International School of Brussels

The International School of Brussels (ISB) is an English-language international school with grades spanning from pre-school to high school.[1] Its 40-acre (16 ha) campus lies in the Brussels commune of Watermael-Boitsfort.

International School of Brussels
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CoordinatesCoordinates: 50°47′20″N 4°25′1″E / 50.78889°N 4.41694°E / 50.78889; 4.41694
TypePrivate school
MottoEveryone Included. Everyone Challenged. Everyone Successful.
Established1951 (1951)
Head teacherJames MacDonald
Number of students1,350
Campus162,134.62 m2 (40.06434 acres)


The International School of Brussels opened in October 1951 as the American School of Brussels with four teachers and twenty-seven students between the ages of 5 and 11. It was first founded to accommodate U.S. Department of Defense military personnel and their families living in Brussels.[2] It was located in the Brussels commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.[2]

By the end of the 1953 term, the school was home to about 100 students and had moved to its current location at the Château des Fougères, in the Brussels commune of Watermael-Boitsfort. It changed its name from the American School of Brussels to the International School of Brussels.[3]

In 1966, a new High School was opened, however it later became the Middle School building. In 1967, the currently used Elementary School was opened.

In its early years, the entire school was housed in the old Château des Fougères. ISB became an International Baccalaureate school on 1 January 1977 making it the 50th IB school worldwide.[4] Additionally, the first International Festival was hosted in 1977, a festival which celebrates different cultures in the school.[2]

In February 2006, the school board opted to begin fundraising because it determined that the tuition charged to its students was insufficient for its needs.[5]

Chateau des Fougères

Buildings and campusEdit

ISB is located on a 162,134.6 m2 (1,745,202 sq ft) wooded campus. Green is the predominant colour on campus. Surrounding the school is a forest, with entries to the Brussels region's forest trails across the campus.[6]

An outdoor track, performing arts center, two gymnasiums, and 15 hectares (37 acres) of playing fields and woods are located on the campus.[5]

The 19th century building called the "Château" is the school's administration building. Designed with pillars, the building houses a reception area that hosts parents of students.[5] The remaining buildings include the Early Childhood Centre (ECC), the Elementary School (ES), the Middle School (MS) and the High School (HS), the Annex, the theatre, the International Community Centre (ICC) and various sports facilities. ref>"Facilities". ISB.{{cite web}}: CS1 maint: url-status (link)</ref>

Academic buildingsEdit

Most classes at ISB are housed in one of four main buildings.

Additional buildingsEdit

  • The Metairie hosts music programs.
  • The International Community Centre, more commonly known as the ICC holds additional facilities and rooms.


The ISB offers the four core courses of the IB curriculum – Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, ISB students take either French, English Language Development, or Study Skills. High School Students at ISB are offered either the International Baccalaureate or a combination of International Baccalaureate certificate courses and ISB courses both of which routes lead to a US High School Diploma accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The most recent reaccreditation occurred in 2019. The school itself offers two tiers of diplomas. Unique among many international schools, ISB also offers a Special Education Diploma. ISB also offers courses in a varied selection of other languages. A total of 45 IB courses are offered.[4]


As of 2022, it had 1,350 students ranging in age from 3-18. The students originate from 70 countries.[5]

Tuition and FinanceEdit

The tuition for students ranges from €18,310 to €39,515 depending mainly on age.[7]

  • Preschool: 18,310 Euro
  • Pre–Kindergarten: 20,285 Euro
  • Kindergarten: 30,605 Euro
  • Grades 1 & 2: 32,960 Euro
  • Grades 3–6: 33,560 Euro
  • Grades 7–9: 36,221 Euro
  • Grades 10–12 (13): 39,515 Euro

Intensive Learning Support (ILS) is an extra 20,090 euros on top of the grade level fee. Revenue in 2018-2019 school year, the school's revenue was 50,210,656 euros and their expenses being 50,735,742 euros.[8]


The ISB hosts a large quantity of sports programs, such as baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, swimming, American football, football, volleyball, field hockey, tennis, softball, and track & field. The ISB is one of the few international schools in the world which offers American football as a sport.[9]


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