Iremel (Bashkir: Ирәмәл, Russian: Иремель) is a compact mountain ridge in the Southern Ural Mountains in the republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation (bordering with Chelyabinsk Oblast to the north-west). The highest peak, Bolshoy Iremel (Big Iremel), or simply Iremel, stands at 1589 metres (5200 ft) high. Maly Iremel (Small Iremel), 6 kilometers north-east, stands at 1449 meters. It is the source of the River Belaya.[1][2]

Mount Iremel
Mount Iremel.jpg
Highest point
Elevation1,589 m (5,213 ft)
Coordinates54°30′54″N 58°50′24″E / 54.51500°N 58.84000°E / 54.51500; 58.84000Coordinates: 54°30′54″N 58°50′24″E / 54.51500°N 58.84000°E / 54.51500; 58.84000
Mount Iremel is located in Bashkortostan
Mount Iremel
Mount Iremel
Mount Iremel is located in European Russia
Mount Iremel
Mount Iremel
Mount Iremel (European Russia)
Parent rangeUral Mountains

The highest peak of the South Urals, Mount Yamantaw (1638 meters) is located 53 kilometers south-west from Bolshoy Iremel.


Storm clouds over Iremel.


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