Ionel Fernic

Ionel Fernic (Romanian pronunciation: [joˈnel ˈfernik]; born May 29, 1901 in Târgovişte – d. July 22, 1938 in Stulpicani) was a Romanian composer, aviator (civil pilot), writer, and one of the first Romanian parachutists.[1]

Ionel Fernic
Birth nameIonel Fernic
Born(1901-05-29)May 29, 1901
DiedJuly 22, 1938(1938-07-22) (aged 37)
Genreseasy listening
Occupation(s)Composer, aviator, parachutist
Years active1931–1938

Early lifeEdit

His family moved to Galaţi, where Ionel attended the "Vasile Alecsandri" High School, and where he met his mentor, the Romanian composer and music teacher Teodor Fuchs, who tutored him in the arts of piano and guitar music. Being a music enthusiast, and passionate about airplanes, Ionel Fernic was guided by his parents to attend a technical faculty but he eventually decided to go to the National University of Music Bucharest, where he was admitted at the drama section with the highest grade average.[1]

Although he was remarked by his teachers, Ionel did not continue his acting career despite having the opportunity to play alongside many famous Romanian actors like Aristide Demetriade, Ion Manolescu or Mişu Fotino.[1] He graduated in 1924, and was enrolled in the Reserve Officer School in Ploieşti and remained in the city for a few years, the period when he wrote almost all of his works.

Under the guidance of professor Fuchs, Fernic composed in 1919, his last high school year, the ballad Cruce albă de mesteacăn, his first well known work.[2] After settling in Ploieşti, having an urge to create successful music, he composes a number of sentimental songs and tangos. His first tango, composed in 1931, was called Minciuna (better known by the name Pe boltă când apare luna), and was an adaptation of a French song proposed by Nicolae Kiriţescu.[2]

Successful composerEdit

In just a few years, Fernic wrote over 400 sentimental and other kinds of songs.[2] Many of his songs were hits. Starting in 1927, Fernic published a volume of sketch stories called Misterele din Mizil (written as a feuilleton).[2] In 1928, he published a volume of poems called Prăştii and several children's books. He founded the satirical magazine Să nu te superi că te-njur, and moved to Bucharest in the early 1930s.[2]

Flying careerEdit

Ionel Fernic graduated from the Pilot School in Băneasa in the spring of 1935, and received a pilot's licence. Fernic also made the first parachute jump in Romania on May 31, 1936, at an aviation meeting held at the Băneasa Airport in Bucharest.[3] His last jump was at an ARPA meeting held in Izmail, Ukraine (then part of Romania) when he jumped from a height of 800 m (2,600 ft) and landed in an unmarked place where he broke his left leg, and had to use a cane for the rest of his life.[3] He was appointed director of the Cernăuţi Pilot School, and was decorated by King Carol II with the Virtutea Aeronautică medal.[3]


Ionel Fernic lost his life in an aviation accident on July 22, 1938, at the age of 37. Hearing of the death of queen Marie of Romania in 1938, he desperately wanted to attend her funeral.[3] Therefore, he embarked on a LOT Polish Airlines flight on the Warsaw-Cernauti-Bucharest–Thessaloniki route, but after half an hour the plane mysteriously broke into two pieces and crashed between Gura Humorului and Câmpulung Moldovenesc, in the Negrileasa forest, near the Stulpicani commune in Suceava County.[3]

Musical playsEdit

Title of play Musical genre Verse Year Known interpretations
Cruce albă de mesteacăn romance Artur Enăşescu, Ion Sân-Giorgiu 1919 Jean Moscopol
Ţiganca romance Artur Enăşescu 1928 Ioana Radu, Doina Badea
La umbra nucului bătrân romance Alexandru Dinescu 1930 Ioana Radu
(Pe boltă când apare luna)
tango Aurel Felea 1931 Cristian Vasile, Gică Petrescu
Dar eşti la fel
(Quand même)
tango Ionel Fernic (rou.)
Nicolae Kiriţescu (fr.)
O dată tango Nicolae Kiriţescu 1931
Îţi mai aduci aminte, doamnă romance Cincinat Pavelescu 1932 Jean Moscopol, Alexandru Giugaru
Iubesc femeia tango-romance Ionel Fernic 1933 Cristian Vasile
Mi-a murit norocul waltz-boston Nunuţa Morţun Fernic 1933
Inima e o chitară foxtrot Ionel Fernic 1933
La geamul tău luminat tango Ionel Fernic 1934
Pentru tine am făcut nebunii tango Ionel Fernic 1934 Cristian Vasile
E primăvară argentinian tango Ionel Fernic 1935
Dormi, păpuşă, noapte bună foxtrot slow Ionel Fernic 1935
Adio, doamnă tango unknown Gion, Jean Moscopol
Aprinde o ţigară tango unknown Cristian Vasile, Constantin Florescu
Beau unknown
Cea din urmă seară romance Ionel Fernic unknown
Cel din urmă trandafir unknown
Minte-mă tango unknown Cristian Vasile
Romanţa celei care minte romance Ion Minulescu unknown
Scrisoare de amor unknown Mia Braia
Scrisoare de dor Aurel Felea unknown Margareta Pâslaru


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