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Issei Ishida (いしだ 壱成, Ishida Issei, born 7 December 1974) is a Japanese actor and musician. His real name is Issei Hoshikawa (星川 一星, Hoshikawa Issei, née Ishida (石田)).

Issei Ishida
Native name
いしだ 壱成
Born (1974-12-07) 7 December 1974 (age 44)
Tokyo,[1] JapanJapan
Other names
  • Issei Hoshikawa (real name)
  • iSSEi iSHiDa (name as DJ)
  • Actor
  • musician
Years active
  • 1992–2001
  • 2003–
Height177 cm (5 ft 10 in)
  • Emi Miyake
    (m. 2003; died 2003)
  • Takako Iimura (m. 2018)
  • Sumire
  • Takeshi Ishida (grandfather)

Personal lifeEdit

Ishida was born in Tokyo.[1] His father is actor Junichi Ishida, and his mother is Mari Hosokawa (author-translator), an anti-nuclear activist in charge of site management on "Datsu Genpatsu no Hi" at Greens Japan. His uncle, Jun Hoshikawa, was the Executive Director of Greenpeace Japan, and his half-sister is the model Sumire. His paternal grandfather was former NHK announcer Takeshi Ishida, and his great-grandfather was Taketaro Ishida, a reporter of the former Chūgai Shōgyō Shinpō (now The Nikkei). His aunt is musician Momoko Ishida.

Early lifeEdit

His father, Junichi, married Mari Hoshikawa as a student, and Issei was born when he was twenty. His parents later divorced when he was age three, and he was raised by his mother, Mari. His paternal grandfather Takeshi became a substitute for his father. He respected and loved his grandfather until he died in 1989.[2] Ishida grew up moving between hippy communes in places such as Yakushima, Yatsugatake, and Oregon in the United States.[3] At the age of sixteen, when he returned home after studying in Australia, he reunited with his real father Junichi at a concert of his aunt, Momoko Ishida.

Entertainment worldEdit

Scoop articlesEdit

In 1991, a scandal was raised in Junichi Ishida who appeared in "trendy dramas" then and became popular as a "trendy actor." In the female weekly magazine Josei Seven, "Junichi Ishida's secret child" was posted as a scoop article on the existence of Issei. (In the same year of May, the "Truth of Rumour" was posted with the caption "Junichi Ishida's Mistress' Secret Child," a background to the article by Josei Seven, and a thorough interview was posted.) In response to reporters' interview, Issei received less than affirmed words on the article, Junichi also acknowledged the fact that "There is a word that it was hidden. I just did not publicly announce that my first marriage and children were there," according to the interview of the entertainment reporters.[4]

Acting debutEdit

Issei stops in the eyes of a television programme producer who happened to be present in Junichi Ishida's concert, and appeared in Fuji TV–The Television tenth anniversary drama special Kanashī hodo Otenki, and attracted attention with his neutral performance, and was called "Femio" (フェミ男), and was later supported. He later appeared in the same station's Boku-tachi no Drama Series, Hōkago. After that, he also appeared in hit works such as Hitotsu Yane no Shita and Seija no Kōshin. By being awarded The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor Award in Miseinen, he made popularity and abilities as an actor immovable.

Music debutEdit

As a singer in 1994, he debuted with "Warning" from Warner Music Japan, his album won a Gold Disk. He later released two albums. From the experience of conducting band activities before his acting debut, he with DJ Dragon, Shinji Takeda, and others formed "The Big Band!!," and took charge of the keyboard and vocals. They debuted with "Hot Road 1996" from Warner Music Japan in 1996, and performed live at the Akasaka Blitz.


On 20 August 2001, he was arrested for violation of the Cannabis Control Law such as possession of cannabis and LSD, and was convicted with suspended execution.[5] He downed the stage play Oh! Edo Rocket, and stopped his entertainment activities.

Indefinite suspension from resumption of activities and firingEdit

He later returned to acting in 2003 after a two-year punishment period. After that, he resumed activities centred on music, films, theatre, etc.

On 26 January 2009, apart from Chiharu Kawai, who lived with her in a condominium in Tokyo at the time, he was discovered that he was bilateral with a non-celebrity woman. According to mass media coverage, the woman was pregnant with a child of Ishida, and after that, she could not contact with Ishida and was given an abortion. It is said that the woman tried suicide three times.[6]

His affiliated office also acknowledged that "dating is a fact" on this day, and announced that Ishida would make an indefinite punishment for prompting responsibility and awareness, and after that, as of the end of the same month, he was dismissed.[7]

After dismissalEdit

He travelled to China in 2010, while doing extras such as films and dramas, he would appear as Yan Hui of the Chinese historical drama Confucius.

In his blog just before the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, as an eleven year old, he had an experience of being beaten by the Riot Police Unit for participating in a nuclear power phase-out movement with his mother, and revealed that he was called a "Raji," which is his Catholic baptismal name.[8]

After 2011, he appeared on the stage of Mutsumi Morii's People Theatre.

In 2012, he would actively appear on television variety programmes as well; such as Hitoshi Matsumoto no Suberanai Hanashi (23rd edition), Masahiro Nakai no Kinyōbi no Suma-tachi e, Jinsei ga Kawaru 1-funkan no Fukaī Hanashi, Down Town DX: 20-Shūnen Special, and Cream Quiz Miracle 9.

In 2013, he appeared in Soul Dreams at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, and in October, he served as the protagonist of People Theater's 58th Performance Ezo-chi Bekken at the same theatre.

On April 2018, he announced that he will be married again with actress Takako Iimura, who was 24 years younger.[9] Iimura also announced that she is currently pregnant. Initially they were planned to submit marriage notification on the 9th, Iimura started to postpone because she developed acute back pain,[10] and their submission was later made on the 18th.[11]

Biography timelineEdit

  • 1992 – He debuted on television drama with Kanashī hodo Otenki.
  • 1993 – He played the third son, Kazuya at Hitotsu Yane no Shita.
  • 1995 – He won The Television Drama Academy Award Best Actor Award for Miseinen.
  • 20 August 2001, he downed the stage play Oh! Edo Rocket, and stopped his entertainment activities.
  • 2003, he returned to acting.
  • 17 December 2003, he married former tarento, Emi Miyake.
  • 19 December 2003, he gave birth to his first son.
  • 30 January 2006, he divorced Miyake. His eldest son was taken over by Miyake, and currently his father-in-law is Shōsuke Tanihara who is his marriage partner of Miyake.
  • 26 March 2007, it was discovered that he was associating with Actor Chiharu Kawai, which was cause from a film in which they co-starred.
  • 26 January 2009, it was discovered his forked relationship of Kawai and a non-celebrity woman, and an unlimited punishment was handed over from his affiliated office. Kawai became his catastrophe later.
  • 31 January 2009, he was fired by his affiliated office.
  • 2012 – He lives in Ishikawa Prefecture since.[12]
  • 14 July 2014, he married a non-celebrity woman who was eleven years younger.[13]
  • 18 October 2017, he announced his second divorce.[14]
  • 2018, he was married again with Takako Iimura, who was 24 years younger; his second child was scheduled.[15][9]

Major appearancesEdit

TV dramasEdit

  • Kanashī hodo Otenki (1992, CX)
  • Boku-tachi no Drama Series Hōkago (1992, Kyodo Television–CX) – as Kohei Takamoto
  • Hitotsu Yane no Shita (Apr–Jun 1993, CX) – as Kazuya Kashiwagi
  • Jajau Manarashi (Jul–Sep 1993, CX) – as Hajime Kubota
  • Yonimo Kimyōna Monogatari Fuyu no Tokubetsu-hen "Nigiyakana Shokutaku" (6 Jan 1994, CX) – Koji Morita
  • Kimi toita Natsu (Jul–Sep 1994, CX) – as Minoru Sugiya
  • Miseinen (Oct–Dec 2015, TBS) Starring – as Hiroto Togawa
  • Hitotsu Yane no Shita 2 (Apr–Jun 1997, CX) – as Kazuya Kashiwagi
  • Aki no Drama Special East of Eden (3 Oct 1997, TBS) – Kenji Habuchi
  • Seija no Kōshin (Jan–Mar 1998, TBS) Starring – as Eien Machida
  • Boy-hunt (Jul–Sep 1998, CX) – as Kei Hoshino
  • Haru no Wakusei (1999, TBS) – as Masaya Tatebayashi
  • Lip Stick (Apr–Jun 1999, CX) – as Takao Kasai
  • Peach na Kankei (Oct–Dec 1999, NTV) Starring – as Shoichi Kitahama
  • Koi no Kamisama (Jan–Mar 2000, TBS) – as Shin Takayuki
  • Gamou Teijiken (2000, NHK) Starring – as Takashi Ozaki
  • Daisuke Hanamura (Jul–Sep 2000, KTV–CX) – as Yoichi Kayama
  • Food Fight "Gekikara Curry Taiketsu!! Majutsu… Kokoro Tozashita Shōjo" (15 Jul 2000, NTV) – Episode 3 guest; as street master
  • Heaven Cannot Wait (29 Dec 2000, TBS) – as Takashi Sunohara
  • Daisuke Hanamura Special "Nurse o Sukue!!" (2 Jan 2001, KTV–CX) – as Yoichi Kayama
  • Joshideka! (2007, TBS) – Keita Murakami
  • Confucius (2010, CCTV China) – as Yan Hui
  • Uta de Aimashou (GyaO Internet television)
  • Kurokouchi (2013, TBS) – as detention official
  • Yokohama Kenbun-den Star Jan (12 Oct – 28 December 2013, tvk) – as Kakeru / Black Knight (voice) (special appearance)
  • Algernon ni Hanataba o (Apr–Jun 2015, TBS) – as Hisato Shiratori
  • Otome no Mystery Jidaigeki (2016) – Tozo


  • Kegawa no Mary (1994, Shibuya Parco Theatre)
  • Wandering Eyesbosman to Rena (1995, Rikkōkai Hall)
  • Kegawa no Mary (1996, Shibuya Parco Theatre)
  • Ai no Sanka (1996, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)
  • Oh! Edo Rocket (2001, Osaka Shochiku-za. Later stepped down due to his arrest for possession of drugs)
  • Blue Blue Birthday (2007, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)
  • Shin Tsumi to Bachi (2009, Akasaka Red Theatre)
  • Romeo -Gozen 0-ji no Hōmon-sha- (2009, 30 Sep – 7 Oct, Zenrōsai Hall Space Zero)
  • Hamlet -Aoi Bara no kuchizuke- (20–26 Apr 2010, Harajuku Quest Hall)
  • Iie, Vintage desu (1–5 Apr 2011, Sun Mall Studio/8–11 Apr 2011, Shimokitazawa Station Theatre)
  • Watashi to Aitsu no Kimyōna Tabi (6–10 Jul 2011, Sun Mall Studio)
  • Suna no Chronicle (19–25 Oct 2011, People Theater 53rd performance)
  • Ningyohime (10–15 Jan 2012, Solarie–Ueno Storehouse)
  • Carthage no Hitobito Imelda Foley ni Sasagu (14–20 Mar 2012, People Theater 54th performance)
  • Ningyohime Saien (16–20 May 2012, CBGK Shibugeki!!)
  • Shinjuku Natsu no Uzu (25–31 Jul 2012, Sun Mall Studio Shinjuku)
  • Danganronpa 2 The Stage: Goodbye Despair (3–13 Dec 2015, Zepp Blue Theatre Roppongi) – as Waichi Souda


  • Hero Interview (1994) – as Hoshino
  • Yuri (1996) – as Masayuki
  • Ignacio (1996) – as Kazuo Maeda (Ignacio)
  • Artful Dodgers (1998) – as Yuichiro Hayakawa
  • The Aurora: Umi no Aurora (2000) – as Hiroshi Ibuki (voice appearance)[16]
  • Indian Summer (2005) – as Akio Tomura
  • Strange Circus (2005) – as Yuji Tamiya
  • Kikyū Club, Sonogo (2006)
  • Captain Tokio (2007) – as Aloha
  • Nijiiro Harmony: My Rainbow Man (2007) – as Ryo
  • Hey Japanese! Do you believe Peace, Love and Understanding? 2008: 2008-Nen, Imadoki Japanese yo. Ai to Heiwa to Rikai o Shinjiru kai? (2008) – as Tokio
  • Namidatsubo (2008) – as Yusuke
  • Night King (2009) – as Takeshi Enomoto
  • Yoroi: Samurai Zombie (2009) – as Aihara
  • Samurai Dash (2013)
  • The House of Rising Sun (2013) – as Kenji
  • Sazanami Rhapsody (2017) – as Jo Matsuo


  • Groovin' High Radio (InterFM) (2005, Fridays 26:00–27:00)
  • Issei Ishida Isse no Sey! (NBS Hikaru Ijūin no Oh! Deka Night box programme)




  • Warning (25 Feb 1994)
  • Love Popsy Love (10 Jul 1994)
Kansai Telecasting CorporationFuji TV Shingo & Shinsuke no Abunai Hanashi ending theme
  • My Friend (10 Jul 1994)
Meiji Seika "American Chips" advertisement song
  • Medicine Wheel (25 Jun 1995)
Nippon TV variety TV Oja Mambo August–September ending theme
  • Moon Dance (23 Jun 1999)
  • Matorika (23 May 2001)
Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation–Nippon TV drama Pure Soul: Kimi ga Boku o Wasurete mo ending theme


  • Simple Thing (25 Mar 1994)
  • Stone Circle (21 Jul 1995)
  • Peter to Ōkami / Zō no Babar (10 Jun 1996)
The songs appeared as part of the narration for the performances of the Opéra National de Lyon conducted by Kent Nagano.
  • Pur (28 Jul 1999)


  • give it to me (2005)
Theme song of his self-starring film, Indian Summer.
  • BluePrint (11 Jun 2008, Maker–Label: Bambi Promotion) – The first album of the different colour unit "Venus&Mars" formed with Magumi of Lä-Ppisch and Cioccolata's Fukiko Watanabe.


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