Vekoma Junior Coaster

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The Vekoma Junior Coaster is a model of steel roller coaster built by Vekoma. It is commonly referred to as a Roller Skater due to the roller skate shaped cars found on some of the installations.

Junior Coaster
An example of a Vekoma Junior Coaster
StatusIn Production
First manufactured1990
No. of installations76
TypeSteel junior roller coaster
Height restriction110 cm (43 in)
Lift systemSingle friction wheel lift
Junior Coaster at RCDB

Design and operationEdit

The track layouts for the two most common models.

Most Vekoma Junior Coasters consist of a single train made up of several cars, each with a single row of riders. Some, such as Flight of the Hippogriff at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, operate with two trains. There are three basic models (85 meters, 207 meters, and 335 meters), although Vekoma also provides custom models. Instead of the chain lift found on most roller coasters, Vekoma Junior Coasters usually use friction wheels to carry the train up the lift hill.


Coaster name Amusement park Type Opened Status
Achterbahn Rasti-Land 207m 1991 Operating
Aérotrain Parc Saint Paul Custom 2014 Operating
African Thunder Coaster Fun World Custom 2013 Operating
Babylon Happylon Custom 2010 Removed
Backyardigans: Mission to Mars Movie Park Germany 207m 1996 Operating
Bushwacker Ratanga Junction 335m 1998 Removed
Coaster Wonderland 207m 1996 Removed
CrazyCab Coaster Kid City 247m 2015 Operating
Crazy Cab Coaster Trans Studio Mini 207m 2016 Operating
Crazy Cab Coaster Trans Studio Mini 207m 2017 Operating
Crazy Taxi Trans Studio Mini Bollywood 207m 2019 Operating
Dark Coaster Atlantis Land Custom 2019 Operating
Dark Ride E-DA Theme Park Custom 2010 Operating
Delfinexpressen Kolmården Wildlife Park 335m 2009 Operating
Déval'Train Parc des Combes 207m 2003 Operating
Devil's Mine Fort Fun Abenteuerland Custom 1996 Operating
The Dragon Legoland Florida 335m 2011 Operating
Dune Rainbow MagicLand 335m 2011 Operating
Enchanted Airways Universal Studios Singapore Custom 2010 Operating
Energuś Energylandia 335m 2015 Operating
Family Adventure Mirabilandia 335m 2001 Removed
Family Coaster Dream Park 335m 1998 Operating
Flight of the Hippogriff Islands of Adventure 335m 2000 Operating
Flight of the Hippogriff Universal Studios Japan 335m 2014 Operating
Frida Energylandia 247m 2019 Operating
Gadget's Go Coaster Disneyland 207m 1993 Operating
Gadget's Go Coaster Tokyo Disneyland 207m 1995 Operating
Garuda Valley Sun World Danang Wonders Custom 2015 Operating
Go Go Coaster Chiba Zoological Park 207m 2000 Removed
Halilintar Kota Fantasi Custom 2004 Removed
Hang Ten Freestyle Music Park Custom 2008 Removed
Herky & Timmy's Racing Coaster Everland Custom 2005 Operating
Innovative Roller Coaster Innovative Film City 335m 2009 Operating
Jul's RollerSkates Julianatoren 207m 1993 Operating
Junior Coaster Gero land 335m 1997 Operating
Junior Roller Coaster Tokushima Familyland 207m 1998 Operating
K3 Roller Skater Plopsaland 335m 1991 Operating
Kumdori Coaster Kumdori Land 207m 1993 Removed
Laser Blaster Window on China Theme Park Custom 1993 Operating
Light Catcher Timezone Custom 1995 Operating
Little Rattler Leofoo Village Theme Park 335m 1993 Operating
Maximus Crealy Adventure Park 207m 2000 Operating
Merlin's Revenge Castle Park 207m 2001 Operating
Mine Express Lihpao Land 335m 2001 Operating
Mine Expressen Fårup Sommerland 335m 1992 Operating
Mine Train Attractiepark Slagharen 335m 2001 Operating
Main Train Coaster Dragon Park 335m 2017 Operating
Mini Mine Train Pleasure Island Family Theme Park 207m 1993 Removed
Mini Mine Train Window on China Theme Park 85m 1993 Operating
Montanha Russa Fantasy Place Custom 1995 Removed
Montanha Russa Neo Geo Family Custom 2003 Operating
Montanha Russa Funcenter Custom 1997 Removed
Navel Coaster Shibukawa Skyland 207m 1998 Operating
Ocean Train Coaster Vinpearl Land 207m 2015 Operating
Oki Doki Bobbejaanland Custom 2004 Operating
Outpost Express Wild Adventures 207m 2000 Operating
Pinestar Porto Europa 207m 1998 Operating
Rakevet Harim Luna Park Tel Aviv 335m 2010 Operating
Rasender Roland Hansa Park Custom 1993 Operating
Rhino Coaster West Midland Safari Park 335m 1992 Operating
Rioolrat Avonturenpark Hellendorrn Custom 1996 Operating
Road Runner Express Six Flags Magic Mountain 207m 2011 Operating
Road Runner Rollercoaster Warner Bros. Movie World 335m 2000 Operating
Roller Coaster Chariots Entertainment Centre 247m 2001 Removed
Roller Coaster Amazing World Custom 2005 Operating
Roller Skater Kentucky Kingdom 207m 1994 Operating
Roller Skater Enchanted Kingdom 207m 1995 Operating
Roller Skater Kijima Kogen 207m 2000 Operating
Rolling Hills Turkmenbashi Fairy Tale World 335m 2006 Operating
Rugido del Jaguar Xejuyup Custom 2019 Storage
Shells Shuttle Powerland Custom 2009 Operating
Space Adventure Kumdori Land Custom 1993 Removed
Sprocket Rockets Six Flags Great America 207m 1998 Operating
Steampunk Hunters TusenFyrd 335m 2012 Operating
Streamliner Coaster Six Flags Fiesta Texas 85m 1992 Operating
Superman: Krypton Coaster Six Flags México 207m 1993 Operating
Svalbard Ekspressen Kongeparken 207m 2000 Operating
Tami-Tami PortAventura Park 207m 1998 Operating
Tatilya Express Tatilya Custom 1996 Removed
Terror Train Planet FunFun Custom 1991 Removed
The Barnstormer Magic Kingdom Custom 1996 Operating
The Dragon Legoland California Custom 1999 Operating
The Dragon Legoland Florida Custom 2011 Operating
Tigor Mountain Beto Carrero World Custom 2007 Operating
Toos-Express Toverland Custom 2001 Operating
Vapor Trail Sesame Place Custom 1998 Operating
Voltron Planeta Primma Custom 2010 Removed
VR Rollercoaster Oriental Pearl Tower Custom 1996 Operating
Wally Whales Deep Dive Adventure Farglory Ocean Park 207m 2002 Operating
Woodstock Express Cedar Point 335m 1999 Operating
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster Universal Studios Florida 207m 1999 Operating
X-treme Coaster X-Site Custom 1997 Operating
unknown Playland Praia de Belas Custom 1993 Removed
unknown Kerry Leisureland Custom 1995 Removed
unknown Qingdao International Beer City 335m 1998 Removed
unknown Tokiwa Park 207m 1997 Removed
unknown Fantawild, Hubei 335m 2019 Under Construction
unknown Tohoku Exhibition 207m 1997 Removed
unknown Erbil Family Fun Custom 2006 Operating
unknown Landora Tamali Park 335m Before 2011 SBNO
unknown Republika Custom Before 2015 SBNO
unknown Fantawild, Henan 335m 2019 Under Construction
unknown Trans Studio Mini Custom 2017 Operating
unknown Fantawild, Sichuan 335m 2019 Under Construction
unknown Trans Studio Mini, East Java 247m 2017 Operating
unknown Trans Studio Mini, East Nusa Tenggara 247m 2018 Operating
unknown Ocean Mall 247m 2019 Under Construction
unknown Attrapark 335m 2022 Under Construction
unknown Trans Studio Mini, West Java 247m 2019 Operating
unknown Transmart Jambi Custom 2021 Under Construction
unknown Yerevan Park 247m 2021 Operating

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