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The Indian Air Force Museum, Palam, is the museum of the Indian Air Force, and is located at the Palam Air Force Station in Delhi, India.[1] The museum was the only one of its kind in India until the opening of the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa in 1998 and HAL Aerospace Museum in Bangalore in 2001.

Indian Air Force Museum Palam
Entrance to Air Force Museum, Palam, New Delhi.JPG
Entrance to the Air Force Museum with a laser guided missile
LocationPalam, Delhi
TypeAviation museum



Panoramic view of hanger 2 in the museum

The Museum entrance features an indoor display gallery that contains historic photographs, memorabilia, uniforms and personal weapons of the Indian Air Force from its inception in 1932. The gallery leads to a hangar exhibiting small aircraft and Air Force inventory including anti-aircraft guns, vehicles and ordnance. Larger aircraft are exhibited outside the hangar. This outdoor gallery contains aircraft that also displays several war trophies, radar equipment and captured enemy vehicles.

The Vintage Aircraft Flight services some rare aircraft and maintains them in an airworthy condition. These aircraft are not open to the general public. Large transport aircraft are stored on the apron of the airbase due to lack of space. These aircraft are displayed only on the annual Air Force Day. The museum has a small souvenirs shop.[2][3]

Delhi aerial photo including Indian Air Force Museum

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Imperial Japanese Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka on display
MiG-25R of No. 102 Squadron IAF on display

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