Istrian Social Democratic Forum

Istrian Socialdemocratic Forum (Croatian: Istarski socijaldemokratski forum, ISDF, Italian: Foro social democratico Istriano, FSDI) is a regional left-wing political party in Istria County of Croatia.

Istrian Social Democratic Forum
Istarski socijaldemokratski forum
LeaderFrane Milat
Founded14 December 1996
IdeologySocial democracy
Istrian regionalism

It was founded by dissident faction of Istrian Democratic Assembly and firstly it was named Istrian Democratic Forum, led by Luciano Delbianco, former prefect of Istria County.

In the past, it has usually been allied with Social Democratic Party of Croatia, but is currently allied with a number of small leftist parties, such as the Left of Croatia.

Electoral historyEdit


Election In coalition with Votes won

(coalition totals)

Percentage Seats won Change
2003 None 5,685 0.23%
0 / 151
2007 SRP-LH-HSD 9,884 0.40%
0 / 151