Iremel (Bashkir: Ирәмәл, Russian: Иремель) is a compact mountain ridge in the Southern Ural Mountains in the republic of Bashkortostan, Russian Federation (bordering with Chelyabinsk Oblast to the north-west). The highest peak, Bolshoy Iremel (Big Iremel), or simply Iremel, stands at 1589 metres (5200 ft) high. Maly Iremel (Small Iremel), 6 kilometers north-east, stands at 1449 meters. It is the source of the River Belaya.[1][2]

Mount Iremel
Mount Iremel.jpg
Highest point
Elevation1,589 m (5,213 ft)
Coordinates54°30′54″N 58°50′24″E / 54.51500°N 58.84000°E / 54.51500; 58.84000
LocationRepublic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Parent rangeUral Mountains

The highest peak of the South Urals, Mount Yamantaw (1638 meters) is located 53 kilometers south-west from Bolshoy Iremel.


Storm clouds over Iremel.


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Coordinates: 54°30′54″N 58°50′24″E / 54.51500°N 58.84000°E / 54.51500; 58.84000