Batman (1986 video game)

Batman is a 1986 3D isometric action-adventure game by Ocean Software for the Amstrad PCW,[2] Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, and MSX,[3] and the first Batman game developed. The game received favourable reviews. An unrelated Batman game was released two years later, titled Batman: The Caped Crusader.

Batman (Amstrad CPC game).jpg
Amstrad CPC cover art
Developer(s)Jon Ritman Edit this on Wikidata
Publisher(s)Ocean Software
Designer(s)Jon Ritman
Bernie Drummond[1]
Platform(s)ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Amstrad PCW


ZX Spectrum version

The object of the game is to rescue Robin by collecting the seven parts of the Batcraft hovercraft that are scattered around the Batcave. The gameplay takes place in a 3D isometric universe, which programmer Jon Ritman and artist Bernie Drummond would further develop for 1987's Head Over Heels, and is notable for implementing an early example of a save game system that allows players to restart from an intermediate point in the game on the loss of all lives rather than returning all the way to the start (in this case the point at which Batman collects a "Batstone").[4]


Review scores
Sinclair User     [7]
Your Sinclair9/10[8]
Your Computer     [9]
CrashCrash Smash
Sinclair UserSU Classic
Your SinclairMegaGame
ZX ComputingMonster Hit[10]

Batman was received well by the computer game press at the time. Crash gave it a rating of 93%,[1] Your Sinclair scored it 9/10[11] and Sinclair User gave it five stars and rated it as a "classic".[4] The game went to number 2 in the UK sales charts, behind World Cup Carnival.[12]


A freeware remake, called Watman, was produced for PC in 2000 as a DOS game.[13] A remake called GWatman has also been written for the Game Boy Advance.[14]

A remake for PC was produced by Retrospec.[15]

A remake for MSX2 was produced by AAMSX and FX Software, for the MSX RU of 2014.[16]


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