Jon Ritman

Jon Ritman is a game designer and programmer notable for his work on 1980s computer games. Working primarily on games for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC home computer range. His first experience with a computer was at the age of 13, and first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 that he bought in 1981.[1]

His first game, Namtir Raiders for the ZX81, gained its name from his surname reversed. He first garnered attention with his games Bear Bovver and Match Day for the ZX Spectrum. As of March 2007, three of the top twenty games listed at World of Spectrum[2] were written by Ritman: Head over Heels, Batman and Match Day II.

In 1988, Ritman was voted Best Programmer Of The Year at the Golden Joystick Awards.[3]

In 2014 Ritman appeared in the documentary feature film From Bedrooms to Billions, which tells the story of the British video game industry from 1979 to its release.

Video games developedEdit

Additionally, Ritman worked in two other football projects that were not published:[5]

  • Final Whistle was developed for the Razz arcade system, but it was cancelled as it looked like an improved version of Match Day II not suitable for arcade games.
  • Soccerama was developed for Nintendo Entertainment System, but it did not pass the quality control of Nintendo due to some bugs.


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