Inayat Hussain Khan

Ustad Inayat Hussain Khan (1849–1919) was an Indian classical vocalist, and the founder of Rampur-Sahaswan gharana.

Ustad Inayat Hussain Khan
Died1919 (aged 70)
OccupationClassical Vocalist
Parent(s)Mehboob Khan (father)
Musical career
OriginSahaswan, Mughal Empire
GenresHindustani classical music,
Rampur-Sahaswan gharana

Early lifeEdit

Born in Sahaswan, Badaun district to Ustad Mehboob Khan, a khayal singer and veena player of the court of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. He was trained and lived in Rampur, and his gharana came to be called Rampur-Sahaswan gharana.[1]


He was a child prodigy. He first married the daughter of Haddu Khan of the Gwalior gharana. His singing style has influences of the Dhrupad singing typical of the Gwalior gharana, and the Rampur-Shahaswan style is sometimes regarded as an offshoot of the Gwalior gharana.[2]


One of the major disciple was Pt. Girija Shankar Chakravarti . He learned kheyal from Ustadji.


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