Intercontinental Rally Challenge

The Intercontinental Rally Challenge was an FIA-sanctioned rallying series organised by SRW Events and Eurosport Events, and aimed to "give new opportunities to young or amateur rally drivers competing in recognised regional and international rallies, while offering organisers an innovative TV format concept, created by Eurosport." The series focused on Group N and Group A spec cars up to 2000 cc, including Super 2000, R4, R2 and R3.

Intercontinental Rally Challenge
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CategorySuper 2000
Group N
Inaugural season2006
DriversVaried from event to event
Teams8 (manufacturers)[1]
Tyre suppliersMichelin
Last Drivers' championAndreas Mikkelsen
Last Makes' championŠkoda

The series began in 2006 under the name International Rally Challenge, adopting the name, Intercontinental Rally Challenge in 2007. The 2012 season was the final season of the series: from 2013, the series promoter Eurosport Events was awarded responsibility for organising the rival European Rally Championship by the FIA,[2] and the two competing series were effectively merged.[3]


Season Champion driver Co-driver Car Champion manufacturer IRC 2WD Cup 2WD Champion manufacturer
2006   Giandomenico Basso   Mitia Dotta Fiat Punto Abarth S2000   FIAT
2007   Enrique García-Ojeda   Jordi Barrabés Peugeot 207 S2000   Peugeot
2008   Nicolas Vouilloz   Nicolas Klinger Peugeot 207 S2000   Peugeot   Marco Cavigioli   Peugeot
2009   Kris Meeke   Paul Nagle Peugeot 207 S2000   Peugeot   Denis Millet   Peugeot
2010   Juho Hänninen   Mikko Markkula Škoda Fabia S2000   Škoda   Harry Hunt   Peugeot
2011   Andreas Mikkelsen   Ola Fløene Škoda Fabia S2000   Škoda   Jean-Michel Raoux   Honda
2012   Andreas Mikkelsen   Ola Fløene Škoda Fabia S2000   Škoda   Harry Hunt   Renault

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