Mirabilandia is a 210-acre theme park, located in Savio, Italy, a frazione of Ravenna, which is located in Emilia-Romagna. With a total area of 850,000 square metres, it is the biggest park in Italy.[1]

Mirabilandia's entrance
LocationSavio, Ravenna (RA), Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Coordinates44°20′14″N 12°15′48″E / 44.33722°N 12.26333°E / 44.33722; 12.26333
Opened4 July 1992
OwnerParques Reunidos
Slogan30 Years - The biggest in Italy. The greatest memory.
Attendance2.0 million
Area85 ha (210 acres)
Roller coasters9
Water rides8
Websitemirabilandia.it (English, ItaIian, German)
The monorail at Mirabilandia

It has an area of 55 hectares, with an additional waterpark area of 12 hectares, called Mirabeach. The most notable attractions are the Katun inverted roller coaster and the iSpeed launched coaster. It has the world's tallest watercoaster, the "Divertical" with a height of 60 m. It also has the only spike dueling coaster in the world: Desmo Race.

It houses the 92-metre tall Eurowheel, Europe's second tallest Ferris wheel.

History edit

The themed areas present today are:

  • Route 66 (American sixties);
  • Ducati World
  • Adventureland (a leafy area)
  • Bimbopoli (children's area)
  • Dinoland (dinosaurs' area)
  • Far West Valley (cowboys' area)
  • City of Sian Ka 'an (mayan area)
  • Acid Valley (post-apocalyptic area)

The park opened its doors on 4 July 1992, located next to the pine grove in Classe, on the Adriatica state road, among the first shareholders there was Silvio Berlusconi.

Among its opening-day attractions was Sierra Tonante, a wooden roller coaster, and Rio Bravo, a water itinerary among the rapids aboard special rafts where still today it is possible to have a great time.

But in 1996 the park was in danger of bankruptcy, so the next year it's sold to the Loeffelhardt-Casoli group (joint venture between the company that owns Phantasialand and the Italian Casoli)

In 1997, the 60-metre-tall Torri Gemelle (today Oil Towers) and the Scuola di Polizia stunt show were added. New scenery and theming depicting exotic and fantastic places was also added. Most prominently, the entrance plaza rethemed and renamed Pirate Bay. The restaurants had a similar re-theming (like the "Locanda del Faro").

In 1998, Pakal (today Gold Digger), a wild mouse roller coaster, was added.

In 1999, the 92-metre-tall Eurowheel, the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe at the time, Niagara (today El Dorado Falls), and the Mirabilandia Express opened.

In 2000 has opened Katun, the longest inverted roller coaster in Europe, themed with the city of Sian Ka'an that is a big Mayan zone around the coaster.

In 2003, Mirabilandia Beach (today Mirabeach), a water park, was added. It was expanded in 2004.

Following the success, in 2006, the Spanish company Parques Reunidos, one of the leading companies in the amusement parks sector, became interested in the park and bought it.

In the following years, Leprotto Express, Raratonga, and Reset, the first interactive dark ride in Italy, were added.

In 2009, iSpeed, a launched roller coaster, opened, replacing Sierra Tonante (which had closed in 2007) and becoming the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Italy, featuring an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds.

In 2011 Master Thai, the first dueling roller coaster in Italy was added.

In 2012, Divertical, the tallest water coaster in the world was inaugurated.

In 2014, the children's area Dinoland opened with attractions including Reptilium, Raptotana, Rexplorer, Bicisauro, Brontocars, and Monosauro.

In 2015 the stunt show got a partnership with Hot Wheels and a 18 metres in height mobile loop, the tallest loop in the world made by a car.

In 2016, the Far West Valley area opened its doors, featuring the largest Horror House in Europe, Legends of Dead Town.

In 2018, Mirabeach completed a 20,000-square-metre expansion.

In 2019, the motorcycle-themed, 35,000-square-metre Ducati World area opened, featuring the world's first spike dueling roller coaster in the world, Desmo Race.[2]

In 2022 the horror house of The Walking Dead opens to replace Legends of Dead Town, moreover the park enters into a collaboration with Nickelodeon, which introduces the most popular cartoon mascots in the park with a meet & greet and a new live show.

Current Rides edit

Name Type Opened Area Manufacterer
Acid Rain Haunted House 2022 Acid Valley Unknown
Aquila Tonante Kite Flyer 2016 Far West Valley Zamperla
Autosplash Log Flume 1992 Route 66 Intamin
Bicisauro Flat Ride 2014 Dinoland Zamperla
Brontocars Go-Kart 2014 Dinoland Unknown
Buffalo Bill Rodeo Disk'O 2016 Far West Valley Zamperla
Carousel Carousel 1997 Bimbopoli Unknown
Casa Matta Mad House 2001 Bimbopoli Zamperla
Colazione da Papere Tea Cups 2003 Bimbopoli Preston & Barbieri
Desmo Race Spike Coaster 2019 Ducati World Maurer Rides
DiVertical Water Coaster 2012 Route 66 Intamin
El Dorado Falls Shoot the Chute 1999 Far West Valley Hopkins
Eurowheel Ferris Wheel 1999 Central Plaza Pax
Flying Arturo Aerial Carousel 2006 Bimbopoli Zamperla
Geronimo Drop towers 2016 Far West Valley Zamperla
Gold Digger Wild Mouse 1998 Far West Valley L&T Systems
iSpeed Blitz Coaster 2009 Route 66 Intamin
Katun Inverted Coaster 2000 City of Sian Ka 'an Bolliger & Mabillard
Kiddy Monster Flat Ride 2019 Ducati World Zamperla
La Llorona Haunted House 2015 Far West Valley Unknown
Leprotto Express Junior Coaster 2005 Bimbopoli Zamperla
MalaBolgia Haunted House 2018 Dinoland Unknown
Master Thai Family Dueling Coaster 2011 Adventureland Preston & Barbieri
Mini Rapide Log Flume 2000 Bimbopoli Zamperla
Monosauro Monorail 2004 Dinoland Zamperla
Oil Tower 1 Space Shot Tower 1997 Far West Valley S&S Sansei
Oil Tower 2 Drop Tower 1997 Far West Valley S&S Sansei
Psyco Circus Haunted House 2013 Acid Valley Unknown
Raptotana Tea Cups 1992 Dinoland Zamperla
The Walking Dead Haunted House 2022 Far West Valley Unknown
Raratonga Shooting Boat Ride 2007 Adventureland Preston & Barbieri
Reptilium Aerial Carousel 1992 Dinoland Zamperla
Reset Shooting Ominimover Dark Ride 2008 Acid Valley Mack Rides
Rexpolorer Powered Coaster 1992 Dinoland Mack Rides
Rio Bravo River Rapids Ride 1992 Adventureland Intamin
Santa Fe Express Junior Powered Coaster 1992 Bimbopoli Mack Rides
Scrambler Run Race Bike Track 2020 Ducati World Zamperla

Incidents edit

In 2007, a man was struck by the leg of a female rider on the Katun roller coaster and killed. The rider was injured. The man was in a restricted area when he was hit, but the ride was closed for investigation.[citation needed]

The Katun inverted rollercoaster with the 92 m tall Eurowheel in the background

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