores in 50 countries and over 22,000 employees. The turnover in the financial year 19/20 was 4.1 billion Euro.[1] The company is owned by Lars Larsen Group.[2]

Jysk A/S
Founded2 April 1979; 42 years ago (2 April 1979) in Aarhus, Denmark
FounderLars Larsen
HeadquartersBrabrand, Denmark
Area served
Europe, Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Greenland, Canada
Key people
Jacob Brunsborg (chairman)
Number of employees
app. 22,000 (2018)
ParentLars Larsen Group

Jysk (meaning "Jutlandic") was founded by Lars Larsen, who opened the first store on Silkeborgvej in the Danish city Aarhus in April 1979.[3] The logo displays a goose, which has a historical thread to the brand.[4]

Jysk in Hungary
Jysk store in Sweden
Jysk in Czech Republic
Jysk store in Oulu, Finland
Jysk store in Łódź, Poland



Jysk store in Slovakia


On 2 April 1979 the world's first Jysk Sengetøjslager opened in Aarhus, Denmark, where it still operates today.

In 1984, Jysk Sengetøjslager opened its first store outside the country - Dänisches Bettenlager in Germany; and the Jysk Franchise also opened its first store in Greenland. In 1986, Jysk Franchise opened its first store in the Faroe Islands. In 1987, Jysk expanded to Iceland and opened a store in Kópavogur.


In 1995, Jysk opened its first store in Finland.[6] In 1996: Jysk opened its first Canadian store in Coquitlam, British Columbia[7] In 1998, The company celebrated the opening its store number 500.


In 2000, Jysk opened its first store in Poland.[8] In 2001 The stores in Denmark, Sweden and Finland changed their name from Jysk Sengetøjslager, Jysk Bäddlager and Jysk Vuodevarasto to Jysk. In 2004, Jysk opened its first store in Hungary

In 2008 Jysk Nordic opened Northern Europe's largest warehouse in Uldum in Mid-Jutland. The warehouse now has an area of 64,000 m2.[9]

In 2008, Jysk opened its first stores in the United Kingdom. Mansfield and Lincoln opened in April, then Blackburn and York opened in the summer.[10]


In 2010 Jysk was granted a royal warrant of appointment as a purveyor to the Queen of Denmark. Also in 2010, Jysk's staff magazine GO JYSK won several awards, as staff magazine 2010 in Denmark and as the second best staff magazine in Europe.

In 2011 Jysk launched its own television channel on www.jysk.tv.

In 2013, Jysk opened its first store in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. This marked the first Jysk store in the Caucasus.[11]

In 2014–2015, Jysk opened a store in Mall Taman Anggrek and Pejaten Village in Jakarta, Indonesia.[12] Jysk continued to expand in Indonesia as the company opens four new stores at Margo City Depok, Kuningan City and Pluit Village in Jakarta, and Aeon Mall BSD City in Tangerang.

In 2016 Jysk expanded by opening its first stores in Singapore at Tiong Bahru Plaza.[13] two stores in Belarus, its first store in Tajikistan,[14] and its first store in Tbilisi.[15]

In 2017 it expanded further opening its third store in Minsk,[16] and the first in Brest.[17] and its first store in Kuwait.[18]

In 2018, Jysk opened its first store in Dubai.[19]

In 2019, Jysk opened its first store in Thailand.[20] and opened its first store in Baku.[21] and opened its 4th logistics hub in Bulgaria - DCB (Distribution Center Bozhurishte),[22] and Jysk opened its first store in the Republic of Ireland. Located in Naas Co.Kildare it is planned to be the first of 15, (later revised to 40)[23] stores across the country. Stores currently operate in Naas, Drogheda, Navan, Portlaoise, Youghal, Limerick, Sligo and Santry (as of October 2020)[24]

Lars Larsen died 19 August 2019.[25]


In 2020 Jysk opened its first store in Moscow.[26] The Austrian branch, formerly "Dänisches Bettenlager", was rebranded to "Jysk" in 2020[27] The German branch, formerly "Dänisches Bettenlager", rebranded to "Jysk" in 2021; [28] and Jysk Indonesia closed down.


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