Attractiepark Toverland is an amusement park. Which is located in Sevenum, the Netherlands. It first opened in 2001 as an indoor family entertainment centre,[1] operated by the Gelissen Group. Toverland won the European Star Award for the Best Theme Park in 2018.[2] More recently,[when?] the park shifted towards an older demographic, partially rebranding and adding new attractions.

Attractiepark Toverland
LocationSevenum, Netherlands
Coordinates51°23′46″N 5°59′10″E / 51.396°N 5.986°E / 51.396; 5.986
OpenedMay 19, 2001; 23 years ago (2001-05-19)
OwnerGelissen Group
SloganDiscover Your Own Magic
Attendance1.032.000 (2022)
Roller coasters5
Water rides5
WebsiteAttractiepark Toverland

Themed areas edit

Toverland is divided into six themed areas, two of which are situated indoors.

Land van Toos edit

The Land van Toos is the original indoor area of the park. The attractions include the Vekoma Junior Coaster "Toos-Express," crossing through the building. The theme area is characterised by the many children's rides and playgrounds.

Wunder Wald edit

Wunder Wald is an indoor area located in the same building as the Land van Toos with a ski theme. The area contains playgrounds, a beer garden, and two major attractions - a powered toboggan named "Maximus' Blitz Bahn" and Expedition Zork, a log flume. Between 2015 and 2018 Wunder Wald was rebuilt as a theme area about alpine countries. Before that, Wunder Wald was called Magic Forest and didn't have any decoration. The ride Maximus' Blitz Bahn was the first ride in the theme park with a background story and a themed queue.

Ithaka edit

Ithaka is the original outdoor section of the park, themed to the Ancient Greeks. Ithaka contains three major rides including Troy, a wooden coaster built by Great Coasters International. The area was originally simply named "Troy-Area" in reference to the largest attraction in the area. The area features a replica of the Trojan Horse.

Magische Vallei edit

The Magical Valley is themed as a fantasy land populated by 'Dwervels'. Major attractions in the area includes rollercoasters Dwervelwind and Booster Bike, a rapid river attraction, and several restaurants.

Port Laguna edit

Opened in 2018, Port Laguna is the new entrance area of the park. The area is circle-shaped and features a Mediterranean theme. The area features brightly coloured buildings containing shops, drink and food stores, a game gallery and an interactive show. Port Laguna contains no rides. The area was inspired by the entrance of Disney's Animal Kingdom and the theme area Port Entry of Universal's Islands of Adventure, with some notable differences, such as a curved main street.[3]

Avalon edit

Avalon is the newest area in the park, opened in 2018. Based on Celtic mythology, the area includes the Bolliger & Mabillard-built wing coaster Fēnix.

Rides edit

Water rides edit

Name Type Area
Aqua Snake
Hara Kiri
Water slide Land van Toos  
Djengu River Rapid River Magische Vallei  
Expedition Zork Log Flume Wunder Wald  
Merlin's Quest Boat Ride Avalon  

Roller Coasters edit

Name Type Manufacturer Model Opened Status Other statistics Pictures
Formerly Boomerang
Formerly Achtbaan
Steel Vekoma Junior Coaster (Custom) 2001 Operating
  • Length: 1,049.8 ft (320.0 m)
  • Height: 39.3 ft (12.0 m)
  • Speed: 37.3 mph (60.0 km/h)
Booster Bike Steel Vekoma Motorbike Coaster (600m) 2004 Operating
  • Length: 1,968.5 ft (600.0 m)
  • Height: 49.3 ft (15.0 m)
  • Speed: 46.6 mph (75.0 km/h)
Troy Wood Great Coasters International Wooden roller coaster 2007 Operating
  • Length: 3,534 ft (1,077 m)
  • Height: 104.5 ft (31.9 m)
  • Speed: 54 mph (87 km/h)
Formerly d'wervelwind
Steel Mack Rides Spinning Coaster 2012 Operating
  • Length: 1,640.4 ft (500.0 m)
  • Height: 65.6 ft (20.0 m)
  • Speed: 43.5 mph (70.0 km/h)
Fēnix Steel Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Coaster 2018 Operating
  • Length: 2,667.4 ft (813.0 m)
  • Height: 131.3 ft (40.0 m)
  • Speed: 59 mph (95 km/h)

Other Attractions edit

Name Type Manufacturer Opened Area
Formerly Swampie's Swing
Kontiki Zierer 2004 Wunder Wald
Arthur's Tournament Training Playground 2018 Avalon
Coco Bolo Tower Heege 2013 Magische Vallei
Djinn Wave Swinger Wooddesign 2015 Land van Toos
Dragonwatch Parachute Tower Intamin 2023 Avalon
Dwaalhof Maze 2001 Land van Toos
Fort Boreas Playground 2013 Magische Vallei
Garden Tour Car ride Metallbau Emmeln 2023 Avalon
Jumping Juna Jump Around Zamperla 2023 Avalon
Karussell Merry-go-round Wunder Wald
Kletterabenteuer Slides 2005 Wunder Wald
Formerly Survival-Parcours
Adventure park 2001 Wunder Wald
Klimhoed Climbing volcano Sidijk 2001 Land van Toos
Formerly Appelcarrousel
Caterpillar Train SBF Visa Group 2001 Land van Toos
Maximus' Blitz Bahn
Formerly Woudracer
Summer toboggan Wiegand 2004 Wunder Wald
Paarden van Ithaka Electric horse riding track Metallbau Emmeln 2010 Ithaka
Pixarus: Flight School of Magic Sky Fly Gerstlauer 2023 Avalon
Scorpios Santa Maria Metallbau Emmeln 2010 Ithaka
Speelkasteel Playground 2001 Land van Toos
Theekopjes Teacups Zamperla 2001 Land van Toos
Tolly Molly Entenkarussell Metallbau Emmeln 2013 Magische Vallei
Toverhuis Magic Wand Lagotronics 2008 Land van Toos
Truukjes Driving school 2001 Land van Toos
Villa Fiasko Funhouse 2004 Wunder Wald
Vliegend Tapijt
Formerly Morrelhopper
Kiddie Tower SBF Visa Group 2002 Land van Toos
Waku Waku Water playground 2013 Magische Vallei
Formerly Twist & Turn
Flying Wheel Metallbau Emmeln 2005 Wunder Wald

Visitors edit

Year Number of visitors
2005 410,000
2006 465,000
2007 500,000
2008 525,000
2009 530,000
2010 495,000
2011 517,000
2012 520,000[9]
2013 620,000[10]
2014 673,000
2015 698,498[11]
2016 682,932
2017 682,000
2018 812,000
2019 862.000[12]
2020 534.000
2021 717.500
2022 1.032.000
2023 1.170.000

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