InStat is a sports performance analysis company, providing professional tools for individual and team performance evaluation and scouting. The company has proficiency in fitness analysis and its in-house panoramic filming technology tested at the highest level of FIFA.

InStat Sport
IndustrySports Performance Analysis, Scouting
Founded2007; 14 years ago (2007)
Area served
Key people
Alexander Ivanskiy (Founder)
ProductsInStat Scout, InStat Scout 5.0, InStat Reports, InStat AutoCrop, InStat Media, INSTAT TV

The company was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2007, and has multiple offices and representatives around the world. Regional company headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland, Moscow, Russia, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

InStat cooperates with more than 2000 professional sports organizations, including football clubs (Bayern Munich, Lazio, Manchester City, PSG, LaLiga winners and many others), French, Dutch, Brazil National Teams and media outlets, in football/soccer alone. This list includes UEFA Champions League winners and FIFA World Cup champions.

In ice hockey, InStat also works with numerous teams in the National Hockey League, Kontinental Hockey League, Canadian Hockey League, NCAA, USports, and other professional, collegiate, junior and youth hockey programs and schools worldwide. The company also works with many international tournaments.


InStat is a project of CEO – Alexander Ivanskiy who started from scratch by simply adding football stats into a table to support football professionals with statistical data. From the very beginning each action on the pitch is broken down by analysts and later aggregated with the help of AI for study via statistical reports on paper sheets or via e-video platform called InStat Scout.

The first version of the platform was released in 2012. Now the platform is available in more than 30 languages and allows coaches to access stats linked to the videos of actions of any player in the world. Later on, in 2016 the tracking method was introduced, providing teams with fitness data and 2D model of the match.

Current stateEdit

InStat is a multinational company operating in 100+ countries in the world available in numerous languages. The products on the market cover such sports as football, ice hockey, basketball and futsal.


InStat ScoutEdit

InStat Scout is a web platform for performance analysis of teams, players, referees around the world in such sports as football, ice hockey and basketball. It provides access to a wide range of team and individual stats like passing accuracy, xG and many others. The uniqueness of the platform is that all stats are linked to the video episodes. For example, if the last 5 goals of any player are selected - immediately the videos of the goals are at the fingertips.

The platform offers opportunities for scouting due to a large database of stats and videos, which is particularly important for remote work.

InStat Scout 5.0Edit

The database of football players and analysis software on the market in 2020 with more than 150,000 players in the system. With InStat Scout 5.0 quick access to the main parameters is available: matches, season stats, skills, players, tournament leaders all at once place.

Highlights are organized in playlists which can be shared with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the recipients don't need to have access to Scout! One can share any clips from the platform the same way or even create one own customized playlists and share them.

New Episodes Search: Episodes search is a search engine where one can find a vast number of actions with impressive precision. Want to see all accurate key passes made by Killian Mbappe to Neymar from outside the penalty box in the last 15 minutes of the game in only the home games of the Champions League 2019-2020

Interactive charts: Charts help see all shots as spots on the field, giving a bird's-eye view of the positions they were taken from and allowing to assess the result of the shot right away. Switching to "spots in goal view" to see where the shots went to in the goal or click on any of the spots to view the clip of the shot.

InStat ReportsEdit

In general there are three main options of reports available: statistical reports, analytical reports and fitness ones. Reports provided by InStat cover the needs of a professional team: statistical reports on a match have all the data sorted for a user in one place: either a matchday or the whole tournament. Fitness reports for the whole team or each player individually aims at supporting sportsmen energy expenditure level and helps coaching staff to maintain players’ durability over the season. Finally, analytical reports can be made on the next opponent to find the position or team's squad depth and prepare for the upcoming games in the fastest way possible.

InStat AutoCropEdit

InStat has its own filming technology: it uses the panoramic 4K footage later supported with AI special algorithms to crop the frame to feature all field players on the screen simultaneously. This footage is superior to the TV video, because coaches have to see every player in any second of the match, while a regular cameraman follows the ball and only shows a few players at any angle.

InStat MediaEdit

InStat offers media support with specific reports for broadcasters, online data feeds for TV coverage and online access to data via mobile app. Media has huge impact in the leagues where local broadcasters refuse to create their own on-screen table sheets with score, sponsors licensees and half-time break on-screen captures. InStat generates automatic creatives for leagues’ needs.

InStat provides data to media partners, which is used in match analysis articles and on air. Live data is used by TV and websites to enrich the broadcast and attract viewers. There are different types of data available for media partners:

— Live Short Data (1-5 sec delay)

— Live Deep Data (30-120 sec delay)

— Fitness tracking data

API access and widgets design

— Services for commentators


InStat has been filming matches for 12+ years. In 2018 InStat started to work as a broadcasting company and founded a branch called InStat TV, signed a 3-year deal with 380 broadcast matches per season with the second-tier Russian football championship. Since then InStat also signed broadcast deals in rugby, futsal and football outside Russia.


Study of 100,000 penalties by InStat feat.

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